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  1. I just did some tests and transferred things 4 times, the 1st time went fine but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th transfers failed so I'm guessing they're enabled.
  2. Can anyone tell me definitively of you can transfer from Aberration to Ragnarok/Island on Singleplayer? I tried to transfer some stuff about 3 weeks ago and lost it all, including a 185 Drake, as well as some high tier Aberration gear(Mc Climbing Picks and such). Thank goodness I didn't try to transfer the BP for that pick.
  3. As the title says, I bluescreened whilst on the surface at night. When I fired it back up it was night time and I was on the surface, but me and my Rock Drake were both burning to death very fast. Thankfully putting commands in pauses time, which allowed me to enable both God mode and Infinite Stats on me and my Drake to save it, though there was nothing I could do to save my Bulbdog. Furthermore though, I set off back underground to try and get rid of the fire animation but it stayed for at least a minute. I had no choice(Because I couldn't see anything for the fire) but to exit to main menu and go back on it, to see if it put it out. It was a risk, because my Drake may not have survived it a second time, but thankfully the fire was out on both me and it when I re-entered singleplayer. I've just read a post by someone saying this happened on Official though so it needs looking at because I was fortunate enough to have the comfort of pausing and entering commands to save my Drake, those guys however do not have that luxury.
  4. About to post the exact same thing, though I play on Singleplayer.
  5. Been fighting Reaper Queens, and when I flashbang one she can't hit me. She swings, and bits but there's no damage done to me. Other things were attacking as well but they couldn't do any damage, although I don't know if that's the intended effect of the Flashbang or not, but twice now in 10 minutes I've been fighting a Queen and right after I flashbang her the game bluescreens and crashes out. Also, I've killed 4 or 5 Queens now and I've had no Pheromone Glands off any of them. There's none in my inventory and her body disappears, leaving no bag to loot.
  6. So first the Specific Chest. I'm thinking either a way to transfer all of a particular item with a button(Or two) press, without using the search bar. Maybe a storage slot in chests next to the search bar. Anything you put in it can only have that item in. So if you put Hide in that box, only Hide can be transferred into it. Next is an Alt Ammo Button. Double tapping Square/X or pressing N on PC toggles the attachment on the weapon you're using. Maybe have it so holding Square/X/N would swap between ammo types. It could either cycle through the ammo you have in your inventory but I think an easier way would just be to swap between all ammo types for that weapon regardless of if you have any in your inventory or not. If holding Square/X/N isn't an option, then it could be assigned to the Action Wheel so you hold Circle to get up the wheel and do it that way. Would still be much faster than going in your inventory. If you were to use the wheel method though I'd go one step further and have another option in there to cycle through attachments for the gun you're holding as well. This is so when you swap from Rifle Bullets(With an attachment) to Tranq darts and back, you can quickly put the attachment back on your Rifle. That's all for now, Happy Holidays.
  7. I do crouch, but I have 188.5% Movement Speed, should I respec and lower that so I move slower when crouching or would that not make a difference? I always try to stay directly behind it because there's been a few times it's seen me and ran off when I've been at it's 5 or 7 o'clock. I've also read that Cactus Broth can help?
  8. I'm in the process of taming a Hyaenodon and so far I'm having no luck, the thing seems to just see me randomly. I have a standard set of Ghillie Armor on at the moment but I do have a full set of Ascendant Ghillie armor that's broke and I can't be assed to repair. Would the quality of the armor make it harder for the Hyaenodon to see me while taming? Also does anyone know why sometimes I have to be practically touching it's ass to tame it? Sometimes I can pet it from like 2 metres but sometimes I have to be committing beastiality.
  9. I just beat the Gorilla on Medium difficulty, unlocking the Tek Trough to build, but when I've gone home into the Replicator to build it, it's not there. It came up when the Megapithecus died saying I'd unlocked it, and I checked my Engrams and it's unlocked there as well. I'm gonna try getting the materials, chucking them on the floor then spawning in the Trough for now but I hope this gets fixed. Some extra info, I'm on Singleplayer and I beat the Gorilla months ago on Medium, and this is the first time I've fought him since the Trough was released so it was the only thing available to unlock from this boss. Edit: A workaround for this is rebuilding the Replicator. I spawned in the materials and built a new one, and the Tek Trough was available to build.
  10. Can confirm this is happening to me as well. Lost over an hour earlier on. Sometimes happens when I use the manual save as well with the Saveworld command.
  11. A few days ago I re-specced, levelled up Crafting Skill to the max and built a Rex Saddle from a BP. The BP says 74.6 Armor, and the saddle came out at 92.3 Armour, a decent improvement. I'm level 100 and put every point onto Crafting Skill(I'm on SP so I have unlimited re-specs). Today I gathered the materials to build 10 more saddles and again I re-specced to build them on my Tek Replicator, and I set 10 away to build all at once. I scrolled up and it's built them but they've all got different rating barring 2. The rating are as follows: 82.9 87.8 96.5 96.5 102.9 105.2 106.5 115.4 117.9 121.2 I don't understand why they've all come out at different stats. Anyone have a clue? Is it Random what they can come out at?
  12. I didn't come to the site specifically for this, but I was scrolling down and saw your thread here. I too have been on the look out for a Giga, and just assumed it was taking one a while to spawn. Like you I play Singleplayer(PS4) and I tamed a Gig a few days ago under the Blue Ob right outside the Southern Ice Cave, but that Giga was probably there since before the full release update. I didn't really think anything of it but since I've seen this thread I'm beginning to wonder if maybe it's a bug that needs looking at...
  13. Singeplayer Character Transfer

    Yeah I have a character for SE, one for Island and one for Center, but I'd rather transfer. At the time of it happening I wasn't really in the know about Commands and such, especically on console.
  14. A while ago I sent my character to Scorched Earth but it didn't quite work, it uploaded my character but it didn't save it, meaning it had duplicated my character. It was no biggie since it just meant I didn't have to transfer my character each time I went to SE and back, but I learned some engrams on SE and came back, transferring my character but when I transferred it back and overrode my old one, my dinos and structures on the normal map no longer belonged to me. So I had to set the Dino Decay timer to 0 and had to rebuild my entire house since I couldn't use the doors. Thankfully I didn't have many dinos and my house was just a little shack. Now though I'm sell established, I've beaten several bosses, tamed a ton of dinos including SE ones and I have a nice base. But then...then I found out the Tek Light, Sword and Shield are Ragnarok exclusive. Now how the hell am I supposed to unlock those Engrams and "attach" them to my character since I can't seem to transfer. This issue could be solved by saving the game when you upload a character to the Obelisk but last time I tried it effed me over massively so I'm hesitant to even try. Does anyone have any info on this to see if things are a little better? Is there a command to unlock the Tek Light/Sword/Shield on my Island character so I don't have to transfer?
  15. I play on an Official PVE Ragnarok server and we live on the massive flat land on the West side of the map, Swamp of the Damned it's called in-game. We've gated off half of the beach area, and we'd planned on having a huge base with tons of Dinos, but the problem is that stuff is still spawning on the land so at the moment nothing is safe out there. We've had foundations and pillars in them scattered all over and sometimes barely anything will spawn but sometimes a ton of dinos from Paracers to Sarcos will spawn. We're having a ton of trouble stopping them, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any tricks or anything that might help?