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  1. *Raises hand* Yep I have this, it's really annoying and has put me off the game. I've tweeted and posted threads telling them now more times than I care to remember and they won't even acknowledge it because they don't give a rats ass about Singleplayer.
  2. No I don't, I have separate characters for each map. It used to work fine so it's definity a glitch but it may be worth changing all maps to be owned by a single character.
  3. I should have mentioned in the op, in the video I slow that none of those boxes are ticked.
  4. A while ago I wrote a post about this but got no response so here I am again. This time with a video. In it put some things in the Obelisk on Aberration and when I go to take them out on Ragnarok both the items and dino I uploaded are gone. This isn't a one time thing, I've lost a lot of stuff to this but it's not a setting because it has worked once or twice out of maybe 30 tries. It isn't just Ab to Rag either, it's every which way across all maps. I'd at least like acknowledgement from the Developers that this will be looked at because for me it's making me stop playing the game.
  5. I'm one of the ones that eagerly awaited Aberration's release and looked forward to not only seeing the new map, but also how the new dinos and toys could be incorporated into the existing Ragnarok and Island maps. After spending a good amount of time on Aberration I felt it was time to transfer back to Ragnarok and get to work(I'd recently restarted afresh on Ragnarok after playing on the Island and beating the bosses over the course of a year) but to my dismay, transfers seem to be broken now. I first noticed when I attempted to transfer some stuff from Aberration to Ragnarok, I filled the Obelisk with new items, blueprints and my spare Rock Drake(Just incase the worst should happen, which it did) and I made sure 2 or 3 times that the stuff was in the right tab on the Obelisk. I ran to Ragnarok but to my great anger and sadness, my gear and Rock Drake had vanished. I wondered if maybe transfers from Aberration hadn't been enabled yet but after some research I found that transfers had indeed been enabled. I'd lost a Rock Drake(it hatched at 185 so that stung a bit) and 50 slots of different stuff including BP's unique to Aberration such as the Fish Basket and Glow Stick, as well as higher tier things like a Rock Drake Saddle BP and such. I also sent over a load of Aberration specific materials including different coloured Gems, Fungal Wood and Congealed Gas Balls. I like to keep a stock of DLC items on my main map to save me transferring over and over again. There was also a few non-Aberration specific goodies in there as well, including an Asc Fabricated Pistol. It hurt bad because I, in essence, had transferred the biggest and best stuff that I'd accumulated over the course of 3 weeks. All my grinding and hard work was gone in an instant. I've since tried several times to transfer between maps, and out of a dozen attempts only 1 has succeeded. I tried to transfer different items from Ab to Rag and the one that succeeded was when I sent a single Apprentice Pick and a Glide Suit Skin over. I've lost much more but I've been very careful as to what I risk. When they added the new Giga spawn at Green Ob on Rag, my first Giga there was a 140 and because I'd only recently started out, I didn't have the stuff to get it so I transferred 100 Quetzal Egg kibble over from my Island map, and that vanished as well. To re-iterate, this is not Aberration exclusive, I've tried to transfer between Ab and Island, Island and Rag, and Rag and Ab and threw SE in there as well and only one of them has worked. This experience has made Aberration pointless because whilst I did enjoy the DLC, the best part for me is seeing the new stuff in action on the normal maps but I can't even do that now. Edit: Thought I'd also mention, I'm totally against using commands if possible, so I'm not just going to use them to give myself stuff. Also I checked and all the appropriate setting like enable downloads are enabled.
  6. So making the Titano a permanent tame has made me move up my timetable of taming it, which is the last thing I need for the Platinum trophy. But after a certain amount of Torpor it won't gain anymore. I'm using the Tapejara method(Hence why I had to move up my timetable) and I'm certain I'm hitting it in the right place. I found an old archived thread on here which you can see here: In there, @Jarvis says that the Titanosaur has to move 30k Units every 8k Torpor but I have a question or two. 1) First off, is this still relevant because the thread is quite old 2) So once the animation stops playing, do I have to kite it 30k units away from where it stopped gaining torpor? 3) I spawned in the Titano I'm taming because the spawns on my singleplayer are broken, does it make a difference because it's a spawned one? As I said I'm on Singleplayer with most of the advanced settings on default rates, I'll only use commands where I feel I've been hard done by and will never use them to gain unfair advantage so I really don't want to have to resort to them. It would be great if anyone has any info/experience doing this or if Jarvis himself could drop a reply. Edit: I've done it, i just tried to deal damage to it's head faster, and tried to keep it moving as much as possible, and it didn't even stop taking Torpor once.
  7. Could you please make the Tek Tapejara saddles taming a Titan optional rather than taking it out altogether? How on earth are you supposed to tame it on Singleplayer on your own without that saddle?
