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  1. I don't think I've ever disagreed with one post as much lol: Wyvern's clunky, dopey mounts that won't ever land when you want, awful for picking and not great weight considering it's size. That saying I do use them just because they are the best looking IMO. Quetzal's are now IMO pointless given the effort in taming them and the recent TLC to the Argie including the weight reduction on most farming resources. Also really easy to tame in comparison to a Quetz/Wyvern. Griffin is the king of combat with it's speed and divebomb. Ptera's are the king of early game/solo player PVP tame. Phoenix, never head one but seems a Jar to get one so I won't ever tame one. Tapejara is a poor man's griffin. Lymantria I have never tamed and Pelagornis for organic poly althrough I never tame one. Just my 2 cents. ?
  2. Man, all this hate and I'm just sat here on my dedicated server throne lololololol ??
  3. The below is Helena note number 7 on scorched which is possibly further evidence it is a space type expansion? “ Time to go over the facts. Like the island, this desert is a space station posing as a natural environment. It is inhabited by a large population of dangerous, genetically engineered creatures, and a small population of humans that are struggling to survive. This whole environment is then deliberately contained by a combination of a holographic horizon and natural barriers. Assuming the other space stations are at all similiar, then this whole thing is starting to look like some kind of bizarre experiment on a grand scale. Yes, each station would represent an experimental group, and... I'll have to continue this later. One of the caravan's scouts just returned in a panic. Something about rocks being alive, which is of course ridic. „ ~ Helena
  4. I'd say the QR code hints to a different game mode/map of some kind. I'm guessing the way the Ark logo is lit/flashing in the countdown is some sort of hint as to what it might be but I can't for the life of me think what it could be. I could of course be totally wrong I guess only time will tell.....
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