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  1. Magma Medley Melee I know I said that the Master Controller on Alpha must be impossible on official servers and was proven wrong, I think it's safe to say that I don't think Bog Beatdown/Magma Melee is possible on Alpha, not sure about the others lol
  2. Oh sorry I forgot to mention on Official servers. @Gerhard Edit: Judging by the video I see it's possible then LOL I gotta watch this shi.. So do you think Rex's trump Theri's on this fight (on any difficulty)? @yekrucifixion187
  3. Corrupted Master Controller Alpha I have a feeling that nobody will ever be able to complete Corrupted Master Controller on alpha... so do you think WildCard will eventually nerf it (and Beta?) lol
  4. Asking for new/more defensive structures and systems, must be a new player and is crying! 5 years on official PvP servers, but go ahead.
  5. Crows

    Skiff Killing Ankys

    Skiff Killing Ankys When you pick up an Anky (with a player riding it) and bring it up under the Skiff then fly somewhere (Volcano biome) the Anky will randomly die like as if it took fall damage, even though it didn't fall nor did the Skiff. Ours died in mid-air instantly while flying.
  6. True. Another big reason I'm glad Manas aren't allowed on Genesis.
  7. You're talking about OP spots/caves. You've missed the point of my topic. Why do you think they've built in those caves? because bases outside of OP spots are EASY to wipe, hence my point all along. The Ice Cave's strength is the crouch spot and the cave itself, which us players can only strengthen with structures, turrets, dinos, etc. (obviously) I'm talking about defensive structures, systems, dinos that could potentially allow us all to build out in the open again without EZ Tek Drake offline or easily soaking, etc.
  8. True but another big problem is how easy it is to save your cryos/items, especially if you have another server or a friend that's in an OP spot who you can store your valuables with... I do like that, but it does make it so that getting wiped means nothing really. If you get wiped offline by surprise then of course you're going to lose much more than you wanted, but yeah, re-gearing/re-building is so easy nowadays. Everyone knows someone who can get them top eggs and stuff, it's crazy haha
  9. Of course, especially with a Tek Drake, they make most bases useless.
  10. PvP's Focus Is Too Offensive? I've noticed that a lot of major updates add more offensive weaponry/systems and dinos than defensive. Yea, we have the Tek sensor, but that's so underwhelming... Many argue that defending is easier than attacking, but the whole point of PvP is risk/reward, so if you want to risk attacking a base for loot, it should be harder by nature because you're "entering" their "fort." Much more time and effort goes into the defensive side of PvP over the offensive as well. Why make it increasingly easier to attack? I know the balance is hard to get right, but adding more defensive-type structures would help a ton because right now it's far too easy to attack/raid/soak, hence why most tribes (in the know) build in caves/OP spots. For example Super version of Plant X? a plant species that slows, adds poison effect and torpor to dinos/players, eventually knocking them out. More reliable traps like... Flamethrower turret traps and Electric traps? or a TEK Death-ray that you can mount on the ground like a wind turbine and it zaps nearby players/dinos to death lol Stronger/new structures, maybe behemoth walls and such. More variants of Spike Walls, maybe an electric fence that stuns dinos and dismounts riders, similar to the Jellyfish's stun. TEK Flare turret: basically acts like a TEK Turret, but it shoots out a flare to destroy/soak an incoming projectile. New/More non-tek weapons: Submachine guns, Fabricated 50. cal Sniper? I'm not a big fan of the combat system in general, especially the guns with no bullet dip and the horrendous recoil on Assault rifles and such. Just a few quick suggestions/ideas. I'm sure you guys can come up with better ideas.
  11. Nerf Tek Rock Drakes? Do you think it's acceptable for a player on a Tek Rock Drake to be able to shoot at turrets without getting shot? (if it's on the right angle/behind something) Don't you think that's too overpowered? and if you don't think it's overpowered, why? All other Tek saddles such as Tapejara, Rex, Megalodon and mosa have their balance/limits, while rock drake's is only limited by range, yet range isn't as much of a factor when it can literally shoot at a base without it/the rider getting shot.
  12. Thank You WildCard! I'm glad that you aren't allowing flyers and Managarmr's in Genesis when transfers open up. This was one of my biggest concerns because Griffins and Managarmr's are too overpowered on official PvP servers. Allowing Gigas is actually a great idea too because now we'll have good old Giga vs Giga fights rather than *Spend over a week raising a Giga only to be picked by a Griffin and Flamethrowed to death.* scenario that's very common in PvP these days. Yeah, your giga can still enrage and there it goes, but it'll at least go out in a fight. The only concern is Rock Drakes, Tek Rock Drakes to be exact, but I suppose there has to be some counters to bases that are built high up, so fair enough. So far, in my opinion, despite what many will say, Genesis has been the best map on Ark. HLNA shop feature is also a massive plus and it helps a ton. Missions are fun and usually rewarding, and loot crates are just right. GG
  13. Try and replicate official server settings on your non-dedicated server and spawn in the same rex's you have, with the same saddles and set-up, then test it and see if it's possible because I've only done it with Theris, a Yuty and our ally snook a Giga in lol... I don't know how, I guess you just cryo it with 1 second or so left on the start.
  14. You need to contact the admin of the server and explain what happened, as he can use a command to fix it.
  15. Dimetrodons & Disconnections (Bugs) There's thousands of Dimedtrodons all over the bog on Genesis, mostly up in the tree plateaus by the hundreds all gathered in the same spawn areas. They're lagging the game like crazy There's also a bug where you disconnect after teleporting to another biome (on a Tek Teleporter, and sometimes on HLNA's teleport in some Ocean spawns like NW, South, etc.)
  16. Crows