  8. Some people would rather not use programs and all that crap to see what we need, we much prefer to go on word of mouth. What next, we use a program to give us the Rex's we need?
  9. Loading Rant .exe...100% I first bought Ark on PC way back at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016. 2 years later I'm still playing it daily only now on PS4. I'm likely at over 3000 hours now and my time has been split between Online, Official and Singleplayer. At a ratio it's probably about 10/30/60 if not higher in Singleplayer's favour. So it's fair to say I've tasted many hours of each mode. But now my focus is 100% Singleplayer. I enjoy how peaceful and tranquil it is, the solitude you get. I don't miss the drama of Official, or the ridiculous rates of an Unofficial server one bit. I have moderate settings to suit my liking, such as 1.5x Taming, 5x Hatching and Raising but 1x XP gain and pretty much everything else is set to default other than difficulty, which is 1 with Max Difficulty enabled. For the most part I try my hardest to not use commands. In my time on Singleplayer I can happily say I've never used to commands to gain an unfair advantage. The only times I use the commands is, like on Fallout and Elder Scrolls, when I feel I've been hard done by by the game. Such as getting stuck in a bit of the terrain that wasn't drawn properly, or when the game errors and I'm falling to my death I'll use Fly to save myself. I also used to use the Saveworld command to save the game often when I got something good, just incase the game errors and I lose something really good(But this could be remedied by an actual save button in the pause menu of Singleplayer) So I love Singleplayer as I've said. But, naturally and as you'd expect, it gets the short end of the stick when it comes to support and bugs. Official is obviously where it's at, and Singleplayer does get the occasional fix but nowhere near enough. Back when the game came out on my first choice platform, PS4, I bought it and played it at midnight and never looked back to PC. I had agreed previously with a good online friend of mine who decided to get the game that we'd join a server and set up a tribe together, which we did and it was glorious. We did just about everything except beat the bosses. Several months into the venture though, being a Singleplayer at heart, I left my friend to run the tribe alone. He could handle it, I'd taught him what I knew and he was fine, not to mention I'd jump on and give him a hand regularly or whenever he needed it. Coming back to my homeland of Singleplayer though I was filled with excitement because I knew what it was all about. How any dino I saw could and would be mine because I had no one to contend with. I could sleep soundly at night knowing I wouldn't be raided by some snotty nosed 12 year old who thought he was God. I loved it all as I built my Kibble farm and tamed dinos that I wanted to tame, how I wanted to tame them. But then the crack began to appear. I noticed distinctively that there seemed to be less and less creatures on the map. I'd kill 10 dinos in one place and they'd either not be replaced or only 2 or 3 would take their place. It was worrying but I hammered away playing the game that I adored, lapping up any an all updates that came out adding new dinos and new toys to play with. Months passed and that's when it hit me one day; I hadn't seen an Argy in over a month. I traversed every inch of the Island map each week just flying round, hunting and exploring and I just couldn't recall the last time I'd seen an Argy. So I flew to a few spots where I knew they spawned such as the Blue Ob Mountain, Carno Island, the North East Metal Mountain, Volcano, Redwood and all over and there wasn't a single Argy to be seen. But then it got worse, I began to remember other dinos that I hadn't seen and one of them really stung; the Rex. I wanted to build a Rex army to get the boss fights underway but I was having to travel to Scorched Earth to a little spot I know just to see a Rex. Even then though the Ob was broke and wouldn't always transfer my stuff over. More and more I remembered dinos that I hadn't seen in a while until eventually there was probably only about 15 different species spawning in the overworld. It stung, a lot. The game I once adored had become nothing more than a boring empty shell, but I'd had this much bigger taste of Singleplayer than I'd ever had before and I didn't want to let it go. But playing it began to feel like a chore. Big dinos weren't spawning in anymore. Things like Spinos, Rexs, Brontos, Paracers and Diplos were seemingly extinct, and at one point I was even struggling to feed my rather large collection of dinos. Eventually it took it's toll and I gave up. Then a week later, some patch notes where uploaded which changed everything... "Fixed Dino spawns on Singleplayer" Or something like that. Either way it was a glorious glorious day. I had waited so so long for this patch(Which, btw, was delayed about 4 times before it finally hit) and the day the patch hit I was so happy. I fired up the game and suddenly the map was full of life. Dinos that I'd literally forgotten about were spawning in again. It was like my map had entered a Golden Age of life. I dunno maybe 50 Shades of Mantaray had hit or something and got them going but there was dinos EVERYWHERE. Finally I could feed my dinos, I could kill stuff and go hunting but most importantly I could finally tame those last few dinos that had eluded