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  1. LLOYD0102

    need help making pen for utilty animals

    out of curosity that pen in the video, would it work as a taming pen? would the metals bars keep the dinos in?
  2. LLOYD0102

    HELP! Crashed while flying

    hit "h" as well as your running around and if you get close enough to it there will be a arrow above his head
  3. LLOYD0102

    When Is ARK's Next Big Update?

    i may have missed it when rag came out but for me at least i had no clue it was coming out. i kinda hope they do the same thing with extinction. I like the suprise and being cought off gaurd means it might not be as busy on the new servers.
  4. LLOYD0102

    Breeding and Tek troughs

    i put 11 troughs by each other and that is more then enough to raise a giga from juvi to adult hood. you can even do it for less if you log on every once and a while and restack the meat
  5. LLOYD0102

    Tek cave issue

    just to be safe have everyone open the terminal like they said a while ago. it cant hurt.
  6. LLOYD0102

    Small Tribe Center Boss Fight?!

    my rex's are leveled to 25k hp and 60 melle and i only bring 10 of them + a yuti for a solo run just me. Ride the yuti and have it buff your dinos and you should have no problom on gamma. I even solo beta and there is no problom but i only do it twice in a row as at that point the health of the rex's are starting to get low. Gamma i have done 4-5 times in a row and only reason i stopped was due to runing out of artifacts
  7. LLOYD0102

    base protection

    put metal gates/bgates around you base at least 8 foundations away from anything and it will be giga proof
  8. LLOYD0102

    September...new ark game?

    they did say awhile ago that the 3rd expansion "extinction" will come out in 2018 but never said what season it would be in
  9. LLOYD0102

    Most Used Creature (Any Map)

    i love my giga. im on center map by green and on a 2x weekend i can get 300 stacks of meat in less then 5 minutes
  10. LLOYD0102

    Best Custom recipe

    i use 1 of each advanced crop for water food. my crafter is only lvl 80 but the food comes out to around 160-180ish water. more then enough for what i need and can make several at a time due to the low cost. for food i use 10 cooked meat recipe. a little harder to make but if your breeding a meat eater i always have extra cooked meat after.
  11. LLOYD0102

    How addicted to ARK are you?

    4527 hours so far and going strong
  12. LLOYD0102

    Best way for bp flak ans weapon solo official

    i would go to aberation and farm the surface drops. got a lot from up there
  13. LLOYD0102

    the best way to get paste on island ?

    i honestly dont think its that hard if you get a wolf and go into the caves. wolves farm extra chintin and you can get a lot of it from there. dont remember the name of the cave as its been a while but the cave on south of island closer to red is where i usually got a lot. also when you go in wear chintin gear since you get a ton of chintin there repairing you gear will be a lot easier
  14. LLOYD0102

    Titanboa eggs

    that sounds about normal i would say. i know it works for dimetrons but may for snake try placing them on large crop plots. the eggs will be above the snakes when they lay and are easier to see
  15. LLOYD0102

    Suggestions on obtaining a Queen Bee

    unless they changed it you cant transfer bee's to another server. i would use a bear so you dont have to worry about drones and when it flies up keep it in sight and it will eventually come down