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  1. taming

    Build huts around the tames, like every normal player in this game does.
  2. Equus breeding dream realized - Rag!

    You disgust me
  3. 723

    File a support ticket with screenshots and infos about them. Posting here won't do a poop.
  4. Underwater fog

    They did not remove the bad visibility. They removed the weather effect known as fog.
  5. Griffins are SUSPICIOUSLY really fun

    WC will definitely cripple them. They can't figure out that buffs to other things are better than nerft to anything. Can't wait for Achatina being PvP meta.
  6. Golem taming

    Set the cannon up in front of it, aim at the head and shoot at the head. practice in SP with spawned-in traps. It takes a few tries before you get it. Everyone learned it. I failed 2 or 3 times awell before I managed to consistently trap and knockout Golems.
  7. Tame times are too high

  8. Golem taming

    There are a ton of videos about Golem taming and they all show how to trap one.
  9. Survival without humans or bosses?

    Inb4 they cut speed from players like they did with swim speed so you cannot outrun anything anymore...
  10. Let's talk Raiding in a dino game

    Because Dino combat is unbalanced as hell. Imagine if you had no explosives or guns, only dinos to raid and defend. You get your Anky to destroy a wall, and you get picked up by a Ptera, boom, dead. You fight in a mob of Rexes, get picked up, dead. Explosives and guns are sadly way more effective at man tasks. I am pretty sure you cannot focus on a dino combat with explosives and ranged weapons playing a very unimportant roles without limiting the amount of dinos.
  11. Tame times are too high

    You cannot say it's multiple weeks if it's only one full week. Mathematically a multiple is an exact number that can be divided by a smaller number into an exact number. Or do you say: "I waited multiple hours if you wait for 61 minutes"?
  12. The new sounds effect feedback

    If you know nothing about it, why are you stating facts? Facts are undeniable truth, not your opinion on something we don't know about.
  13. Tame times are too high

    Longest creature is 1 1/2 weeks as far as I'm aware. Not something I'd consider "multiple" weeks.
  14. Tame times are too high

    So you want to get like lvl 300+ dinos easily without spending multiple days?
  15. Tame times are too high

    It would be pretty stupid to say the times are too high if you're not using the best option given, wouldn't it?