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  1. New changable UI while you progress trough the game! I had an idea, since ark is game where you can progress trough phases the inventory design could change while you progress, examples: Phase1 (cloth, thatch, slingshot, wood structures. Lv 1 to 25) The inventory desing could look ''primitive'', wood borders, brown color. Phase2 (Chitin, flak, ghillie, pistol, longneck, stone structures. Lv 25 to 65) ''Greyish'' color, and medieval themed, wood, metal and stone looking design. Phase3 (riot, fabricated guns and weapons, rockets, electricity and metal structures. Lv 65 to 85) Modern kinda ''military'' themed, white and brown color and simple design. Phase4 ( element, tek armor, tek structures, shield generators and underwater structures. Lv 85 to 105) Futuristic themed, blue and cyan color, holographic hexagons and translucent borders
  2. yeah, i saw that, but i wonder if we are gonna get a upgraded version to smelt metal or even gather easier, like TEK (pick, hatchet) and make chemicals faster...
  3. Will we be getting like, TEK forge, Chem bench, etc?
  4. Are they gonna add a TEK Turret? I also want to know if you can find ramshackle, apprentice, jorneyman, etc tek armor and rifle, or is it just normal?
  5. tek

  6. That is nice to hear! Im excited for it!
  7. in the Patch Notes, it says: Tek tier phase one, and at the end it says: And more... Does it mean we will get more tek tier stuff in this update?
  8. weapon

    The toxin grenade is a throwable ball made with the cnidaria bio toxin, when a target gets hit by that, the movement and vision will be similar like the dilo or plant x and cnidaria electric debuff . It will do damage and torpor. Crafted in fabricatior with: 15 narcotics. 10 metal. 20 stone. 45 fiber. 20 hide. 5 sparkpowder. 5 gunpowder 40 bio toxin.
  9. tek

    Since tek tier was revealed, i had an idea for weapons that can help you in combat with tek tier. 1) EMP grenade: Pull the pin and a 5 secs timer will start, when exploded the grenade will deactivate power armor, weapons, jetpack, etc (for 6 secs) 2) Electric arrow, when someone gets hit by that, the tek visor will have a ''static'' effect and habilities will stop working for some time. 3) Tek charger: Looks like a c4 that needs to be placed in the ground, when someone gets close this weapon will decharge the element and deactivate tek rifle. 4) Tek prod: Similar to the electric prod, this weapon uses element and can be used without breaking like the electric prod. If used in someone with power amor, this will make a shocking debuff wich will disturb the vision, does torpor, makes movement slower, damages the armor and health.
  10. Thats true, probably gonna wait so i can use the black pearls for taming tusoteuthis
  11. So there is no reason for me to make a camera at the moment?
  12. Cameras but no painting canvas?? Why is that a thing??? That doesnt make sense if you are gonna release something that doesnt work.
  13. That would be nice! Painting an armor with that, hell yeah!