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  1. I can vouch for this. Quite literally watched an account named "Wildcard GM4" log in to my official server the other day on Xbox -- they responded to a report about a Tribe building in glitch/under the map spots on Ragnarok. 7 members of our tribe got to sit on fliers and watch a flying naked man look at one of their gates, and destroy every single structure then tame they owned.
  2. Ark Primal Survival canceled :(

    A-Men. What I've been saying from the beginning.
  3. Can't figure out how to join these, I have tried every session filter and none seem to work.
  4. RE: Why not unofficial?

    If they kill any of your tames, it will state what server the Tame was transferred from.
  5. Now Wildcard favors the trolls

    That's simply untrue. Since Wild Card's work with the Legacy Servers, most "Alphas", "Betas" and etc. are not out to just 100% wipe everyone. That's speaking as someone who's part of the Alpha on a current server, and we have many tribes built up that we don't mess with.
  6. Now Wildcard favors the trolls

    Could always not play PvE. Ark is a game, that even the developers have stated, is a Player versus Player game at it's core, and that is what it's balanced around. Have all these problems in PvE? Move to PvP. Adapt, learn the game, learn mechanics, and become an established Tribe.
  7. Post How Long You've Played ARK

    Just 110 hours? Dang. According to my Xbox, I have 298 days spent on ARK.
  8. I agree with him here, they devoted a few sentences to the problem buried underneath walls of text about TwitchCon and other pretty useless information. That's not exactly letting your player base know about the problem, considering most users of most games don't have the patience or attention span to read that far in just to find those couple sentences.
  9. Smithy with 800+ slots?

    Beavers and/or Thornies can not do it. Even if they unlimited weight restrictions, all creatures & players in game have a limit of 300 inventory slots, it will not exceed this.
  10. Am I the only one who's really missing Island dedicated servers? Ragnarok is great and all, don't get me wrong. But Ragnarok is simply just too big for Dedicateds that always average a player base of 12-15 people. Just makes it boring, in my opinion, with almost no interaction from other players. Guess people like that, though.
  11. Insanely Boosted Rag PvP

    Would love to know the gamertag to joinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  12. Are you buying aberation?

    Been supporting, defending and playing ARK since it's release for Xbox One. Though I honestly won't be purchasing Aberration, for the simple fact that Wild Card is hardly showing any real progress in terms of communication with the community and overall transparency when they use loose words and values in patch notes. A very recent, and clean example of this is; when Wild Card introduced a Hard level cap to Tame Dinos on Officials... but that's all they said. Simply that there is a hard level cap, it was left up to the players to undergo testing on Officials to find out that the cap was 450. If you level a Dino even a single level beyond 450(451) it will quite literally "poof" in front of your eyes, thus making the maximum level you can hatch a Baby and fully level it a 382 (450 after 73). Do I care that they make these changes? No, honestly. I believe they have good intentions behind the changes. What I do care about is that they are virtually solid when it comes to transparency with the values regarding the changes. It was truly messed up to not give it a definite value, and instead forced many players to simply have their tames deleted.
  13. Feeling utterly defeated

    I don't remember where, but I'm 90% certain the Devs at WC already announced that they will not be repurposing anymore Legacy Servers. If they are, however, they will always upload the latest save state to the Cloud, available for you to download and host on Single Player or as a Player Dedicated with Official rates.
  14. Achievement skins

    Unfortunately not. I already attempted to contact Wild Card about it, and there's nothing they can do to just "restore" it.
  15. Achievement skins

    The Update erased, so to speak, some players save data in regards to that. On Xbox, I had ascertained all achievements and found all explorer notes, spawned with every skin possible when I turned the option on, but after downloading the update and loading in to Single Player to explore Ragnarok while the servers were down, I found that all my skins were gone, as were all my explorer notes and all my pre-saved data (such as character presets and paint presets)