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  1. People also can tell lies. Or simply forgetting where they got BPs from. So far we did not have any real evidence that drop BPs were nerfed aswell.
  2. Just sleep 3 hours after an impring. Wake up, imprint and continue sleeping.
  3. Why don't we all calm down and wait for Wildcard to address this or fix it? If it's a bug and drop BPs are actually nerfed, that's not intended.
  4. If you'd read the patchnotes, you'd know exactly what they have done. They nerfed items you got by fishing only. Item Stats on all Official Servers are now clamped to negate the old no-longer-achievable OP items generated by then-unbalanced Fishing Rod.
  5. Cave drops or underwater loot crates.
  6. At some point the seedling bursts through the purlovia shell and it grows into a Purlovia fruitling. When Purlovia fruits are ripe, they fall from the Purlovia tree on the ground where you can pick them up. That's what happened to your Purlovia. It became a tree.
  7. Don't call me a troll because you're a bad player and cannot kill an Alpha Tuso. Edit: I even made the effort and recorded it. Now tell me again you cannot kill an Alpha Tuso with a Mosa.
  8. Spawned an Alpha Tuso in my Singleplayer world and killed with a 145 Kibble tamed, almost max level Mosa.
  9. Well. It's funny that you call me out on never playing singleplayer while I am playing singleplayer right now. Funny. You still fail to make any credible argument for your crying.
  10. "Let me call the game out on being anti-singleplayer without even explaining at all why" I read the patchnotes and don't get why you would assume this patch is anti-singleplayer.
  11. Bugs yes. On the rest? Gid gud.
  12. Don't dismount and try to attack it with Mosa. That's probably the only way besides having an own high-level Tuso.
  13. Way to go and blame balance because you decided not to imprint a Giga.
  14. They actually fixed it and changed the spawn region as it seems. Back in the days Gigas could spawn everywhere, but barely spawned in their common regions. Now they are always rare, but have more regions, taking almost whole northern half of the map.
  15. That doesn't make sense?