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  1. I got a small question that isn't intitled to a seperate topic. Will a tamed/raised 9k hp rex and a 9k hp spino get the same amount hp per level put into the stat?
  2. Why do you keep trying to talk him out of this whats wrong with you? He got this.
  3. Dude take your 10 diplos. They OP. Edit. But 10 carnos and 3 yutys might be overdoing it for the overseer. Just bring 1 yutys and 5 carnos and 2 raptors. Also make a video and give us the link
  4. How are you going to defeat the overseer with a archaeopteryx?
  5. I think the worst one is fire. For pve or killing ppls tames i like the lightning. My favorite is poison because of the abillity to kill the rider. Never tested out the ice in pvp, but i could imagine its amazing for ariel combat
  6. I'm curious too. My spino hp has been nothing but poop. Haven't gotten higher than 6k, SP included.
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