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  1. Why would you want to know that anyway? The only logical explanation would be that you do not have strong dinos. And in that case killing them that way is cheap and not time consuming. If you want to know how weak a dino has to be, use math to find out an Alphas average health and DPS for every level, and then use that data to calculate the weakest possible specimen of dinosaurs that can kill it. The dino you use itself doesn't matter. It just should either outtank or outdamage the Alpha.
  2. I mean, Sony was against mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim as far as I know. It's not unlikely that they're against cross-platforms. Wouldn't be surprised if they want to safezone their customers from people with better hardware and better input devices. Or other PC shenanigans like cheating. But I'm curious since I'm not a Playstation user. Can you name cross-platform titles Sony had with a PC or other consoles not including PS3 to PS Vita and vice versa? I honestly can't think of one. And all I see asking Google is how stubborn Sony is and how the company locks-off all cross-platforming.
  3. Well. I didn't expect you to handle it in that way. Legacy is definitely a smart move. You'll please the pro-wipe pitchfork-mob without punishing anyone. The console part doesn't really affect me, so I didn't read it. But overall it seems that you managed to handle the situation pretty well so close to the release. As said, I honestly didn't expect it.
  4. So we get a dino which probably gonna be weak, but can boost stats of other dinos? So most people can finally beat bosses?
  5. So mutations can be normal colours or bright neon colours? I thought you only get bright unusual colours as mutations.
  6. Sorry to say that, but according to the wiki your Therizino has normal colours.
  7. You can paint dinos with admin commands.
  8. If only he would stay that small so you could name him Legosaurus.
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