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  1. I would like to be able to host my PS4 on my PC.
  2. I'm thinking the same thing. I think if Wildcard could work with Sony I bet they could have servers for hosting for players.
  3. $400 for a PS4. $60 for both PS4s would cost you $120 a year
  4. From the sounds of it, it's going to be paid servers. If you want a free server buy another PS4 with a subscription and host a server there. But then it's not really free if your paying to host a server on another PS4.
  5. Why can't we just host servers on the PC for consoles? Some people can't afford to pay to host a server.
  6. So I can't host on my PC for my PS4? I have to rent a server in order to host?
  7. So wait, I have to rent a server to host a server for PS4? I can't just boot up my computer and host it from there?
  8. Am I the only one that notices that she is wearing armor that isn't in the game?
  9. I'm buying and playing with friends lol So I don't see myself going to the official servers anytime soon
  10. I'm gonna be playing this with a few friends but if I find myself without anyone on the day it's out I'll add you.
  11. It might be 5Am if they do what Rockstar does when they put out updates.
  12. What I know is it will be out the 6th. Might be around 4Am U.S.A time but I might be wrong.
  13. You won't be able to host a server for ps4 on xbox but I'll have your xbox lol
  14. From what I know they want to fully release the game in spring of 2017. They would make a killing if they did however PS4 players have been dying to play this for so long. With Xbox one and PC users playing it and streaming it people really wanted to play the game early.
  15. Well the Xbox one did get some exclusives that the PC users didn't get. As for what PS4 is getting I highly doubt the PS4 users will get the armor right when they start, they might have to grind for it as well. Yes I'm with you with the whole exclusives but everyone shall be getting this sometime in spring. So there shouldn't be alarm just yet. So the PS4 users are gonna have to work for the armor and the skin.
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