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  1. Should players have anti mesh defenses? I think we can all agree meshing is annoying for those who have well established tribes. It's been an issue for a long time and unfortunately reporting it while meshing is in progress doesn't stop it from happening immediately nor does reporting always result in action. So I was wondering. Should players just simply have their own means to defend against meshing? One example that crossed my mind would be to add a expensive tek structure that could interact with tek turrets to enable tek turrets to fire projectiles through terrain. Basically, if something is expensive enough it typically wont be used to FOB on someone elses base and used primarily as defense. Yes, this might make attacking bases more difficult even for a legitimate raid but I believe the benefits outweigh the detriments. I completely understand that we as players shouldn't be the ones to defend against meshing and it should just be fixed but regardless the reality is that the way things should be is not always the way things are. Regardless of the fact that we should not be the ones to defend our bases against these types of assaults they still occur and the ark community needs their own tools to deal with this issue beyond player reporting until ark development finds more permanent solutions.
  2. Rip peoples items uploaded on the cloud. At least people with low timers left. Wildcards always does this and never cares that it causes so much grief to their playerbase.
  3. This happen to me once when I ran my own servers. Basically, I disabled classicflyers. I guess the data got corrupted for the dinos inside the crypods when classic flyers was disabled. With that said I think the issue is that the code or data for the dinos wasn't up to date with what was in the cryopod causing corruption.
  4. It's been an issue for a while. Basically, the eggs is in the nest for so long that it maxes out its spoil timer without actually despawning until someone picks it up at which point it spoils instantly.
  5. SmallTribes Cloud stuck Holy crap Wildcard what the hell? Re-enable cloud downloads on smalltribes, Wildcard... You are going to cause peoples downloads to expire! What a screw up!
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