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  1. Any ETA on when it may happen?
  2. But what about the fix for player dedicated server Launch Issues... you can't leave us out like you have been We are a large portion of your player base.
  3. Dedicated Server Crashing to Dashboard - Mega Thread

    Either way makes server hosts lives a million times easier
  4. Dedicated Server Crashing to Dashboard - Mega Thread

    Rumor has it renting servers comes out on full release.
  5. Dedicated Server Crashing to Dashboard - Mega Thread

    Just an update Center servers are now having the same issue as Island they are crashing on launch at the Underworld Near file.
  6. Dedicated Server Crashing to Dashboard - Mega Thread

    I tried reducing the dino spawn count and that didn't help sadly hope this fix comes soon I have about 70 people typing very angry messages to me...
  7. I'm hoping you guys are aware of all the connection issues and other issues with the player dedi servers. I run a 100 mb/s connection and Open NAT and people are still having trouble joining but can join other servers....


  8. I hope they fix it soon that would be nice so I don't have to advertise the server constantly.
  9. 24/7 Island Server

    I host an island server for people looking to escape admin abuse. we have all been effected by it don't deny it. yes we have 3 admins on my server but we are all responsible with our power as we only use it to build community projects or host events or ban the occasional trouble maker. we give out free TEK Grams once you hit the correct level as for the server rules and stats. don't interfere with an admin project please don't grief (repetitively raiding the same person while is no rule against passive killing it is just frowned upon. starter kit includes 1 indus forge and 100 gasoline( starter kits will be passed out over time as we have people who join get the kit and then never play again) as said before there is no admin abuse we all hate it and feel that it just ruins the game for everyone. the community shop is mobile and sells blueprints dinos and element. server stats are as follows xp 3x gather 2.5 player and dino weight 16x breeding stats are set to 99x (admins handle imprints) player stats are doubled food and water drain are dropped to .55 please don't ask for admin as said we really dislike admin abuse and will ignore anyone who asks for admin. add Dragonskiss2nd on Xbox one to join! you will be added back as soon as possible!
  10. I'm curious as well.... we just swapped to the center and have no way to earn it.....
  11. Ark Bug report

    Ark Bug report So the sonar on the tek helmet doesn't highlight enemies. And I am having issues with the flyers. When I take off they land immediately. So all of my flying dinos are kinda useless at this point....