    Pelagornis Broken

    Pelagornis Broken So you buffed Pelagornis on Genesis, making them collect more Organic Poly than normal, yet they can't be ridden (On official pvp severs) and when following you, they won't attack anything or harvest any corpse you whistle it to. What's the point?
  17. This happened to us too on PS4 after a tribe member purchased a tier 2 crate. 5+ of us tried accessing his body and bluescreened non-stop so we had to kill him and we couldn't even access his bag without bluescreening, so he lost all of his stuff + the tier 2 loot. We don't even know what item was causing the bluescreen...
  18. Exactly our thoughts too. We struggle getting Organic poly on our server due to tribes who've built in Karkinos caves on the Lunar biome and as you've said, the hesporis birds are crap poly, especially considering that we can't fly a Pelagornis on official anyway. I wish we had wild Mantis in the lava biome, even if they're just in the volcano cave or something... please Wildcard?
  19. Lava Biome Missing Mantis I believe that the Lava biome on Genesis is missing wild Mantis. We see them in the missions like Bog Beatdown, so how come they're not on Genesis?
  20. We keep reporting this bug too but it seems to get ignored. On any map* our options/configuration resets to default every time we restart the game.
  21. Crows

    Weight Magmasaurs?

    Thanks for the reply. I might just go all out in weight on at least one magma then lol
  22. Crows

    Weight Magmasaurs?

    Weight Magmasaurs? Is it pointless lvling a Magmasaur up in weight when they fill up full of metal so easily and quickly anyway? I mean, yes you can move more, but if your base isn't on the ground then there's no much difference if you live near metal anyway? Idk Their weight doesn't seem to go up greatly too. I was getting 34 weight per point, so... for a 7 day raise, wouldn't it be better to avoid weight? What is your opinion?
  23. Options/Settings NOT saving! Every time we close the application (Ark) all of our options reset back to default. This has been going on for weeks now - surprised you still haven't fixed it yet... what's going on?
  24. You mean these? they're pretty OP, yeah...
  25. Happened to me too with a 130. Tamed with element, came out as 130 but in the tribe log it says I cryo'd a 190+ and then when transforming, it would suddenly lose all its applied levels like as if it was mindwiped through transforming. The health was also significantly lower than usual... I think they're badly bugged.
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