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  1. It matters for us on unofficial. We want a permanent titan on our server. But yeah SP is poop
  2. Do you know if they'll work if " OverrideStructurePlatformPrevention=true"?
  3. How do you think this would work for the supply and element event? Platform quetz with 2x3 foundations and giant hatchframes all around, maybe a feeding trough in the middle. Velos on agressive and turret mode placed on the hatchframe, like you would with turrets. Then you should be able to just circle the vein/osd and let the velos do their job, right?
  4. Sounds like wc finally fixed the tame cap on pve servers ? respect
  5. This was posted in 2017 ma dooood
  6. They're all ridable, but there's a bug where you cant ride it if you open the inventory the wrong way (on ps4 at least) You need to go look at it and it says (equip saddle to ride) then press the mount button instead of the open-dino-inventory button to equip the saddle.
  7. That is an useless answer to his question.
  8. How do you control the gasbag on ps4? When I press/tap X it just fly up as high as it can,and then falls to the ground without any air left. Theres no way to just use short bursts of air it seems. Also how do you tame it? Is it meant to take forever no matter what you feed it?
  9. It might be a problem with just my game, but i've reinstalled my game 3 times because of weird problems. 2 times because of skins, maps and dossiers not saving. Second time it fixed the skin and dossiers. My map still resets random, especially buttom half of the map. Yes the buttom half of my map resets / get fogged again frequently. (What kind of broken ass coding is used in this game??). I've reinstalled again later to fix the transfer issue, but without any result. Do you know how long it takes to reinstall on ps4? ! I hear about random problems like these all the time. Got a friend who dc's every time he puts stuff in a fridge. Ark is a poop game and it gets worse and worse Edit Its not just a problem for me I've seen other ppl write the same in bug reports, and how the problem could simply be solved by allowing player upload.
  10. Luckely rock* just released an awesome game that makes ark look like eye diarrhea . I'll be spending my own time on that and not sending anymore money wc's way before i hear about game improvements. I cant even transfer between my two nitrado servers without restarting the game 2 times. The problem is completely ignored by the devs.
  11. I got a small question that isn't intitled to a seperate topic. Will a tamed/raised 9k hp rex and a 9k hp spino get the same amount hp per level put into the stat?
  12. Think I found a workaround (no thx to wc or google). When joining the server and you see that the transfering will fail (loading screen not popping up in a few sec) press the Ps button, reenter the game, and press exit to main menu. Then you can join the server you want and download character. Just worked for me on my nitrado servers. Will try it out a few more times
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