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  1. BaldBudgie

    what the actual ... ?!

    The timing is perfect on this side of the wall. Not everyone is in the PST.
  2. BaldBudgie

    What happened to all the updates we were promised

    It might be a problem with just my game, but i've reinstalled my game 3 times because of weird problems. 2 times because of skins, maps and dossiers not saving. Second time it fixed the skin and dossiers. My map still resets random, especially buttom half of the map. Yes the buttom half of my map resets / get fogged again frequently. (What kind of broken ass coding is used in this game??). I've reinstalled again later to fix the transfer issue, but without any result. Do you know how long it takes to reinstall on ps4? ! I hear about random problems like these all the time. Got a friend who dc's every time he puts stuff in a fridge. Ark is a poop game and it gets worse and worse Edit Its not just a problem for me I've seen other ppl write the same in bug reports, and how the problem could simply be solved by allowing player upload.
  3. BaldBudgie

    What happened to all the updates we were promised

    Luckely rock* just released an awesome game that makes ark look like eye diarrhea . I'll be spending my own time on that and not sending anymore money wc's way before i hear about game improvements. I cant even transfer between my two nitrado servers without restarting the game 2 times. The problem is completely ignored by the devs.
  4. BaldBudgie

    Spino Breeder Stats - Wutcha got?

    I got a small question that isn't intitled to a seperate topic. Will a tamed/raised 9k hp rex and a 9k hp spino get the same amount hp per level put into the stat?
  5. BaldBudgie

    Breeding Projects

    I'm ok at breeding cool dinos like rex. Even did a 100% giga once on official. (I know alot has done this but it was still a huge win for me). But the boring dinos is the worst, however usefull they might be.
  6. BaldBudgie

    Breeding Projects

    I'm trying to breed dimorphodons for the rag jungle cave. But every time i hatch i lose interest and they end up starving to death. I cant help it, its just a boring as dino no matter how helpfull it would be. Same thing with otters. Impossible to care for.
  7. BaldBudgie

    Kibble system: dino replacement.

    Yeah the wander function is stupid
  8. BaldBudgie

    Kibble system: dino replacement.

    I like this idea! Maybe the nests would be harvestable by an oviraptor for extra eggs. And yes they should be "paired" with the animals the same way wyverns are. An egg and an animal would spawn together, and stealing them by hand would agro them, but not with an ovi. (This just got me thinking... can an oviraptor steal wyvern eggs??)
  9. BaldBudgie

    Wolf hat skin

    I think there's a seperate forum for mobile version
  10. BaldBudgie

    Wolf hat skin

    Wolf hat skin.. sounds sweet as. Where did u get that?
  11. BaldBudgie

    Emergency floatation device/raft

    Wouldn't it split into H2 and O 😉 but yes i get the point
  12. BaldBudgie

    Emergency floatation device/raft

    How would anything inflate with air under water? I don't hope the devs will use their time on this
  13. BaldBudgie

    Quiting Ark because of Server Cap

    I need to try out official PVE again then. Do some insiding to help that tame cap
  14. BaldBudgie

    Allow Boss fights from Transmitters

    It wouldn't. You don't start naked and cold on the beach with transmitters do you?