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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    You don't get it. You have to prove it to the people here who can prove it to WC. If you only claim that something exists without showing any evidence to it, how people gonna believe you and try to change it? You're literally crying wolf about some issues you cannot pinpoint. If you actually found some major BIG issues, make them a big deal, so WC reacts to it. But you rather det defensive and stomp your small foot while saying: "I ain't showing you anything despite it being a major BIG issue" If you want to do it this way, fine. But it won't help you getting rid of the issues.
  2. BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    Sure, those are things we know of. And they are rather problems with the games engine. He wrote about major gamebreaking problems. Engine bugs that can be prevented easily and if doing so, have no real impact on your experience are nowhere near gamebreaking. >You fall through ceilings? Don't log off on ceilings >You get stuck in foundations? Don't log off on foundations.
  3. BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    So I am trolling because you claim you have proof to major issues WC seems to ignore for two years to screw with its players, yet when I ask you for a bit of said proof, you dodge, get defensive and insult me as blind? K den. I'm trolling.
  4. BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    Calling me blind because I seem not to take random rants as proof? Yes. So you changed your personal game settings and complain about stuff not working properly in your personal game? I just checked my default settings servers. Everything respawns peoperly. On island, SE and Ragnarok. I'd say pretty solid proof for someone who witch hunts WC all the time. Keep it up! Also, never said you have to prove something to me. I asked you to post some proof to your claims. But as usual people who say "I have proof" or use superlatives do not have any proof.
  5. BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    Wasn't here for a month. Rather than insulting me you could post some proof, if there is so much of it. Unless it's not actually proof... Which serious problems did you report 2 years ago that are still present in the game? Quite curious about that.
  6. BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    Aren't sales made by Steam, not game devs? I'd like to see that evidence.
  7. A server que

    Facts aren't there to believe into them. I do not believe into something. I know that Unofficials are as online multiplayer as Officials and you do not get anything on officials that you cannot get on unofficials. And I know it's common sense that if it wasn't stated that everyone will get a spot on Officials, it#s safe to say that not everyone will have space.
  8. Spelunking! How NOT To get super rabies!

    Use mounts. Bats can be dealt with easily if you crouch down and melee up in the air. Besides that, ye, use mounts.
  9. A server que

    There is nothing to disagree on. Your view is wrong and the view of the screamos is wrong. It's not fanboyish, it's facts. It's facts people dislike because they believe in something else.Like people in the medieval acted when scientists said the earth isn't flat. I did search. I did not find a statement made by WC. They never advertised space for every player on their servers. That's why they give us the option to host our own ONLINE servers. If you can provide source for the statement that they did advertise servers and space for everyone, they I'll be wrong. Unofficial servers ARE online multiplayer. Period. And Officials are not the ONLY way to play online in ARK. Period. You don't SOMETIMES play online if you use unofficial online servers. Period. In my opinion it's just stupid if people claim things they make up and believe them. And get mad when people tell them they're horribly wrong.
  10. A server que

    My english is not perfect. But where does "online multiplayer" say "you will be able to play on official servers at any point and you will always have spots on them"? And my computer knowledge ain't perfect either, but since when "unofficial multiplayer" became "offline" and "singleplayer? Care to explain to me?
  11. Rollbacks

    Servers are not a feature. That's only your opinion. You get the full package of the game in SP and the full multiplayer experience regardless of official or unofficial. There is no difference in the game on official and unofficial. That's a fact.
  12. Halloween Event?

    Sadly I do not know them. Might ask the support about it. But as far as I remember there are launch parameters for events, like "-vday" for Valentines in steam launch options.
  13. Halloween Event?

    As far as I know there are command lines to enable the events in SP.
  14. Halloween Event?

    Yeah, you bought a survival game, and now you complain because an event of Fear forces you to survive a bit harder? All the stuff that spawns besides the DodoRex is trash and someone who loses a Wyvern to it while being online is truly bad.
  15. A server que

    I wonder how many threads people will make about their entitlement? You could play on an unofficial since it wasn't stated anywhere that there will be free slots for every player in existance on officials. Not before and not after the games release.