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  1. Swords

    True it is mostly used with scimitars I believe but is probably used on a lot more then just that
  2. Swords

    Hide is an armor type and leather is a stronger version of that which should be implemented.a sling is another type of ranged weapon much like the slingshot, but closer resembling and functioning like the Bola, which can be crafted using leather and fiber and when released grip, like you would to throw the bola ,would throw a rock harder then the slingshot either inducibg higher torpor damage. the differences between swords, spears, and axes are base damage plus being more or less effective at getting meat, fat, keratin/chitin, and hide I would assume axes would get more keratin and chitin, while spears excel in meat, swords can be used for flaying hide, the machete excels at fats as I learned early on Rebalancing is always needed when adding or removing items and as for small swords like broad, long, short, scabbard, and scimitars they should generally be the same just with a cosmetic difference great swords and axes would have to gather the same and have slightly different strengths and durability then each other maybe add daggers which would fall suit to the machete that is about all I can think of at present moment
  3. Swords

    Guess not many people are interested in this. Thought it would be a good idea and would bring more variation to the mix.
  4. Hatching/Breeding is more than viable in Primitive and P+

    Possibly an ice box with a new resource from the snow biome. Similar to preserving bin but only stores ice in it and water jars to freeze, and cools surrounding area that could be a good source and is a primitive refrigerator
  5. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I would like to see a megalania added come on it's a 26 foot komodo dragon and has a toxic bite that can be fun A gorgonopsid could be fun too especially a t-rex dog that you wouldn't need a saddle to ride And finally a strictly sea crocodile no land capabilities with it's head half of it's body the liopluerodon
  6. Cannons on Prim+

    I suppose in this sense we disregard di'vinci blueprinting the first tank or flying machine during the renaissance made almost entirely of wood metal can be formed around stone which can be chiseled with stone into shapes most primitive tech consisting of metal dates back thousands of years by non-scholars who were driven by need for power stating with copper and by renaissance Era was steel cannons have been in human capacity for destruction black powder was shared with the rest of the world magic powder which is a black powder mix is used centuries before Christ and is a viable "grenade"
  7. How To Power Level

    I found a faster way to power level then described just mass produce large storage bins got to lvl 65 in about 4 hrs
  8. Beaver dam farm?

    It would be useful if they could build dams though
  9. Swords

    Forgot about tomahawk great axes and slings as well those are also interesting primitive weaponry Oh and also folded plate mail which is actually extremely durable was able to prevent a great deal of injuries and was stronger then molded metal armors
  10. Swords

    I actually want to see the different style swords that were used before firearms appear in prim +. there were scabbards, rapiers, long swords, short swords, greatswords like the Scottish claymore or german zweihander, and others, there were also halberts and other such polearms that are differert then main game, which to offset, I would also like to see the other primitive armors like chain mail, towershields and buckles appear, and if need be they can either set new weapons to being made solely through grindstone with iron and steel offsets, depending on stats, or a blacksmithing station. Who is with me?
  11. cobblestones for roads/paths?

    But it would only have to show your tribes stone paths not everyones