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  1. Thank You @Cedric you post explaining how events were manual and are now automated give us some insight into how this works. Its the cool things to learn along the way. I guess as a community we always expect you to snap your fingers and we get what we ask for, not realising the amount of work goes into it behind the scenes. We only see the end result.
  2. They will be having coloured Dinos ”Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization”
  3. Well...unfortunately this appears to still be bugged out. I have just lost about 24K element dust to this issue. @PreshusRoze in case your question still stands ("I'm confused as to why youd store element dust, still in the crystal, since it doesn't decay") - the answer is weight. Moving a vault of Gacha crystals is lighter than moving a vault of element dust. So unless you need the dust, its convenient keeping it in the crystals.
  4. Hi @Jen , Are you guys aware decay timers have been re-enabled on some servers? I am on OC-PVE-Official-TheIsland97 and can confirm they are enabled again. TY, Vas.
  5. Disabling auto-decay while tending to the tickets is a great idea. Nice one devs! GG WC. (PS: That ^ sounds sarcastic. No sarcasm intended)
  6. I hate to be one of those only commenting with negative thoughts, but some people rely on events like this to experience other aspects of the game and plan their game play around it. In my case it was a Giga raise, something too time consuming to try on normal rates when you have work and IRL things to balance out with game time. I took the x3 opportunity to have a crack at that, and getting most of the way through before the event "ended" I had to Cryo my raise. Finding out that I could have had it out for close to an extra 24hrs at this point is disappointing. The event end date was published and I adjusted my game play for that. The extension would normally have been appreciated but in this case it is not.
  7. Tek Parasaur...mad! Am I the only one happy about this? I like always having one or two of these guys, so pretty happy it’s available in Tek now.
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