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  1. tek forcefield works
  2. Where's the Win10 update So I know people are going to be asking this after the servers go down for the Easter event update, so I thought I would get this in ahead of time. Feel free to post your complaints here. We all know the win10 update won't be out for 24-72 hours.
  3. well if you are playing on windows10 the start of the event doesn't matter, the update for the event won't come out for 2-3days from now on win10. lol
  4. hey jat nice to see u, that being said after win10 finally got the update that well didn't do anything, please please don't go through with this. right now we call play the game, things are broken and not working but we can get in and atleast do some stuff, but if you do this it is almost certain that the game will be unplayable. I mean i figure if you do this you guys will probably knock everyone back to lvl 1 and we won't have any engrams, personally i would love to get a mindwipe that works, but from past experience odds are your just going to reset everyone back to lvl 1. thx for taking th
  5. broken patch idea lol so it appears with last patch for win10, next to nothing that would help anyone is actually working as intended or was fixed. might as well release another patch but instead of saying your fixing this and that just have, going to break this ect...
  6. ive got a download for win10 version right now check again
  7. well now spending 91 element to clone a 150 doesn't seem so crazy, might be able to make a in-game living if these rates stay up
  8. going to build boat put tons of turrets on it and park it around this area, seems like a good time
  9. would guess 24-48 hours from when xbox got it
  10. well there is your problem you said unofficial pc sessions, yet said you restarted your game and console, can't play pc sessions on console.
  11. yeah sorry not going to happen, wish you the best finding another game.
  12. no point, they won't listen or replay to it, if they do just some bot giving u a generalized answer. just have to wait and hope your stuff isn't destroyed.
  13. like i said 24-48 hours for windows 10, maybe monday or tuesday.
  14. servers won't be up till win10 version is available so 24-48 hours from now
  15. im hoping you are on the steam version and saying this isn't working for you because 307.42 that is the steam version.
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