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  1. doing alpha rockwell in a day or so have everything prepared just curious though i tamed a 145 (220) reaper (impregnated whatever) and then i cloned it 12 times i will be taking in 12 reaper clones, 4 drakes, and 4 light pets. the drakes r going to be mounted 1 person each and we will kill tentacles and orbs. my reapers have a lot of lvls in them but if they are unmounted should i even pump health cause rockwell doesnt actually do any damage to his front where the reapers will be so as soon as tentacles are destryoed instant dps. can i just pump melee? 13520 base health and 314 base melee
  2. I appreciate it man thank you for the info
  3. I completed all gamma bosses very easily with 15 rexs and brought a yuty in for dragon gamma. my rexs are being born with 11.5k health and 400m is this good enough i pump them to 20k health and about put rest in melee so they end up around 700m before they gain exp from bosses and get more. They each have 130-140 armor saddles is this enough for gamma overseer if i plan on getting through tek cave with giga i will uncryo once i am inside? in addition is this enough for gamma, beta or alpha manticore? ik they can easily defeat beta ape and spider, lastly for rockwell should i use megalosauras o
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