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  1. Harvesting being at only times 3 is probably going to just deter a lot of players, that's only x1 higher than Offficial.
  2. Yes, it does. Not sure what you're doing wrong. I'm guessing it's either that you aren't using a stat calculator or you're using a bad one. A Level 100 will gain 49 Levels at 100% Taming Efficiency for a Lv.149 Tame. Most Dinos waste ~22-28 points in Movement Speed, excluding Birds. A Level 120 will gain 59 Levels at 100% Taming Efficiency for a Lv.179 Tame. That's a 30 point advantage spread across it's stats. Yes, a 120 can end up with a stat or two being worse than a 100, but that's rare. If it does happen, it's only one stat that ended up with a low attribution. Personally, I have no idea why you're still stuck on the 120 thing... there's literally a button to make it 150s even on Dedis. If you're using Lv.100 tames to breed then you're severely gimping your bloodline, and trying to claim that level doesn't correlate in to stats is just plain ignorant. You're disregarding a 20 Wild Point and 30 Tame Point for a total of a 50 Point disadvantage that your Lv.100 tame has against a Lv.120. There's also the fact that a Lv.120 tame with 100% Efficiency will have all of it's stats increase more per assigned level than the Lv.100.
  3. From what I'm reading everyone has put way too many points in to other stats for Boss Rexes. Realistically, you don't need 25k Health on a Rex meant to DPS Bosses, here's how my Megatribe and I did it numerous times to farm Element; Hard Brood we often only brought 12-14 Rexes in. ~13-15k Health each and 850%+ Melee. As soon as the Brood gets stuck (which is very easy, have the un-ridered Rexes be whistled to attack the Brood from the front, and have the Riders come in from the sides/back. Riders keep attacking while moving forward until she's stuck.) she often dies in about 6 minutes. Hard Mega we often only brought 14-16 Rexes in, same stats. Goodluck consisntely getting the Mega stuck, but he doesn't deal a lot of damage and doesn't have a lot of health, have the Players stay quite a far ways back and just whistle the Rexes to attack the Mega. If you have good Saddles (ours were Ascendant with 116.2 AR) he won't kill them. Hard Dragon is a different story, and easily the hardest. Bring a full 18-20 Rexes, and you have to get it stuck after the Turtle nerf. Guns just aren't possible anymore. Same strategy as the Brood, when the Dragon lands, send the riderless Rexes straight at the front of the Dragon, have the Riders come in from the sides and back, and all riders must attack and move forward until they are literally inbetween the Dragon's legs. This will result in it getting stuck in it's flying animation and makes for a ~4 minute kill.
  4. The level of the Dino almost always correlates in to good stats.
  5. Yes. That's exactly it. Since they decided to just "delete" the invisible points instead of redistributing them, pre-patch Birds were rendered significantly weaker than post-patch Birds due to this negligent change on Wild Card's part. As I said, months and months of work on Bloodlines were lost due to this change - and yes, I understand the visible stats remain unchanged, but - that doesn't change the fact that if I were to tame a 150 Pteranodon post-patch, it would come out with better stats in almost every area than the one pre-patch due to the fact that the normally ~20-35 "invisible" points being spent in "visible" stats. That means a fresh Pteranodon has a 20-35 (or more or less) point/level advantage over a pre-patch Pteranodon. This requires you establish entirely new Bloodlines from two or more post-patch parents due to the significant stat loss.
  6. They are not equally strong because of the fix for wasted wild points on Birds due to the movement speed lock. I don't know how you're incapable of wrapping your mind around this... If I tame a 150 Pteranodon (224) post-patch, it will come out with largely better stats than a 150 (224) Pteranodon that was tamed pre-patch, which is now 197. Entire bloodlines were practically erased due to points not being properly allocated.
  7. That's not the point here, BobRoss. Entire bloodlines were quite literally trashed and thrown away with this update due to some kind of numerical error on Wild Card's side. My Tribe and I on 808 have breeding for months and months, namely our mutated Pteras - all of which's bloodlines are now trash due to every single bird losing between 27-40 levels. That's not a joke. Just before the update dropped, I was raising twin baby red/white Pteranodons that hatched at Lv.278. After the update, those Juvenille Twins were Lv.242. How do 36 levels just manage to "dissapear." Same for everyone else. Every 150 bird bloodline has been ruined by this update.
  8. This is incorrect. If your tame Giganotosaurus enrages, it will damage and aggro on to friendly Dinosaurs and Players.
  9. Since the Hotfix to Xbox a week ago there is no option to toggle item names.
  10. Host account just been chillin on the home screen.
  11. Since it's been only you four Admins for a week, does that mean there's lots of spawned in stuff?
  12. Since the latest Hotfix to the Xbox ARK, item names in inventory(ies) are now no longer visible, and cannot be toggled since pressing in the Right Stick was changed to activate structures from inside an inventory from toggling item names, and Start (previously activation) now switches pages. Right Bumper no longer does anything, but should really be hotfixed ASAP to toggle item names. Trying to find specific kibbles is now impossible for anyone in my tribe due to no item names showing up, and no toggles being available for it.
  13. This no longer works since the Hotfix change to Xbox (not sure about PS4) Right Stick was changed to be the Structure Activation Button from inside the Inventory (Was formerly Start, which is now the switch tabs button.) New XBox UI is now locked showing no item names, which makes it incredibly difficult to find certain kibbles in a fridge unless they're foldered.
  14. Actually, no. ARK was designed as a PvP game, with PvE being the side-mode. Developers themselves have said this many times, the game is corely designed and balanced around PvP.
  15. I still do that as well. Before repairing any kind Quality equipment I now only put in the exact metal needed to repair it to prevent it draining all the resources. I can only consistently replicate the bug with Flak Armour. It doesn't always happen regardless of the last digit in Durability with Pikes, Crossbows, Swords etc.