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  1. Razen left Positive feedback   

    Great Seller. Came to my server to pick up payment. Willing to trade more in future. I recommend

    b0ender was The Seller

  2. Billay left Positive feedback   

    :) i was quite happy with the trade, Fast, trustworthy.

    b0ender was The Seller

  3. moonspace left Positive feedback   

    Fast smooth tradeing with this trader. 2 fertilezed mosschop eggs dad lvl 187 (after tame) mom 1 level 205 after tame mom 2 level 98 after tame vs. lvl 111 (after tame) golem and 35 galli eggs/20 allo eggs for a lightning wyvern 73% level 105 Looking forward on making more deals! Thanks for trading with edgeroad

    b0ender was Trading

  4. BlindMole left Positive feedback   

    Fast trustable trade, thx bro

    b0ender was The Seller

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