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  1. I think it's pointless that they put out a release date since the comments will be only about how wrong it'll be. I'd wait until it's about to be put into certification to put out an ETA. Just how I would do it.
  2. It's not every week. There is some time in between them. Hopefully, not another 3-ish months.
  3. Just have one question. Will you be adding the Extinction mod by the Annunaki guys as an official mod as you guys did for the Primitive Plus? It has become extremely popular and a very big expansion of the ARK world.
  4. Right now, it is just a PS4 exclusive. In the Announcement story of ARK on PS4, he commented that when the full game is released, no platform will have exclusives. Hang in there. I'm sure you'll live without the cosmetics. How do you think PC players felt when Xbox players got the Bionic Rex? Pretty pissed, if I remember the comments correctly.
  5. When us Xbox players first got it, that same messaged popped up for a while. You guys will just have to hang on until, at latest, about Tuesday, or the next big update. They might do a small patch for that, which they probably will, but you should, again, have it by Tuesday at latest.
  6. Before you even TRY blaming WildCard for not getting ARK on PS4, you might want to a little research and see that Sony will not accept it until it is a fully published game. And boo-hoo. We didn't get the Halloween event. It sucks, yeah, but there are such things called "unexpected events". They shouldn't have to go through this much hate for not putting a holiday event. We still got the regular Update and you should be grateful that they haven't dropped the game after getting so much money from this. I'm sure they will add something for us Xbox players so that people like you can stop bitching. And promises aren't always kept. Anyone who says that they have kept every single promise is probably one of the biggest liars I'll ever know. So, in short: Get some common sense about what it takes to make a game like this, get some common sense in general, and be grateful that this game exists.
  7. 1. Microsoft requires a QnA for EVERY update that WildCard puts through, so, no. We will not be getting the Event, but that is just fine. If you want everything PC is gonna have, you're in for a bad time. The Xbox could more than likely handle it, but this would be a pointless update for us, since the servers are barely hanging on as they are. So, piling on more stuff and a 100 vs 100 server would just cause ALOT more problems than it's worth. 2. SOTF has not been canceled. Only Delayed since they had to put it back with the base game. So, now, SOTF will be released with ARK in the holiday season, more than likely.
  8. TheHellishCat

    ARK Logo

    Okay. That's cool. I want one now. Curse you, Jen.
  9. No. He attacked his grammar. While it it atrocious, he shouldn't have done it, since his grammar is not very well constructed either. That's what the other guy was talking about.
  10. Well, if we want to install one, we need an ARK wide war. 5 Man Nations and the server has to be full. We record it, show it to Wild Card, and then they shall set up a conference about all weapons that are allowed to be used on Official Servers. Soooo....we are probably better off without one.
  11. All this talk about the Troodon lately is making me antsy. I need my army of night lurkers. As soon as they are added, I will always be on the move, looking for prey. I had an interesting idea for the Troodon, too. So, you know how there is evidence pointing towards some species that laid it's eggs inside of paralyzed and living creatures? Well, how cool would it be if that's how you hatched them? You have to knock out an animal (all count, even dodos) and you place the egg inside. Then, keep it unconscious for 10 minutes or so, and when the egg starts hatching, you see it eat the host (normal animation). Come on, WildCard. Hit me up.
  12. People can't say that the Devs don't care about the players anymore, when they are implementing some new patches that will deteriorate those annoying column spammers! Down with those tribes!
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