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  1. 24/7 PvP The Center for commited grinders Hello, I have been running a server since 2-5-17. It is a 24/7 pvp server on the center map. Server is based out of east coast North America. It is a very minimal boosted server, so you will still have to grind to make it. We have 4-5 active tribes and we are looking for more active tribes or the one off hardcore solo survivalists. There is one admin and he only gets on to dino wipe, destroy old structures and deal with any problem people. There are a few rules. No griefing/trolling members, no pillar spamming, no PASSIVE tame kills, and no bronto usage. Offline raiding is frowned upon, but i know its part of the game. Rates: Tame Speed=5 Harvest=2.5 XP=2.5 Struct dmg=2 Dinoturret dmg=3.5 Egg interval=.7 Mating interval=.4 Hatch&Mature=8 Cuddle interval=3 Stats are slightly boosted for weight on players and dinos. Small resource respawn radius, and semi short resource respawn time. Only looking for people who are willing to stay and grind. 18+ preffered but not required. You can send message to ARKSERVER352 to ask to join, and i normally get back within 2 hours or less.
  2. We are a small tribe of 4 with only 2 active members. Our playstyle is mainly peacefully, but we will attack or retaliate if need be. We are setup decently with base defenses and dinos. We play on a slightly boosted server that you still have to grind on to progress. Slightly above official. We are looking to grow our tribe to about 6-8 active players. Must be 18+, mature, loyal, willing to follow directions, and willing to work as a team to build up the tribe. Everything is tribe owned. If you are interested, or have questions, you can message SavageNTZ on XBL.
  3. As of right now 2-12-17 9:13pm est, server is closed to new people. Checking on active members and will open up if needed. Thanks I started a brand new 24/7 server on 2-5-17 with no admin is slightly boosted. rules will be no intentional passive dino killing, no blocking loot/artifact caves, no bronto usage as it lags the server, no pillar spamming, and no griefing, trolling.Offline raiding is shunned on but understood it is part of the game. Excessive offline raiding or picking on fresh players will be dealt with accordingly. I do have a fulltime job so if server does go down it might take until evening to get it up. Dino wipes will be 530-7am and/or on a per needed basis. admin will only get on when he needs to. SEND MESSAGE and friend requests to arkserver352 for add or questions.We are filling up fast. Hope to see you guys out on the center . Also please send request for club invitation to arkserver352. I will use the club page to check for active members and purge when needed.
  4. Thanks kyd, it worked to remove
  5. Thanks, this was actually for storage in vaults, but appreciate the comments
  6. I know this post is old but im reviving it because i cant find a thread via google and it pertains to folders. Is there a way to rename or delete folders once you make them?
  7. Ive sent host friend request on xb. Gt SavageNTZ. Looking forward to being able to play hopefully
  8. I sent fr. SavageNTZ if open for new people
  9. How many days is server now?