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  1. Sorry to hear of your problems. I have one question however, out of all the creatures in the game why Phiomias? Surely their only use is as a poop merchant and any tamed one can do that anyway!
  2. bgreg

    Every Flyer from worst to best

    I don't think I've ever disagreed with one post as much lol: Wyvern's clunky, dopey mounts that won't ever land when you want, awful for picking and not great weight considering it's size. That saying I do use them just because they are the best looking IMO. Quetzal's are now IMO pointless given the effort in taming them and the recent TLC to the Argie including the weight reduction on most farming resources. Also really easy to tame in comparison to a Quetz/Wyvern. Griffin is the king of combat with it's speed and divebomb. Ptera's are the king of early game/solo player PVP tame. Phoenix, never head one but seems a Jar to get one so I won't ever tame one. Tapejara is a poor man's griffin. Lymantria I have never tamed and Pelagornis for organic poly althrough I never tame one. Just my 2 cents. 😄
  3. Not sure if this is the correct place but I have just been researching how to come across the TEK Forcefield and come across the below site https://www.ruletheark.com/. It appears it is for a PS4 server (I play Xbox so no idea if it is still going) and under the admin shop/tokens area of the site it states you can buy 100 tokens for £1. Would this be against the rules and if so where could I report it as I find this sort of thing abhorrent. (as well as stupid on the persons part who is buying them) Thanks
  4. bgreg

    Clever Minds Needed

    @admins please delete this. May not be inappropriate but I'm offended by how pointless it is. TIA nb. It isn't funny.
  5. bgreg

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    Sorry, only just recently got back into the game after a couple months break. Is this a new DLC as I haven't heard anything about it. Is it a new map the same as SE/Ab was? Any idea of when it will be and any leaked information as yet? Thanks in advance.
  6. bgreg

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    165 after the alliance just wiped them anyway.... That's not suspicious at all... GG devs
  7. bgreg

    Wiped Again? LMAO

    @Simsnet IMO you have it all wrong. Focus on finding somewhere relatively hidden first. Then work on defences. Turrets plant species and a metal base first of all. Stone won't do anything against C4 or rockets. Taming a bronto takes time, taming 4 takes a long time. All of that time and effort could have been focused on reinforcing your base and grinding out a lot of turrets. The aim for me is to make it as awkward as possible for any raiders to attempt hitting me. Maybe try a dedicated if you can't play regular too, that's what I did and they tend to have more rules in place that people stick to.
  8. bgreg

    Raising Rexes

    Why not just use cooked meat. Lasts longer.....
  9. A full cluster with ORP and not massive boosts. Finally! Just one question though, how sustainable is this? I see you got it for 90 days but now with all 5 maps won't that be quite expensive for you to keep up?
  10. bgreg

    Nitrado servers

    Thanks @Amalar. The host is getting a 32 slot (we average around 20ish) so hopefully the lag and crashes will be to a minimum. And hopefully no more troodons or eels!
  11. bgreg

    Nitrado servers

    So this week the dedicated xbox server I play on will be switching from box hosted to Nitrado. The question I have is, what are the benefits of this? I've searched around but can't find anything other than they can be controlled from a mobile. Do they reduce lag? (The one I'm.on is terrible atm) do server outages/crashes happen? Nothing worse than being out and about and the host xbox crashing to the home screen. Any info is appreciated. Cheers.
  12. bgreg

    ArkSailorVIN 24/7 Server

    Hey! Do you still admin wipe tribes at the 1st sign of PvP? Asking for a friend.
  13. bgreg

    A quick one....

    I'm currently playing on a dedicated server that has ORP on weekdays and off at weekends. I know that plant's/turrets will not fire at people when our tribe is offline however my question is can people then come up to them and empty the fert from them while I'm off? We have a quite a few plant's where the fert appears to have been drained but our guys don't remember anything about it when they were on and assumed it couldn't be taken when we were off. I know boxes etc cannot be entered whilst I'm offline so trying to figure out why they are no longer there. (I'm assuming just drained while we were on) Cheers
  14. bgreg

    PR Disaster

    Wow. You actually gave the game a 1 star review with an essay as to why not to buy the game and linked it here........ Bravo sir.