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  1. Read the patch notes : - Ragnarok singleplayer data has moved. SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal Within this folder, move your Ragnarok save file and player data (LocalPlayer.arkprofile) in SavedArksLocal into it's own Ragnarok folder (the folder will be created once you load Ragnarok again for the first time since the patch).
  2. Caves are empty and center redwood empty

    The cave on the island are empty since day one on PC and PS4 in single player, don't count on a fix soon .... The redwood biome on the Center has finally been fixed today with the last update !!
  3. Redwood biome is empty (SP)

    It's finally working with the last update !
  4. Redwood biome is empty (SP)

    I've already used DestroyWildDinos a few times and the redwood was still empty.
  5. I've started a new game on the center map in single player and the redwood biome is empty. I haven't seen one wild dino there. i deleted my save, started a new one again but still nothing there. I Used destroywilddinos but that didn't change anything.
  6. List of bugs

    In single player everytime i log in, the motion blur is on and i have to check (and save) /unchecked the option to disable it. And it's enabled again if i die.