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  1. Update: Today when the same crystal asteroid field came back my skiff was there and i could spawn on the bed. I was one element run from making another
  2. They really should add in some kind of warning, like flashing lights to give a heads up.
  3. On Xbox Official PVE server1551. Left skiff floating, fueled, next to asteroid with large white crystals as I floated around riding Doed collecting. Suddenly the next asteroid field appeared in place of the old, instantly. A couple seconds later and the asteroids vanished altogether as the map goes into hyperdrive. At this time my skiff fell straight down and vanished from sight. I went down to the border and looked around and nothing. I went back to base in Eden and tried to fast travel. There is no option for the bed on the skiff. I am 100% certain there was fuel, and the skiff was not
  4. While my items lost, I found my character after waiting 15-20 seconds on the log back in. Had to sit there while staring at the create-a-bob menu. Try the server you went to first, if after a minute the character doesnt pop up. Menu and leave, then log into server you left from.
  5. Same here. happened to me on Extinction transferring to Genesis. All inventory lost. Roughly 20 minutes ago. Having issues now transferring at all. Multiple people on my server having similar issues.
  6. no he is right, they just suddenly stop showing up. Deerly departed tracks are hard to miss on my rex and they just stopped showing after #50
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