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  1. That is very curious indeed. Probably from a tester or reviewer?
  2. My God 99% of you guys are ungrateful jerks. The poison that is most of you guys that comment on here has got to stop. If you are so pissed off with wildcard then stop playing the dang game and let those of us that love it in spite of the issues enjoy it without all the bickering. I for one thank you very much wildcard and am excited for this. I just hope you are able to find a way to make it work on unofficial as I run my own server because I can't deal with the poison players like most of the people commenting on this announcement. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year WildCard! I
  3. If the devs would like any help testing this for someone to find bugs, my HTC Vive and GTX 1080 would love having this thrown at it!
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