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  1. Feeling utterly defeated

    I don't remember where, but I'm 90% certain the Devs at WC already announced that they will not be repurposing anymore Legacy Servers. If they are, however, they will always upload the latest save state to the Cloud, available for you to download and host on Single Player or as a Player Dedicated with Official rates.
  2. Achievement skins

    Unfortunately not. I already attempted to contact Wild Card about it, and there's nothing they can do to just "restore" it.
  3. Achievement skins

    The Update erased, so to speak, some players save data in regards to that. On Xbox, I had ascertained all achievements and found all explorer notes, spawned with every skin possible when I turned the option on, but after downloading the update and loading in to Single Player to explore Ragnarok while the servers were down, I found that all my skins were gone, as were all my explorer notes and all my pre-saved data (such as character presets and paint presets)
  4. Dinos Despise

    Icthyornis Can't tell you how many times I've had an Icthyornis steal one of the following from my inventory and consume all of it; Kibble Narcotics Recipes
  5. Waiting to Join Session

    My Tribe and I, personally, decided to just go to The Island. All things considered, Wild Card is rolling out servers very slowly at about 3 every few hours for Ragnarok. I don't blame them, I'm sure they have a lot on their plate. But while I don't blame them, I do find myself asking; why were there only 13 standard Rangarok servers for the new Officials...
  6. So, a few months back, the old times 2 rates were made permanent due to popular demand by Wild Card. As of these new servers, the rates are back to vanilla, 1 times rates. Instead of the formerly changed 2 times. Was there any information or post by the Devs on this revert and why?
  7. Yep. 25gb update. Get ready folks, for those of you with slower speeds, it's a large one.
  8. PC Asian/China Servers!

    The bulleted information within the reddit post as to summarize the important information in the documents.
  9. PC Asian/China Servers!

    Sources should be within that. Wild Card still maintains executive control over ARK's development and decision making. Snail USA merged with Wild Card Studios.
  10. PC Asian/China Servers!

    Snail USA did file a merger with Wild Card, but they don't directly own them in the sense of the fact that they can say what Wild Card can or can't do, Wild Card - according to the contract - still has executive control over ARK.
  11. In an alternate reality

    That's your assumption that has no foundation or facts to back it up. As per the new player argument you made, you can look on Xbox or Steam's charts. ARKs popularity has been dying off as time progressed, mainly due to the fact that those who want to play Officials and not SP/Dedicateds simply can't unless they're an Alpha-tribe on PvP or they pay someone for land on PvE.
  12. In an alternate reality

    I don't understand what you're getting at here. Wild Card has never made an official statement relating or having to do with anything about "not being able to afford the servers." They've made several statements that the now 'Legacy' Servers simply got out of hand, and exploits were abused far more often than Wild Card could put out a fix(es) for. Their decision to basically wipe the slate clean for full release was made to not only attract a new audience, but to allow veteran players to get a restart or continue doing what they've been doing either on Legacy servers or with the save in the Cloud. To put it bluntly; if Wild Card had not opted to release new Servers upon full release, and instead made any and all potential new survivors attempt to do anything on the Legacy official servers, it would have deterred ~90% of the potential new player base.
  13. Hidden base with pteranodon pen?

    Redwoods. Directly above the open resource cave, straight up the cliff is a tiny little nook that a small base can be built in, and it can house a few birds.
  14. The club

    Also the fact that Clubs have already been nerfed. As of currently, Clubs do not scale with Player Melee Damage -- they used to. If you had 300-350% melee damage, you one OHKO someone with a Primitive Club.
  15. Survivor of The Center not unlockable.

    The Achievement has been broken since it's introduction, and does not currently work properly.