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  1. In my opinion we kind of need some more power to Attackers. Right now, if a player properly sets up their base, there is no raiding it. Up to 10 layer thick walls, using hatch frames that house up to 20 turrets on them with almost 360 degree radius. Then you have Plant Specie X spam which can cause the game to lag so badly that it runs at ~2 frames. Rocket Launchers got nerfed so hard that they are no longer used in attacks/pvp, if you use one you're basically just wasting resources.
  2. Fence Foundations do not obstruct building capabilities on PvP. I am not sure about PvE, but it does not on PvP. The only things that block building capabilities on PvP are; Foundations Dinosaur Gates Pillar + Ceiling
  3. I've even made a post, tagged Jat and Jen in it with an appropriate Club balance change that I feel like would balance them - something like this; Clubs -Changed to not scale with Player Melee Damage. -Removed Quality scaling, only Primitive Clubs can be made / found. I heavily suggest removing Quality scaling (like with Launchers) because Ascendant Clubs are ridiculous. If your Tribe has a blueprint for Ascendant Clubs, you can have 100% melee damage and still OHKO anyone that isn't in Riot gear.
  4. No, high quality Flak does not stop you from being knocked out. Riot Gear, yes, but Flak offers no torpor reduction. Fortitude and Riot does, and that's it. That being said, a Club is overpowered. Even at 50 fortitude, you can be one hit knocked out by someone with ~250% melee damage and a Master/Asc Club.
  5. A simple cooldown mechanic on stuns would solve the issues with Eels / Jellies. The problem right now is that if more than one Jelly or Eel is on your sea tame, it becomes permanently stun locked. You often can't even get close to try to pike the eels / jellies without being shocked and killed yourself.
  6. West High-Water Cave is the best spot to find Therizino, Kapro, Thylacoleo and overall saddles in general. The Red/Yellow Drops inside this cave seem to have a very high spawn rate for solid saddles and blueprints.
  7. No, there is a somewhat rare glitch that happens with Gigas. It's happened to my tribe on 808 as well. Basically, no matter what the Gigas torpor will not stop draining despite being fed narcotics / hit with darts / hit with clubs. Example: My Tribe and I knocked out and began taming a 145 Giga. We let it's torpor drain, just as you suggest, and as it got to about 20% torpor remaining, we started pumping the Narcotics (3 of us spamming RT). Despite it having roughly 800 Narcotics pumped in to it, the Torpor just continued to drain.It went up, but drained faster than it went up. It was gaining ~16 Torpor per second but losing ~200 per second.
  8. Sent a friend request to the Server account and a message to both yours and the server account.
  9. I disagree. My usual Character build is as such; Health: 250 Stamina: 150 Weight: 400 Melee Damage 450% Fortitude: 24 ^(Give or take some depending on level) I personally think Melee Damage is a very important stat in PvP. Anyone who upgrades MDmg for resource harvesting hasn't done their research, it doesn't increase it by a significant amount, but the damage bonus on melee weapons is absolutely worth it. Having ~400% melee damage compared to someone with 100% means you will knock them out with a club in one hit 100% of the time unless they're in Riot. It also means you'll win pike/sword fights with other players more often. Having ~400% melee damage also means you can easily counter people who pick you with Pteranodons. Screw Bolas/Parachutes, if my main character gets picked and I've got an Asc. Sword on me, a ~4-5k health Ptera is dying in a handful of swings. (My current Asc. Sword with my 450% melee damage does 778 per swing on a Dummy.)
  10. You've obviously never PvP'd. 1. Better Q weapons do not increase the tick damage from Flames. Only increases impact damage. 2. Saddle Armour does reduce tick damage, but only by roughly 2.5% per 10 points.
  11. ?? 50 flames? You'd do like 2k hp... maybe, to my 36ks with asc. saddles. You're on something.
  12. Well, can't say I wasn't expecting WC to start charging for mods. I don't think anything good will come of this. WC refuses to implement their own bugfixes or finish their game, but they now want to pay modders to finish their work. I expect WC to start charging a monthly fee to play Ark soon.
  13. They drop around 150-200, as well as better quality fishing rods
  14. In my honest opinion it's defenses that are too strong. The reason I say this is, is that people are not comparing apples to apples. Auto Turrets and Plant Species X are significantly more powerful than their Rocket Launcher and Player counterparts. Auto Turrets are so strong that people needed to abuse Turtles and Golems with Beer just to hope to drain the bullets, and considering the extremely cheap cost of both the Turrets and Bullets, and how many turrets you can put up (not to mention having turrets set to target 'Only Players' means that they won't even shoot tames unless they have a Rider. If Launchers got toned down, we would need a corresponding nerf to how effective Auto Turrets are.