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  1. Feeling absolutely gutted

    Your post about rules in PvP is completely redundant. Noone talked about rules or how someone broke them. If I lie to a tribe and tell them Tribe x raided them, and they're stupid enough to believe me, I did not break any rule and nor did they. You cannot compare this to rule breaches you mentioned. And your argument about honor and respect is utterly subjective. As long as you do not break set rules by WC, anything goes in PvP.
  2. Feeling absolutely gutted

    Read the topic. PvP Is a mode that is fundamentally made for fighting other players. Wiping someone out of fun is completely legitimate in PvP. Anyone who disagrees with it or goes friendly in PvP without taking precaussions that he will get wiped is a massive fool. Period.
  3. Confused Arbitration Free

    Even if it would be free, which isn't true for now, noone is shady about the Season pass. A season pass does not mean that a dev is forced to make all DLCs paid. It simply means that you paid once for all DLCs that will not be free, usually a smaller price, and you do not need to buy the future paid DLCs individually. WC can release 10 free DLCs before they work on paid DLCs, and it will be completely legitimate.
  4. How to get out of bola?

    And you think you should be able to kill 4-5 players alone? With minimal ressources? Isn't that heavily unbalanced then if someone could kill 5 people with minimal ressources? Solution is simple. Do not engage 4 people or prepare better for 4-5 people.
  5. Feeling absolutely gutted

    You are defensive, not completely friendly. These two things are fundamentaly different. You will get unfriendly if you have to.
  6. where is the asia pvp severs?

    They renamed old servers to Legacy. Search for Legacy 254 or so if your servers wasn't repurposed and wiped. Read the state of the game threads by WC.
  7. Private server save to solo game

    There are multiple tutorials how you can place the data from the server to Singleplayer.
  8. Feeling absolutely gutted

    Yes it does. It's the fundamental, main point of that game mode.
  9. Feeling absolutely gutted

    >we play on PvP >we are completely friendly Why are you playing on PvP again? No, seriously. Why?
  10. Ratio of Land to Water Dinosaurs

    I doubt WC treated Ocean and land as one biome. I am pretty sure every biome has its own dino list and maximal number of wild spawns. If they indeed didn't, and a fish takes a slot away from a land dino, that's pretty stupid.
  11. Hopless Game

    It's a modded, buggy map made not by WC, not even fully done. What are you expecting?
  12. I found a secret in the Wyvern trench on Ragnarok

    I know. But you are not supposed to get into the situation of falling under the map in the first place.
  13. I found a secret in the Wyvern trench on Ragnarok

    It's an exploit or bad map design. Like the teleport from Volcanos cave waterpool on Island that was patched. The game sees you in an impossible spot where you shouldn't been, and teleports you out. The same way as if you'd use ghost command and would fall under the map at Obelisks. The game teleports you back to the surface.
  14. Raising Wyverns: Is it possible if you have a job?

    Yes it is. Anyone who says otherwise is either bad or doesn't know how to prepare it properly.
  15. Why do so many cry about getting wiped on PvP?

    Well half of the PvP people here don't actually know what PvP means. And when someones PvPs against them, they cry about it.