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  1. This “TP to boss arena issue” has happened to us before but luckily my tribe mate went and he was able to defeat the boss (we live on SE and do boss regularly). This is the only time where we both have stayed behind... 15x 45~55k hp 1100%~1200% melee.. cyan and neon rexes and 1 cyan Yutu. Rip. We have another 35 rexes w/ similar stats so we are okay but imagine the people who do not? It is very discouraging.
  2. I was standing on the ground under them with my tribe mate.
  3. Lost 15 rexes and 1 yutu. Boss tp fail The Center 859 (PvE , ps4) LOST 15 rexes and 1 yutu at BLUE OBELISK, all dinos got tp to alpha boss battle but me and friend did not! All level 350~440, lots of cyan and neon green dinos, all gone. HELP!!!! Ticket: 1321542
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