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  1. Events like ARK: Fear Evolved and boosted breeding rates.
  2. Think I'm going to go with Rag too, it seems like the better choice
  3. I was told that the orbital supply drops can't be damaged on pve with a ridden rex biting it by accident, and I wanted to know if that's true
  4. You can use a supply drop to transfer out like you were at an obelisk
  5. I want some pretty Dino's is all I'm looking for, events like this make for some really nice color patterns
  6. I'm trying to decide which would be the better map to play on as Rag seems to have everything scorched has and more than scorched. Is rag better than scorched or what are some opinions
  7. something i didn't know is that you can't transfer a dino that was released from a cryopod as that acts as a transfer and starts a hidden timer
  8. Wilder28

    Element Dust

    Thanks for the location on the tables, I knew they existed but didn't know their location
  9. Wilder28

    Element Dust

    about how much element dust can i expect farming using a good doed in the city from street lights and tables, etc.
  10. Thanks for the offer, but someone from my server already invited me to do the bosses. Appreciate the offer though
  11. Is anyone doing any free bossing on legacy pve servers. I've seen them on official but I haven't seen any for legacy.
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