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  1. On unofficial with 260 as max level which is the only change to dinos. My tribe has cleared through beta, the boss fight scales up with server difficulty setting as well. So the corrupted were also 260. We are taking rexs with 46-56k health ~950% melee with saddles around 50 - 100 armor and in our victory only a few players survived the battle with all dinos dying each time.
  2. You reference a patch number that happened about a month ago but these changes I am talking about occurred unsaid in the past ~2 days.
  3. Sure, which is fine. But a reduce of the current state is a nerf and an increase is a buff. Its a common verbiage for any change in a game. I am more upset with it going unmentioned.
  4. Stealth nerf to Alpha Rhino 500 loot? Since the update that made races more accessible, I have been farming Alpha Rhino 500 constantly for all the tek swords it would give. I would say it was a 33% chance to get a tek sword and sometimes i would get 2 or even 3 of them every time i beat it. But over the last ~2 days I have not seen a single sword drop from the mission I have cleared it about 40 times in those 2 days with no luck. If it was reduced or removed because people were also doing this and its drop quantity was unintentional thats fine but, it would be nice to actually know about it through the patch notes instead of the odds of loot being changed behind the curtain, which i hope is not the case. I would be happy to find out that Ive just been unlucky, but seeing as how they were being given out as if they were going out of style i dont feel thats the case
  5. Could Magmasaurs possibly get a lookover? I love the design of the magmasaur but a few things stand out as issues that dont really make sense. 1. They only smelt as fast as a refining forge. 2. Their Aoe attack does about 4 damage, if it manages to hit anything. 3. They have the terrible fate of being able to breed but stuck at regular max dino level. 4. Most of their tamed growth stats are truly horrible. 5. Their best stats to level are health and weight, but they dont get much at all from either. 6. They have a taunt ability which is amazing to have, but there is no current reason for it. They dont have a good HP pool or natural armor to make good use of it. I think a few changes can make them a real treat to tame and use. 1. Allow for their smelting to scale with tamed levels placed in food by the player. This would allow for magmas to start at refining forged speed but if you were to put all level ups(73) into food they will reach industrial forge speed. This will give multi use to magmasaurs, and allow the food stat to be put to real use. 2. With how it functions currently, i believe the Aoe searing spit would best be replaced. If instead the magamasaur created a flame aura around its body , that applied a fire DOT to anyone who attacks it or is attacked by it. The flame aura, drains 10% of the searing spit gauge per second, the player can keep charging the gauge to keep the flames up but it puts a greater tax on the dinos food for being held longer than 10 seconds. I think the fire damage would be the same burn proc from the projectile. 3. With the above change (2.) it gives a real reason for the magmasaur to have the taunt ability, to now draw in attackers towards itself to then burn them. Because of this defensive retaliation type way of fighting, their lower health pools now make more sense as it would be the trade off for valuable aoe damage. Though I believe an innate ~10% damage reduction for both wild and tamed would not go amiss in helping with their survivablity with the lower health. (They are made of rocks after all) If the magmasaur took on these attributes it would make more sense with them being locked at the max level of the server yet still being able to breed. They would be dinos that offer a lot of utility and strength but keeping their weaknesses. I believe these changes can help give the magmasaur a greater Identity and presence, while keeping its current self in mind
  6. Magmasaurs not working anymore. Ever since one of the recent updates, my magmasaurs can not shoot fireballs anymore. I only get the message not enough fuel, but there is nothing to indicate how much fuel they have. I know the wiki says you are suppose to feed them to fuel them, so if that is working correctly now, there is no way to tell. But they can still do their AOE explosion with no issue the damage of which is non existent. Ive tried these ideas so far. Ive tried force feeding them food lots of food, no luck. Ive tried just being a bit in the lava, no luck. Ive tried having their inventory full of food, no luck. Also as a side, charging up the searing spit takes about 3 times as long outside of the volcano zone. When before it would just be faster in the zone.
  7. Beta Races seem almost impossible. For some the beta races, manta and sabercat and rhino as examples you get about 5 mins to finish the race on gamma but then only about 1:40~ to finish on beta and i am hard pressed to even get half way through - 2/3rds through before time runs out. Is there something im doing wrong in the races or is the time allowed to finish them to short? The dolphin race seems just fine with how it is, I am able to beat that solo all the way through alpha but othe races just dont give enough time on the clock it seems to me
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