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  1. It can easily be done if you nolife the game for 3 days.
  2. Dodos do not drop eggs in Stasis. And I doubt the AI is so good to eat eggs from the ground.
  3. I don't have any mods that would affect them in any way. Only ones I use is a spyglass mod. Dino damage is at 1.0 But it shouldn't matter for the math. The wiki states they get a 17.6% bonus upon taming. And it's irrelevant if they both have 117.6% or 175% for the attacks per second.
  4. I don't know why, my tamed Rex and Theri both have 175% damage. I remember it being less. But they definitely have a different HPS (hit per second) speed. It is clearly seen even without the dummy. I'm too lazy to check all the dinos, but atleast the Theri is wrong.
  5. If I use a macro for maximal attack speed the value I get for Rex is ~1.2 but Theri is ~1.4. DPA lvl 1 Rex: 1253, DPS: 1504. RoF is 1.2 DPA lvl 1 Theri: 1051, DPS: 1471. RoF is 1.399.
  6. I'll check that. If they changed it, to the same RoF, then he's correct. But I don't like the formula he's using.
  7. You misunderstood me. I have to find my post since I forgot te formula, but I have proven that the Theri has a smaller DPS than a Rex. I tested it with 1, 10, 20, 30 and so on levels in damage. The Rex always outdamaged the Theri despite it having a 1.19 RoF and the Theri having a 1.4 RoF. He states that both have a RPS of 1.2, and that's wrong.
  8. I tested that with Theri and Rex for someone who said Theri does more damage. I can see that your numbers are wrong. For example Rex and Theri have different attack speeds.
  9. Why would you want to know that anyway? The only logical explanation would be that you do not have strong dinos. And in that case killing them that way is cheap and not time consuming. If you want to know how weak a dino has to be, use math to find out an Alphas average health and DPS for every level, and then use that data to calculate the weakest possible specimen of dinosaurs that can kill it. The dino you use itself doesn't matter. It just should either outtank or outdamage the Alpha.
  10. Some stupid GMs spawned level 1000+ Gigas on officials, people bred them and got unkillable dinos in PvP. Wildcard introduced a hard cap of lvl 450 to hatched dinos so noone can have insanely high spawned in dinos in case they hid the eggs. If you hatch a dino over 450, it poofs.
  11. it is definitely like he said. Otherwise WC would state that dinos which are levelled over 450 will disappear and would make 2 caps. For hatched and for fully levelled dinos. And deleting dinos that can be levelled over cap is generally a dumb idea.
  12. I mean, Sony was against mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim as far as I know. It's not unlikely that they're against cross-platforms. Wouldn't be surprised if they want to safezone their customers from people with better hardware and better input devices. Or other PC shenanigans like cheating. But I'm curious since I'm not a Playstation user. Can you name cross-platform titles Sony had with a PC or other consoles not including PS3 to PS Vita and vice versa? I honestly can't think of one. And all I see asking Google is how stubborn Sony is and how the company locks-off all cross-platforming.
  13. I meant that WC did not remove the worse visibility under water, but the weather phenomenon known as fog, which used to be on land and under water since I assumed you think they removed the worse underwater visibility as fog.
  14. They did not remove the bad visibility. They removed the weather effect known as fog.
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