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  1. I always name my first Anky, Ankylo-Ren
  2. Nooblets is a good source of info Jade plays games is fun to watch HOD and Kishko for PvP. Also lucky by nature is a good channel
  3. I started back when it was first released. I miss the new dino releases on almost a monthly basis. Also there was more of a community on servers with tension and occasional big wars. Now it's just alphas wiping everything and everyone
  4. 1. Thylacoleo 2. Argentavis 3. Rex 4. Ankylo 5. Doedic I play PVE so these dinos are my must haves
  5. Welcome to the Ark Grind! i'm curious what version of xbox? if its the xbox one X then you should be good. i started playing on PC years ago and i assumed it would look awful on console. i eventually tried it out on my ps4 pro and i ended up playing for months on console. i didn't notice a huge difference in terms of graphics but you will experience frame rate drops or crashes when going by large bases. i recommend the Island for all beginners. get a good feel for the game and then when you have a good grasp of the game start a second character on another map. You can share tames a
  6. What's the minimum post amount? I've had this account since 2016, however not many posts..
  7. Mobile Gaming Controller preference i'm seeing a lot of positive discussion surrounding Ark mobile. I've never been a big fan of gaming on my phone because of the touch screen controls. Are most people using Bluetooth controllers? What controllers would you suggest?
  8. Dude this was so detailed and thorough! Thank you so much for the different tips.
  9. Obsidian What is the best way to farm obsidian? I play solo, so I need to be more efficient.
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