me for so long. It was beautiful. I tamed some Rexs, got a good saddle BP and bred like hell and beat the Monkey on Hard, Spider on Medium and Dragon on Easy to unlock a fair bit of Tek stuff which is SO much fun and also very handy in some situations. I was having more fun on the game than I'd ever had in my life. Then came Ragnarok... Someone on the server my friend and I were on become part of our group of Friends and she was interested in Ragnarok. Once we found out that our old Legacy server would one day be wiped, the decision was made to start afresh on Ragnarok together with this Girl we'd met. Me and her went on her Singleplayer and had a look around for a good spot. We found the large flat sand bit on the West coast by a Swamp and decided on it. It had everything we wanted, which was plenty of space, flat land and ocean access for water dinosaurs. As soon as the Ragnarok servers opened up we jumped on and went straight there, taking that bit of land. Thankfully it wasn't a spawn point so we didn't have any competition for it. At this point I'll mention I had been on The Centre on Singleplayer and it just didn't grab me at all. I didn't see what all the fuss was about. Ragnarok however was different. We got set up fast and did some good deals early, particularly for Oil(To many people's anger) and the bit of land we'd took was so so sweet for building on. I played on this Official server for about 2 months before ultimately going back to my Singleplayer. I made it clear to them that I'd lend a hand should they ever need it. Loading up my Island Singleplayer it really hit me how small and simple the map was in comparison to Ragnarok. Not only that, I'd progressed so much that the FPS in my base seemed to be at a constant 15. Playable but noticable. After playing around for about a week I decided to start afresh on Ragnarok Singleplayer. I went on and I started it up and the initial thought of having to start over yet again was daunting but I grinded it out. I decided that I would take one Dinosaur and one item or stack of something to Ragnarok and that's it, then once I beat the Ragnarok boss on Easy, I'd freely transfer to and from it. The Item I decided on was about 44 Allo kibble to get myself a Griffin. They were powerful of course but most importantly for me, they were fast as hell. I was in luck, not far from my base there was a 145. I stayed clear for about a week, because putting a dino in and out of stasis can cause it to despawn so I spent a week away, preparing what I needed. I built my rifle, darts, Narcotics, and a ton of Stone Structure to build a trap near the spawn. It went off without a hitch and I had my very own Griffin. Along with it a few low level spawned so I dispatched of those. Having played on Official a few months I had gotten to know the map quite well. My tribe were the traders of the map in the early days, we had what people wanted/needed so we'd often be out making trades all over the place and it helped me get familiar with the map, where to avoid(Murdersnow) what spawned where and some nice base locations as well. In this time I found pretty much all of the Griffin spawns on the map through looking around and word of mouth. So now on my Singleplayer I have an advantage of knowing where to go for a specific dino. I had a 145 Griffin which is great but having another would be cool. If only it were that simple. I flew to the spawns finding only lower levels and of course if you want the higher ones to spawn in you need to kill the lower levels and that's what I did. But here I am now, over a month into my Ragnarok Singleplayer adventure and I've not had a Griffin spawn into my map since the first ones when I first loaded the map in. But that's only the beginning. Right now I'm breeding my Rex's for the boss fights, but I need stuff to do in the meantime because watching them grow is like watching a clock; it goes very slow. So I think of things I want to do. Well, I need some Wyverns right? They're handy to have around. So I went to the scar, avoided the dragons and got some good eggs, 2 175 Fires, 165 Fire and a 185 Lightning. Some good stuff there. Next I wanted to raise a baby Thylacoleo in that Ice Cave. My tribe on Official raided that cave a lot and got some incredible stuff. One of us would be at the front and tank the Worms with a shield while 2 or 3 behind would hit them with a Shotgun. Of course, I don't have that luxury being alone so I've decided to raise a Thyla in there(Despite me telling myself back then I wouldn't do it that way). Of course the kibble for the Thylas is Titanoboa and the best way to tame them is just to use low level Wyvern eggs right? Yeah that's what I thought. 