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  1. Why announce ragnarok today?

    i love ark so much but i don't like this map, i expected more than just a normal island map bigger with scorched on, i wainted so long yesterday and today for jesse's live on E3 but both were just disappointing to me, also the ''new'' dinos on this map are just bad reskins of older ones (except the griffin). The desert part and wyverns on this map destroys scorched earth's reason to exist. (srry about my english) Also, announcing such thing like this on a special date like today is sad, i waited a lot yesterday and today for the livestream hoping for more cool stuff such as tek tier, scorched (i was rlly hyped) but both livestream destroyed my hype. (love the game a lot, this is the first time im doing a bad critic of it lol)
  2. Sound Pass

    Quetzal: Sounds awesome, one thing is, it sounds like a ferocious creature. For me it would be better if changed its sound to a ''lighter'' version. Argy: Sounds perfect Direwolf: Awesome too!! But i wish the howl was kinda louder. Compy: Perfect Scorpion: So far so good! Carno: Better than the old one! Raptor: This one should be change. It sounds too weird and quiet. For me, i think a better way to improve its sound would be making the raptor sound louder and longer. Dilo: Whatever lol Direbear: Awesome! Giga: Really good! BUT I wish the roar had a ''heavier'' tone. Rex: Stomping and biting are good. The roar tho... Pteranodon: Good! Beetle: (i didnt even knew it had a sound lol) Parasaur: Danger call is perfect, one thing is i wish it was a little bit longer. Still good tho. Bronto: Sounds too weak. Would be better if the attack sounds were louder, extended and had a ''natural'' touch to it. Like how we see on movies! -------------------------------------------------- Allosaur: Should change, roar isn't good, they sound ''desperate'' (LOL) Paracer: Louder and stronger sound and better stomping sound. Anky: All sounds should change to a smoother version. Something would be awesome is adding dino ambient noises on the background example: If you are near a forest you will hear loud dino sounds coming from the distance.
  3. Sound Pass

  4. Where is the tek giga saddle and sleeping chamber

    actually, being able to transfer to another bed with your gear would make the tek teleporter kinda useless. But i think a tek bed would be awesome! And i agree with you about the giga, its too strong.
  5. Where is the tek giga saddle and sleeping chamber

    i wanted to see people's reactions to it
  6. Where is the tek giga saddle and sleeping chamber

    i searched: ''Tchieresh?? they are one souos nun?'' (idk what that means) on google images and there was only a photo of a dead raptor and when i clicked it, it lead me to your profile page... DILO
  7. Tchieresh?? they are one souos nun?
  8. new natural turret

    with the new bee added i had an idea about a new turret. This turret could be obtained by collecting the queen (instead of just getting a beehive) When u collect her, you will get 1 bee turret, it looks like a bee hive (kinda different tho) this turret would launch a swarm of drones after enemies, it doesnt deal much damage but stuns the enemie and knock it off the dino its riding. Poweres by 1 honey (1 honey would work like fert for plant x each honey lasts for 10 hours
  9. Ark crashes when i press start on title

    same thing to me. it takes 4 to 7 tries until i can play, it freezes or goes black screen.
  10. Ark crashing to home page while joining.

    same problem here
  11. Love the new UI

    Actually you are wrong, the TEK ''enviroment'' is THE essential part of ark, storyline and desing. Just look around you, you will see how much everything is filled with the ''TEKY'' feel.
  12. New changable UI while you progress trough the game! I had an idea, since ark is game where you can progress trough phases the inventory design could change while you progress, examples: Phase1 (cloth, thatch, slingshot, wood structures. Lv 1 to 25) The inventory desing could look ''primitive'', wood borders, brown color. Phase2 (Chitin, flak, ghillie, pistol, longneck, stone structures. Lv 25 to 65) ''Greyish'' color, and medieval themed, wood, metal and stone looking design. Phase3 (riot, fabricated guns and weapons, rockets, electricity and metal structures. Lv 65 to 85) Modern kinda ''military'' themed, white and brown color and simple design. Phase4 ( element, tek armor, tek structures, shield generators and underwater structures. Lv 85 to 105) Futuristic themed, blue and cyan color, holographic hexagons and translucent borders
  13. tek Weapons against tek tier.

  14. weapon New weapon: Toxin bomb

    The toxin grenade is a throwable ball made with the cnidaria bio toxin, when a target gets hit by that, the movement and vision will be similar like the dilo or plant x and cnidaria electric debuff . It will do damage and torpor. Crafted in fabricatior with: 15 narcotics. 10 metal. 20 stone. 45 fiber. 20 hide. 5 sparkpowder. 5 gunpowder 40 bio toxin.