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  1. It is not to mock him, but state that it's a players fault and in such cases, the support does not give stuff back, unlike cases where some higher powers, which are not players happening on servers,
  2. I don't feel the need nor do I see why I should post something besides objectively telling him how it is. 2 people already told him that they feel bad for him and understand his frustration. I don't need to do this aswell and join the pity-crew. Telling him you're sorry doesn't help much. Telling him why he will not get his stuff back and why this happened might help him in the future since he knows that everythnig belongs to a Tribe. And that the support does not do anything in such cases. Because people can abuse this to dupe stuff.
  3. They will not help you. It wasn't a bug, or someone else destroying your base by hacking. It's entirely your fault that you joined another Tribe and abandoned your Dinos and your base. As soon as you open a Tribe, all structures and belongings are in Tribes hand, not yours.
  4. You could swap to Unofficial servers with a better provider and enjoy the game without lags. Oh Snap! Nitrado is crap too btw.
  5. If you block off an underwater cave with an Artifact, you most likely gonna be wiped by players in PvP or GMs for griefing and blocking off valuable ressources.
  6. You cannot block Deep Sea Loot crates and cave crates. Those can be used to get off a server I believe.
  7. Well. Sadly the Baryonyx does not have more damage. Nor does it swim faster than a Spino. It has a slightly faster sprint speed.
  8. I don't like them. They can do more things than a Rex, but nothing really good. "They have a better stamina management" - Instead of going full damage, give your Rex some Stamina. It'll still do more damage than a Spino. "They are good underwater" - If you can tame a max-level Spino, you can tame a max-level Plesio or Mosa. They're better water predators. "They have good AoE range" - Get a Giga with better AoE range and damage.
  9. When we look at recent games which got mod support on consoles, we see that Microsoft and Sony limited the amount of mods to 2 Gigs. (It may become more, I didn't read about it though) And Sony even restricts mods to no custom graphics. I highly doubt that both Console companies will give ARK more space for mods, when Bethesda only got a small space for both, Fallout 4 and Skyrim Secial Edition. This might be just a speculation, but it would be weird why a game like ARK would get more Support than Bethesda titles.
  10. They can fly up high in the air and stay there. When I'm flying over the Redwood on Island, I always see 3-5 of them just hanging high in the air. Maybe twice as high as the Trees.
  11. Well. I just assume that they do not do bleed damage. It's logical. If they would do it, people would do Bosses with health Allos and not Rexes.
  12. Check the Wiki. It can spawn anywhere in these areas.
  13. That's the thing. You can tell this person all day that she will not achieve anything with this post. She might get an answer if she politely asks the support, since, oh snap, only they can give out such information, if it's not under an NDA and it's the fastest way to get vital information. But that's a useless reply because it's more work than flaming a general discussion and insult the devs in a topic they will never pay attention to. And this topic probably gonna get shut down when a moderator wakes up and some people will get warnings. Which will lead to more hate, because they do not realize it's their fault. it's a vicious circle of hate and ignorance.
  14. The sad thing is, that he doesn't care about the fact that I played on Official PvE for over a year and still play on an Official PvP from times to times. Explained that multiple times. Only thing left is ignore and shake my head at the ignorance and stupid unrelated claims.
  15. I realized there's no way some arrogant people will see both sides of a coin or try to be logical. They have their opinion, see it as a fact and roll with it. You can't defeat a wall of stupidity. When you get called useless because you post the only answer that helps people, aka support, because only they can help with major issues, or some people make poop up that's not true to sound more credible and seem to know better than you where and for long long you play the game, you lose faith in humanity and roll with it. Some people are just more simple minded than others and have no clue about things like different opinions or logic. Or straightout insult you because you have a different opinion you can back up instead insulting the other side. You know my opinion on this topic, and you know that I disagree with your opinion, and why. You can quote my earlier replies to you on this topic since you made it like...10 times already or to people who are, in my opinion pretty worthless in a discussion, because all they can do is insulting, and I stay away from this thread since a big amount of posters are on my ignore list anyway. Is this good enough?