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  1. there will be some people who abuse this if someone starts it and runs away and you do all the work they can wait till after you leave to eject the loot or let it despawn so you have to have good relations with your server
  2. you can use war maps from what I heard they are second best to pellets
  3. LLOYD0102

    Auto destruct

    next time make 2 thatch foundations snapped togther and it will last a lot longer
  4. LLOYD0102

    Anyone heard the Wooshing sound?

    also a gliding rock drake will make the sound as well as it flies overhead of you
  5. LLOYD0102

    how would you rework kibble system

    How about only 2 kibble total. dodo kibble for herb dinos and dilo kibble for meat eaters. it will be a lot more simple that way and people can get rid of the farm dinos they never use/want
  6. LLOYD0102

    Multitude Of Tek Saddles

    i like that idea. the one thing i would say is i always thought the armor on tek saddle should be maxed or close to it. why make a rex tek saddle with 45 armor when you have better from blue prints. at least boss fight wise i always assumed the armor rating was a critical thing and why not use the best.
  7. LLOYD0102

    Question for Otter owners?

    best thing i know for otters and i dont know if this is a bug or not so please dont be mad if it is are they can hold several of the same artifacts. i take it when i go caving and put several in there on one run and it used to be they can only hold 5 but after the weight fix they did on them (artifacts weigh 5 lbs) they can now hold as many as there weight allows so i have on i specificly leveled in weight only just for going in caves
  8. LLOYD0102

    Food Recipes

    once you hit your max it will stop and you wont get any extra from the food
  9. LLOYD0102

    Reduce glare with dye.

    open the command menu and type in r.bloomquality 0 it helps for me
  10. LLOYD0102

    how to lvl up from 90-100 on Ragnaok

    if you have the ability at end game the tek bed is more then worth it. i logged off friday night and woke up mif saturday morning and gained about a quarter level (102-103) ish from just keaving my character in there when i logged off
  11. LLOYD0102

    Cluster Transfer: Destroy This Rumor Please

    from what i understand its called a cluster cause it is part of the main cluster but you can only transfer off the server but not back on
  12. LLOYD0102

    need help making pen for utilty animals

    out of curosity that pen in the video, would it work as a taming pen? would the metals bars keep the dinos in?
  13. LLOYD0102

    HELP! Crashed while flying

    hit "h" as well as your running around and if you get close enough to it there will be a arrow above his head
  14. LLOYD0102

    When Is ARK's Next Big Update?

    i may have missed it when rag came out but for me at least i had no clue it was coming out. i kinda hope they do the same thing with extinction. I like the suprise and being cought off gaurd means it might not be as busy on the new servers.
  15. LLOYD0102

    Breeding and Tek troughs

    i put 11 troughs by each other and that is more then enough to raise a giga from juvi to adult hood. you can even do it for less if you log on every once and a while and restack the meat