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  1. Chilled PvPvE Island Eternia Isle

    You should mention the Rates & Level rates directly in your OP, that way people aren't required to spend time in the Server guessing what things are. It's even a hassle to dig through your Discord to find them. Harvest: x2 Experience: x2 Taming: x4 Level Up Rates: 1.0
  2. This. Metal Nodes will reward a variable of metal ore and stone, depending on what the Node is for the Server (Rich or Standard, nodes are different on each server.) Nothing will change the Variable, or make it reward less or more metal ore, it all depends on the Harvest settings and the variable of the node. Once your Ankylosaurus can harvest the entire node in one swing, that's where you want your Melee capped out on it (though, having higher melee does mean more physical damage dealt, and Ankylosaurus have a large hurt box and are quite tanky.)
  3. Grinding XP - Share Some Good Methods

    Broth of Enlightenment + Explorer Note + Lightning Wyvern and find Titanosaurs. With the Double Weekend WC gives, all of those combined a Titanosaur kill gives you ~180,000 XP
  4. My friend and I (duo tribe) have been looking for a stable, low(ish) rates server that's also fresh. We mean like x4-x6 rates, nothing obscene, with Dino/Player stats that aren't super boosted. We've been having bad luck trying to find a server that isn't old with established big Tribes (that wipe you as soon as they see you're a threat) or that doesn't crash frequently.
  5. PvPvE 10x Island Server

    Server sounded interesting but my friend and I really don't like the "PvE tag" thing, as this can be easily exploitable.
  6. ALL Dinos on Ragnarok?

    But it does. Because transferring is also a thing, and with Breeding, people who do not own SE can have anything so long as Transfers exist. Ragnarok didn't implement a problem that wasn't basically already there.
  7. Downloading water dinos

    I'm pretty sure (I could be wrong) that you can't do it from Loot Crates. Only Drops and Obelisks. There are a few spots where a Drop spawns in deepish whater (such as SZ2 has a white/green drop spot that happens in deep water.)
  8. Patch v262 incoming!

    Many of us here have been with Wild Card since the beginning, and you'll know it too; If they announce a specific date for anything, take it with a heap of salt, it's likely not going to release on that date.
  9. Servers listed as down, a friend and I were going to join but if it goes down this often.
  10. Raiding Strongholds with 100+ turrets?

    Unfortunately that's impossible since the minor Saddle rebalance. Brontos, Turtles and Paracer's are clamped to where even Ascendant Saddles only offer (from what I've seen) up to ~72 Armour. I've been discussing with people on the forums that Defenses are currently too strong compared to Offense. Especially with all of the exploits recently like complete generator invulnerability, 8+ Wall Stacking and the ability to throw up ~50 ATurrets on a single hatch frame.
  11. 24/7 fresh switch to SE PvPvE

    Harvesting being at only times 3 is probably going to just deter a lot of players, that's only x1 higher than Offficial.
  12. What is a perfect tame?

    Yes, it does. Not sure what you're doing wrong. I'm guessing it's either that you aren't using a stat calculator or you're using a bad one. A Level 100 will gain 49 Levels at 100% Taming Efficiency for a Lv.149 Tame. Most Dinos waste ~22-28 points in Movement Speed, excluding Birds. A Level 120 will gain 59 Levels at 100% Taming Efficiency for a Lv.179 Tame. That's a 30 point advantage spread across it's stats. Yes, a 120 can end up with a stat or two being worse than a 100, but that's rare. If it does happen, it's only one stat that ended up with a low attribution. Personally, I have no idea why you're still stuck on the 120 thing... there's literally a button to make it 150s even on Dedis. If you're using Lv.100 tames to breed then you're severely gimping your bloodline, and trying to claim that level doesn't correlate in to stats is just plain ignorant. You're disregarding a 20 Wild Point and 30 Tame Point for a total of a 50 Point disadvantage that your Lv.100 tame has against a Lv.120. There's also the fact that a Lv.120 tame with 100% Efficiency will have all of it's stats increase more per assigned level than the Lv.100.
  13. Prepping for bosses

    From what I'm reading everyone has put way too many points in to other stats for Boss Rexes. Realistically, you don't need 25k Health on a Rex meant to DPS Bosses, here's how my Megatribe and I did it numerous times to farm Element; Hard Brood we often only brought 12-14 Rexes in. ~13-15k Health each and 850%+ Melee. As soon as the Brood gets stuck (which is very easy, have the un-ridered Rexes be whistled to attack the Brood from the front, and have the Riders come in from the sides/back. Riders keep attacking while moving forward until she's stuck.) she often dies in about 6 minutes. Hard Mega we often only brought 14-16 Rexes in, same stats. Goodluck consisntely getting the Mega stuck, but he doesn't deal a lot of damage and doesn't have a lot of health, have the Players stay quite a far ways back and just whistle the Rexes to attack the Mega. If you have good Saddles (ours were Ascendant with 116.2 AR) he won't kill them. Hard Dragon is a different story, and easily the hardest. Bring a full 18-20 Rexes, and you have to get it stuck after the Turtle nerf. Guns just aren't possible anymore. Same strategy as the Brood, when the Dragon lands, send the riderless Rexes straight at the front of the Dragon, have the Riders come in from the sides and back, and all riders must attack and move forward until they are literally inbetween the Dragon's legs. This will result in it getting stuck in it's flying animation and makes for a ~4 minute kill.
  14. What is a perfect tame?

    The level of the Dino almost always correlates in to good stats.
  15. Yes. That's exactly it. Since they decided to just "delete" the invisible points instead of redistributing them, pre-patch Birds were rendered significantly weaker than post-patch Birds due to this negligent change on Wild Card's part. As I said, months and months of work on Bloodlines were lost due to this change - and yes, I understand the visible stats remain unchanged, but - that doesn't change the fact that if I were to tame a 150 Pteranodon post-patch, it would come out with better stats in almost every area than the one pre-patch due to the fact that the normally ~20-35 "invisible" points being spent in "visible" stats. That means a fresh Pteranodon has a 20-35 (or more or less) point/level advantage over a pre-patch Pteranodon. This requires you establish entirely new Bloodlines from two or more post-patch parents due to the significant stat loss.