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  1. Crafting fishing rod bp from drop crashes pd server. Verified twice.
  2. So my server crashed 2 times. One of my guys thought it was him crafting a standard fishing rod from a drop. First 2 craft, the 3rd the bar goes right up then crashes. We verified twice, server stayed up till he crafted. Anyone else get this? And is it all drops or just fishing rod? Tested again after an hour. This is 3rd time we verified issue. Seems like its fishing rod blueprints only.
  3. Removing battery and usb has worked overnight for me. Hope they get iut fixed as i feel like I'm defusing a bomb when i go to send a mass message and hope my controller doesnt unplug.
  4. Respawn area is pretty low so i dont think that would work too well. Id have to check stats but it is boosted for weight
  5. 24/7 No Flyer, The Island Tribal Warfare Server Server Name : ARKSERVER352 We have been running a 24/7 center server for awhile and decided we wanted to make things a little more challenging and interesting. We are starting a 24/7 server on the island tonight at 8pm est time. Flying tames are allowed, just not ridden. also giga saddles will be disabled due to not being able to pick riders.Rules will be; No generic names like Joe or Bob. Make it unique. No building big bases all around the map. i dont mind little fast travel outposts though. No Passive Tame killing .no building on volcano, or blocking loot caves. No bronto usage. Other then those few rules anything goes. Admin will only get on for dino wipes and to get rid of unused structures(please get rid of unused taming pens and starter bases after done with them). Admin logging is enabled Rates Will be the following; Harvest - 6 Taming - 5 XP - 3 Hatch&Mature - 7 Looking for active tribes and solo players ready for a challenge and hopefully some good pvp. Add ARKSERVER352 and send message saying that you wish to join.
  6. We are a small tribe of 4 with only 2 active members. Our playstyle is mainly peacefully, but we will attack or retaliate if need be. We are setup decently with base defenses and dinos. We play on a slightly boosted server that you still have to grind on to progress. Slightly above official. We are looking to grow our tribe to about 6-8 active players. Must be 18+, mature, loyal, willing to follow directions, and willing to work as a team to build up the tribe. Everything is tribe owned. If you are interested, or have questions, you can message SavageNTZ on XBL.
  7. Thanks kyd, it worked to remove
  8. Thanks, this was actually for storage in vaults, but appreciate the comments
  9. I know this post is old but im reviving it because i cant find a thread via google and it pertains to folders. Is there a way to rename or delete folders once you make them?
  10. Ive sent host friend request on xb. Gt SavageNTZ. Looking forward to being able to play hopefully
  11. I sent fr. SavageNTZ if open for new people
  12. How many days is server now?