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  1. this game is centered around the idea of you need to work your way up and make friends in order to survive. it sucks but its entirely possible. i have been wiped more than my fair share but i have made friends along the way which i frequently team up with whether its for defending, attacking, or just task that require more people. get out there and make some friends. dont be surprised if a survival game continues adding things that require end game items to need more people
  2. wait till you start carrying good gear and pego runs up and takes it from you. trust me its far more annoying then troodons
  3. how many cakes did you end up using for the high level one?
  4. bullet soaker? lol
  5. are you looking for a server on pc or xbox? pvp or pve? and what kind of tribe are you? (do you enjoy raiding or grinding or what?)