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  1. It's not effectively 100% in any regard, and is more than just a minor stat difference. Depending on the health value of the Giga you're raising, a missing 3% imprint means ~270HP and ~7% Melee Damage. A missing 3% Imprint also means that the Rider Bonus you attain from riding your imprinted dino will be 29% instead of 30%. Losing 1% Damage Reduction & Melee Boost is a pretty healthy loss of DPS and tanking.
  2. Domesticat(ed)(ing) Troodons

    What I see is you using the fact that you tamed extremely low level Troodons, and ended up getting a Baby that has the literal base Troodon food stat, because it inherited it from a parent that had it. https://imgur.com/a/veZwQ
  3. Domesticat(ed)(ing) Troodons

    Okay, that's not how breeding works, first off. It will inherit either the 300 Food value or the 200 Food value, give or take depending on wild and tamed affinity points spent in to the Food stat. Second, did you just randomly write that code or is that what you actually found? Lastly, why are you even taming Troodons? They aren't good, in any sense of the word. They are poor tamed creatures that can't have armour, thus losing the damage reduction, and they're killed way too easily by larger tamed creatures.
  4. When are the changes for Alpha Raptors going to occur?

    Just in case this hasn't been said by anyone else (everyone seems to love misinformation), I'll help you out here; You're making the game out to be significantly more complex than it actually is. There is no "Line of Sight" or "Hearing Range" that Dinos abide by to detect and aggro. It's quite literally just a radius around the dino, that if anything that's in it's aggression list enters -- it will immediately hunt you. (You can test this by walking behind a Raptor, and it will aggro you once you get within a certain range of it.) Alpha Predators of any kind of a slightly larger aggro radius than their normal counterparts. But, again, you're over complicating it. It's just a diameter around the dino that makes up it's detection radius. Think a big circle.
  5. So about that Old Dino TLC pass...

    They could rework the Giga in to what it was in reality. In ARK, it's far too big. Giganotosaurus was not larger than the Rex, it was a bit smaller.
  6. Griffin Balance

    They already got nerfed in both damage and health. My 22k+ HP Griffins went down to 6k. Damage per dive attack went from around ~1,200 to ~500.
  7. What stats should I push on my rexes?

    Speaking as a long-time PvP breeder of specifically Rexes and Gigas...; In general, you should only be spending level up points on your tame Rexes in to Health and Melee Damage. Generally, having ~500-600% melee and something like ~40-50k HP (or higher on each) is what kind of path you want.
  8. This is just far from true. Before anything else is said, you have to realize that Ark's fliers have received two massive nerfs that have left them a, quite literal, pale shadow of their former selves. Wyverns have low stamina -- often draining in two or three breath attacks, and have awful turn radius'. Griffins have high stamina and health, but lack damage and are susceptible to turrets. Neither of them have saddles, which means they also lose the 25% damage reduction from a Primitive Saddle. Currently, bred Gigas, Brontos and Stegos are still the best things you can have during a raid. I've both performed and seen many raids that didn't use a single flier offensively, instead relying on turret emplacements along the battlefield and chain bolas on Brontos to take care of Wyverns. There's also the fact that all of Ark's fliers take extra damage from all Guns -- Longnecks and Fab Snipers. A good quality Comp. Bow will also decimate Wyverns/Griffins due to not having any armour rating.
  9. Nah, they wouldn't allow that map through considering you can farm Element and Abberration is soon upon us.
  10. Griffin Balance

    They may be able to get a lot of Health if you pump many levels in to the stat, but you also have to remember that Griffins do not have a saddle, which means that they lose even the 25% damage reduction from a primitive saddle. As for the not being able to whip them off, that's straight up false. I've whipped many people off their Griffs.
  11. I can vouch for this. Quite literally watched an account named "Wildcard GM4" log in to my official server the other day on Xbox -- they responded to a report about a Tribe building in glitch/under the map spots on Ragnarok. 7 members of our tribe got to sit on fliers and watch a flying naked man look at one of their gates, and destroy every single structure then tame they owned.
  12. Ark Primal Survival canceled :(

    A-Men. What I've been saying from the beginning.
  13. Can't figure out how to join these, I have tried every session filter and none seem to work.
  14. RE: Why not unofficial?

    If they kill any of your tames, it will state what server the Tame was transferred from.