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  1. SexyBeast

    /Unstuck is needed ASAP

    Those are some pretty have cooldowns, I mean I guess it could be helpful, if it teleports you 5 feet in the air above the highest terrain above you or something or noclips you through a wall, but honestly the only real specifications you need for this are gonna be can't be used in enemy territory and a minute cooldown, obviously it can be abused, but format it in a way thats less abusable.
  2. SexyBeast

    Restart official servers on xbox?

    No, the best days of ark is when the little tribes can finally work together and build up against the alphas, the key thing though is using strategy and tactics rather than being big ol' targets. I mean its part of the fun of ark, and its a player set thing, you have to join into a world that is ruled by a tyrannical tribe of people and survive against them and maybe even take them out, start a rebellion. Ya know theres just a lot of fun stuff you can really do thanks to the assholes of Ark... So shout out to all the assholes Anyways it wouldn't change anything the tribes that rule the servers have the numbers and hours to rule them, wipe the servers one day they're back on top tomorrow and more tyrannical then ever. Also Ark would probably lose a lot of people who don't want to restart everything they've worked for. And again, people can upload to the ark, alpha tribes would just upload all the wyverns and kill anything that moves until they re-establish themselves.
  3. SexyBeast

    Wildcard... Please give us this Final Content.

    I really like this, especially the penguin pellar, I love those!
  4. SexyBeast

    A way to make Blueprints

    A lot of its been added to the main game as well.
  5. SexyBeast

    A way to make Blueprints

    Everyone starts the game with the potential to gather the best BP's, while they don't have them and it'll take time they do have the ability, it is something they can do, it isn't something they can do in 5 minutes of starting unless they are lucky, but they have the ability. As for stealing BP's I was rather referring to that as a positive, not consuming BP's keep them an asset to protect and employ strategy to ensure its protection. As well as adding circumstance and risk to the game, if you want to go raid and are bringing a portable base, do you craft extra weapons and leave the BP or bring it, as well as the circumstance of having a really good BP but being in a situation where you don't have access to it. It all just adds to the adventure. I mean if someone wants to buy another account go ahead, but they're cheating, also not having god gear is what makes the game fun, if I could kill anything with one pull of the trigger thats not really a good game, while thats an exaggeration, the element of balancing your craftsman ability and your other stats is just another element of challenge the game employs.
  6. SexyBeast

    Will Ragnarok get Aberration engrams?

    Yeah, but eventually. They will likely add this stuff.
  7. SexyBeast

    Will Ragnarok get Aberration engrams?

    Well neither is silk but they put that into ragnarok, maybe the devs would add a small underground biome as they continually expand the map.
  8. It won't I play on tons of different servers and singleplayer, also wrong topic...
  9. SexyBeast

    PVE Pillar Problem

    On PvE servers, it can get really annoying cause people will place pillars everywhere and never actually use the land, so what if we made it that the decay timer on PvE servers required people to enter the vicinity of the structure or the cluster/chunk that the pillar exists in to reset the timer, also have shorter timers. This way if someones not using the land they have to make a bigger effort to keep a hold of that land and if they really aren't going to use it, it becomes a bigger burden to hold onto anyway. Also if people forget about it, but still play on the server it can be demolished.
  10. SexyBeast

    Raid Dino suggestion

    I really like the idea of fenrir looks awesome, but I feel it would be better off as a more rare/mythical dino such as the giga or the griffon, not having quite the power of a boss dinos, maybe it has the ability to ignite it's victim, and definetly its roar can supercharge its pack, or rather the dog/cat like creatures, such as the daedon, sabertooth, dire wolf, hyaenadon, etc. I like the concept of this guy, but as a raid dino, I don't know, I like the idea of expanding on arks mythical creatures, like the griffon.
  11. SexyBeast

    A way to make Blueprints

    Personally I prefer the need to adventure to find a BP, and the battle thats required, as to being able to turn a weapon into a BP, that'll probably never happen cause, if I turn the God rifle into a Bp and make another god rifle I can just turn that into a BP and now I got two. And as to consumable knowledge, BP's are better off just being paper, as it makes them something to be guarded and valued, and stolen. It's a lightweight item, so being able to trade BP's and have them on paper. Everyone already does have the ability to craft the best possible items, it's up to them if they think thats more valuable then other things, ppl that make alt accounts, well thats there choice, but as the game is built, it requires players to choose between crafting quality and other stats to make a well balanced player for what they are going to be doing with the character. Also consuming BP's would get real messy, cause there are a lot of variations and that'd be a lot of BP's. Plus the crafting skill point was just added before release.
  12. SexyBeast

    Therizinosaurus way overpowered

    A rex compared to a parasaur is op, the therizino requires you to be more aware of your space, as you would have to be in a world of dino's, the thing a about the riz is it's not a carnivore but it's territorial, so avoid breaching its territory and your fine, it's a fun element because too the lesser equipped players it requires a change of direction and blocks certain passage ways, its an element that adds randomization. Just be smarter about where you build and what your dino's are doing. If you see a riz and don't think you can safely pass by take a big ol' detour. This things the rex of herb's.
  13. SexyBeast

    Blueprint stand

    They could put a slot in the smithy or fabricator for the blueprint your trying to construct as to actually follow the said BP, but I think its fine the way it is now. Honestly I would just suggest you only keep what you need in the smithy and store the rest in a box nearby, or just build a smithy for general use and one for more specified use, assuming that the larger blueprints you're referring to are mostly saddles, but yeah, general smithy and build another one and a large storage next to it for large BP's. Also adding a new item means less EP to spend. As well as requiring ppl to have this to use bp's just makes things really annoying. And this thing is basically a smithy and a fabricator and regular crafting if it crafts bp's cause some bp's need smithy, or fab, so I think keep it the way it is.
  14. SexyBeast

    Opening Cages

    So I was playing on a server and these guys were knocking out noobs who spent a decent time in-game to troll them for hours and leaving em in cages. No one can help em cause no one outside the tribe can open the cages. So what I think we should do is make cages openable by anyone allowing people to make runs to rescue people if its an abuse of power. This also makes it so people can't overly abuse caging people at random.