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  1. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader as always, highly recommended. Thanks again! Bear was gorgeous.

    birdndocean was The Seller

  2. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader! Highly recommended. Thank you!

    birdndocean was The Seller

  3. CrispedDegree5 left Positive feedback   

    Great trade, fair and quick.

    birdndocean was The Seller

  4. FrazerSan left Positive feedback   

    What a perfect trade' he dropped the fert eggs I wanted and I unclaimed the beaver swift fast and trustworthy

    birdndocean was The Seller

  5. CurtBurt left Positive feedback   

    No problems with the trade. Will definitely trade again in the future.

    birdndocean was Trading

  6. xN7Ripper left Positive feedback   

    Good trader, reasonable and easy to deal with.

    birdndocean was Trading

  7. BigRed1227 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent seller, quick, fast, and will do business again

    birdndocean was The Seller

  8. jayden5021 left Positive feedback   

    Great trade. Went smoothly and will definitely trade again.

    birdndocean was Trading

  9. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader! Will def trade again. Picked me up and took me to red ob to finish trade. Thank you!!

    birdndocean was The Seller

  10. madfretter left Positive feedback   

    Second trade, no issues.... Will trade again.

    birdndocean was Trading

  11. madfretter left Positive feedback   

    Perfect smooth transaction. Solid trader here.

    birdndocean was The Seller

  12. Pacofou left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction and no problems, very trustworthy.

    birdndocean was The Seller

  13. TheTastyGoat left Positive feedback   

    Very patient very friendly

    birdndocean was Trading

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