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  1. SERVER IS LIVE The Obsidian Dominion 24/7 pvp starters will be given when admin online and anything an admin spawns will be shown in chat to keep from spawning or over all abusing admin privileges. STARTERS ARE ROCK DRAKE 5XS EXP/gather AND 10XS TAME PVP DROPS ARE BOOSTED (very boosted) player carry slightly boosted Gather rates boosted Dino breed is UP ORP will be enabled but with a delay of 10-15 mins so offlining while being raided will not be a thing. Player lvls and dinos is 300 ONLY RULES No being a constant sausage to 1 person spread it out guys share the love. Other wise have fun and play how you want https://www.facebook.com/groups/168065420398308/
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  4. Crossplay Mic issues?

    So I'm playing and i can not get rid of the mic in the corner of my screen everytime I talk. Now before you say use the toggle to talk option I did and it did not work so im at a loss.
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  12. ANCIENT KINGDOMS (raG Nitrado based server) true pvp stats- x15 xp baby mature x10 x 6 gather