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  1. In my honest opinion it's defenses that are too strong. The reason I say this is, is that people are not comparing apples to apples. Auto Turrets and Plant Species X are significantly more powerful than their Rocket Launcher and Player counterparts. Auto Turrets are so strong that people needed to abuse Turtles and Golems with Beer just to hope to drain the bullets, and considering the extremely cheap cost of both the Turrets and Bullets, and how many turrets you can put up (not to mention having turrets set to target 'Only Players' means that they won't even shoot tames unless they have a Rider. If Launchers got toned down, we would need a corresponding nerf to how effective Auto Turrets are.
  2. My question is why were none of your perfect Dinos on Neutral. Talk about noob mistakes.
  3. I can't agree on this. Element and Tek Tier are incredibly powerful, and being able to transfer them would only increase the problem of cross-server raids by ZERG tribes.
  4. Don't have any karma stories myself. My tribe never gets hit, people that try can't get past the first line of defenses. Sorrows of being one of the largest tribes.
  5. Yup, all buffing consumables being usable on Dinosaurs has been disabled as of the latest update to Console (and PC too I think.) So, Beer is now useless, and making Enduro Stew / Battle Tartar for Rexes/Gigas is also now pointless, because no one uses consumables on players when the game is 99.9% tame-battles.
  6. I'd rather them just put it on indefinite hold until they release and fix the base game first.
  7. Tame a male Dodo, and like 20 females. Put them all in a pen, put them on wander (males don't have reproduction cooldowns) and wait for them to lay. Check for boxes. Kill those 20 females, rinse and repeat with a fresh batch (to get around timers).
  8. Hello Orion, I'm Orion. If you're interested in getting in to a PvP server with a great community, my home server is NA-808 (X1)
  9. Good luck, I hope you get an answer. I (or we) have yet to even get a response or information on what happened to the Prim+ mega update.
  10. This is just taking it way too far, lol.
  11. Wow. She just says "there was no change to Prim+. The update didn't happen." Yeah, thanks for the intel Jen! We totally didn't realize that, and thanks for clarifying and telling us why or when the Prim+ Update would happen, instead she chose to be snide and rude with her comment, lmfao.
  12. Again, you say "no uses", then proceed to stammer around and never actually mention anything. If you want, try to be direct, actually state why you think they would be useless. At the end you say "as I've adequately shown, my information is fact checked", but it's not. You've shown no numbers or anything to prove what your saying, so I will do it for you -- again. With my proposed changes; Pteranodon Movement Speed from 1897.5 to 1616.3 (this makes them only marginally slower) [15% nerf] Pteranodon Special Damage from 37 to 28, each go costs 110.5 Stamina (was 85.0 Stamina before my suggested nerf, I guess 25 points is substantial, huh *sarcasm) [30% stam increase, damage nerf] Argentavis Movement Speed is 1350 Flat. 1616.3 > 1350 (base values), even with pure Movement Speed upgraded, the Pteranodon will still be 35% faster than an Argentavis even after my proposed changes. Your argument is null. I also really want to know where you're getting these saddle Armour values. First off, no saddle has 2 Armour. Every saddle has 25.0 Base (Except Titan). Unless you're playing on a Private/Dedicated Server, finding Saddles with 300 Armour is impossible. The highest Armour Ascendant Saddle I've seen is 146.5 and that was a Bronto Platform, and my tribe's highest Ptera saddle has 116.2 Armour, while our highest Argie has 96.8. Also, why are you comparing Argentavis and Pteranodon health pools. Obviously the Arge has more, it's a mid-game tame while Pteranodons are early-game tames, which is why it doesn't make much sense that Pteranodons are the best flier in the game despite being early game tames. Quetzal talk How the hell do my changes make it wholly worse than the Wyvern? I really don't understand. So can you please actually explain why instead of just saying it's worse and leaving it at that? Because, right now (and even after my proposed changes) Quetzal's have; More potential Health Better Turn Radius Armour(ed) Saddles, thus Damage Reduction Significantly more Carry Weight The only thing Wyverns have going for them is their sheer speed and breath attacks, and even that's not that impressive. Removing only the Quetzal's Platform would not ruin the Quetzal. The Quetzal would still be just as good even without it, because as of right now - the only use Platform saddles have in PvP is to put a foundation/box around the person riding it so they can't be picked, thus creating another exploit/abusive nature that wasn't intended.
  13. How are these gutted? You're either really bad at math or have no ability to interpret stats, which makes me question how you ever became even decent at PvP. If you haven't seen people using the Ptera's special attack for damage, then you're playing a PvE-PvP server. If you see someone using it's basic attack instead of it's special, that's probably why you think that and those people deserve to be killed. How does it deal many times less damage? It's still dealing 1.5x with it's Special Attack, but it wouldn't be dealing the ludicrous 3.5x it is right now. it's now many times slower than an Arge Really...? A 15% base MS nerf is not on the actual % after tame, I figured you'd know this, but I guess not, so here you go; Pteranodon Base Flying Speed while Sprinting is 1900, take 15% from that and you get 1615. Argetavis Base Flying Speed while Sprinting is 1350. A Pteranodon will still have more than an Argent with base speed, no upgrades. So, no. An Arge wouldn't be faster, neither would a Quetz or Tape. Pteranodons when comparing base movement speed stats are faster than every other bird by a lot. You then mentioned my suggest changes destroying it's utility? How so? Because it can't pick up Humans anymore? Sorry, but a flying entity as frail as a Pteranodon that's already burdened by a saddle and an armoured/weaponed person, carrying another person is just ridiculous. Now for the Quetzal; Again, you somehow think my suggest changes are making drastic number changes, when that's simply untrue. In fact, the changes are quite minor, especially in the Quetzal's case. Removing it's platform saddle would not remove it's utility in the slightest. Since the introduction of the Platform Saddle for the Quetz, it has been abused, exploited and glitched in almost every manner possible. The saddle has no way of being balanced properly without all but removing it, you can't deny this. The Quetz will still be able to pick up most dinos on the Island, it can still have insane carry weights and movement speed. The Quetzal was also never designed for combat, which is why I suggested the new mechanic. You then say it's inferior to the Wyvern? You're an absolute noob if you think this. The Wyvern is already inferior, have you actually seen any competent players bring Wyverns to Raids? I haven't, you know why? They suck. They have no saddles, thus no armour, thus no damage reduction, they take more damage than other fliers and are prone to friendly fire with their breath attacks. A high level Quetzal is actually better than a high level Wyvern, Wyverns are just regarded higher because they're dragons and who doesn't like dragons. Wyverns also have terrible Carry Weight and Turn Radius Please, before you try to be incredibly rude while debating with me, at least have your numbers and information fact-checked first, as you make yourself sound silly. The proposed changes would not make them anywhere near useless.
  14. It is true, actually. They will not drown. Currently, the way the game's coding works is that if a Dino (claimed/tamed) does not have a Rider, they will not lose stamina when in water. As to the OP, you have to have your baby Dino floating in the water. Something in the game's coding makes (not just babies) dinos consume food considerably slower. Wrong.