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  1. PS4 build freezes completely when either the host or the second player uses a Platform Saddle or a Raft. We tried to alternate who is using it and the same results happens, the game freezes and you are forced to close the game. It works fine when playing regular single player. Also noticed that ladders coming out of hatches are glitched. if you have just a length of ladder coming from the ledge, when you go up, your character will be stuck and won't be able to get off unless you add an extra segment that goes above the opening. Has anyone had any success or is everybody plagued by the same issue with no fixes in sight? I've tried to look for upcoming fixes for this but couldn't find any statements regarding this by the devs.
  2. PS4 game crash, raft, glades

    Doesn't matter for us, no matter who drives the boat or the platform saddle, the game will freeze completely
  3. Allosaurus ruins this game

    Well you ARE playing on an EARLY ACCESS title... Common mistake ppl make is assuming the game is going to be perfect. AAA titles are still coming out with worse bugs than this to be honest. Remember Diablo III? ppl couldn't even log on the game on launch. I feel your pain bro, sometimes the game can be pretty stupid with the bugs but overall, from my personal experience, the positives far outwight the negatives.
  4. I was also wondering about the transfer feature. I currently have a save file on SE and I play split screen with my kids every nights. I was wondering what happens when I transfer my Character only form SE to The Center. (I want to tame a Quetzal and bring it back to SE) Can someone confirm that transferring back and forth while having a tribe actually works or will I lose all the buildings I made in SE due to tribe ownership? If I come back from the center map, will the tribe status get restored automatically? Thanks
  5. PS4 Update: ARK: Survival Evolved & ARK: SotF

    Hey! I already have this for PC but I'm thinking about picking it up for PS4 since my pc rig is retarded and I'd like to play with my kids. Is this port going to support Split Screen Play? Thanks!