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  1. Timberpup

    Managarmr Deletion

    Naw on PC, we just don't use mana's on any map but ext now... but since they are kinda nerfed again mite use something else haha.
  2. Timberpup

    Managarmr Deletion

    No it's not fixed just happened to me 15 min's ago, me mana and all the pod's and dino's with us. was moving base's, no death marker nothing mana even had a tracker in it and it's nowhere to be found.
  3. Timberpup

    Hazard Suit in OSD loot tables

    We send the BP's back to aberration, prefer durability set's to anything else for rock drake egg farming.
  4. Timberpup

    Mana saddle bp

    We have gotten our's from red osd, the purple's don't seem to drop good stuff unless you get higher up there. have gotten 3 from red osd's over the past month.
  5. Timberpup


    Certain dino's also don't have some pose's, and the mek is missing it's weapon's.
  6. Timberpup

    Element Dust Gacha

    Raise babies and farm dust gacha's lol that's what we do, only have 1 atm but will clone more when we get a chance.
  7. Timberpup

    Rock Drake Saddle

    As the title state's. Last "major" patch they did a nice job but no saddle's for the Rock Drakes. Not sure if this was intentional (you can get them from surface drop's.) but pretty soon we have drake's and no saddle's. Now our girl's are getting fat just sitting around base (on passive last time one was on neutral it chased something down into blue haha). So was curious if there is a patch coming out that include's the missing saddle engram. And yes I do farm the surface. I have enough chitin armour to supply a small battalion for warfare. :P