2 days in a row now I've been going to the scar and there isn't even any Wyverns in there which means no eggs to get. I live underneath the Green Ob, in that large flat grasslands. When I arrived there I had lots to kill. Brontos, Rexs, Sabers, Argys, Stegos, Gallimimus, Trikes and plenty more. But none of that is spawning in now. I had a Pteranodon about 100ft from my base and that's the closest thing that's spawned to my base in a week though I suspect it spawned further away and wandered onto my land. The Redwood under Green Ob, which normally would be teaming with Bears, Elk, Microraptors, Megatheriums and bugs is now also barren and empty. The Grasslands South of my base where they've added a Giga spawn is also struggling to spawn things in. I've never really been bothered about having a good Giga in the past, but having something that can kill a Titanosaur might come in handy so I've decided to keep my eye out and one spawned instantly in the new spawn not far from my base. A 140 Male. I killed a sheep or two and Mutton tamed it incase it decided to despawn before I got the Quetzal kibble. But again that area is now empty. The Sand Swamp on the West coast where my Tribe and I set up base on Official, which I know for a fact you get 100's of spawns on every day, is also practically empty. I decided ok fine, I'll go to the Highlands, kill some sheep, cook the Mutton and tame some Thylas on Cooked Lamb Chops. Nope, only about 7 creatures in the entire highlands, only 2 sheep(One of which just vanished upon death). Alright then, I want a Mantis, which thankfully do spawn in ok but I need horns for them. Without the Thyla to kill the worms in the Ice cave, my only option is the new Desert biome, which I was SO looking forward to playing in. Deathworms are my go to for training my Boss Rexs. It was one of the main reasons I moved to Ragnarok, because now I don't have to transfer my Rexs between the Island and SE, risking them disappearing when I download them. But Ark has struck yet again and this is what has tipped me over the edge and made me post this rant. I flew to the Desert on my Fire Wyvern when it came out and killed 2 worms, then another 4 a little later on. Just as I remember them on SE. That was yesterday. Today I go over and I use the Orbit Camera Trick to look for the worms underground. It's effective, I found 3! But it's Ark. They won't surface. I bite and throw fire at where they'd be but there's no damage numbers. There's an invisible mass in front of my Wyvern preventing me from walking forward, as though the Worm is there above ground but it most certainly isn't. And like I said, this has happened on 3 occasions today. So yeah, that's my rant done. Just about every project I want to do has been hindered in some way or another by the lack of dinos spawning. I was so looking forward to Ragnarok and it started off so well, and before anyone asks yes I've tweeted and reported it in the bugs forums time and time again and gotten no acknowledgement at all about it. I'd just at least like to know they're working on it in some way because this is ruining Singleplayer and severely putting me off the game. Up until this week Ark 2 wasn't even a question in my mind, I'd buy the poop out of it if/when it comes out but for the first time in 2 years I'm having second thoughts because this is so damn demoralising. And before anyone says "Put in commands to spawn stuff in" no, don't even say it. Go back to Minecraft and play that. I don't do that poop. Edit: One last thing, to make it even worse, I can't turn the "Dino Count" slider up! End Rant...
  10. It's a good start for sure, depending on what boss(es) you're wanting to fight. I can safely say though if your Rex's are being born with those stats(before levelling) that you've got some real good ones there. On the Island, once trained with MC or Asc Saddles, they should be able to take the Broodmother and Gigantopithecus on Hard, and the Dragon on Medium perhaps. Mine were popping(Being born from egg) at about 8k Health and 319% Melee. Once trained they were all close to 30k Health and 400-450% melee and that was enough to do the Monkey on Hard and the Broodmother on Medium, though I struggled against the Dragon on Medium. If you're not too familiar with the way the bosses work, for the Monkey and Spider you need to focus on Health more than Melee and tank them, but the Dragon has a breath attack that takes 10% Health from anything it hits, regardless of how much health your Rex's have so for him you want to focus more on Melee than Health. Here's how I'm going to be lining up against the bosses and what I'm aiming for with what I have: My Rex's are popping with 8.1k Health and 319% Melee, and they have saddles ranging from 82-124 Armor. Broodmother & Monkey - 30k Health, 450% Melee Dragon - 20k Health, 500-550% Melee Ragnarok(Dragon & Manticore) - 20k Health, 500-550% Melee. I'm confident I can do the Dragon & Manticore on Ragnarok on Medium with what I'll have, so yours shouldn't have a problem. To answer simply yes, the Rex's you have are a good start. I'd recommend sending them to SE to fight Deathworms for levelling. Or set up 4 grinders near each other, have a tribe mate sat on the Rex you want to level and fill all 4 Grinders with Stone and grind it all. This is even more effective on a Double or Triple event if you're on official.
  11. I just did some tests and transferred things 4 times, the 1st time went fine but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th transfers failed so I'm guessing they're enabled.
  12. Can anyone tell me definitively of you can transfer from Aberration to Ragnarok/Island on Singleplayer? I tried to transfer some stuff about 3 weeks ago and lost it all, including a 185 Drake, as well as some high tier Aberration gear(Mc Climbing Picks and such). Thank goodness I didn't try to transfer the BP for that pick.
  13. As the title says, I bluescreened whilst on the surface at night. When I fired it back up it was night time and I was on the surface, but me and my Rock Drake were both burning to death very fast. Thankfully putting commands in pauses time, which allowed me to enable both God mode and Infinite Stats on me and my Drake to save it, though there was nothing I could do to save my Bulbdog. Furthermore though, I set off back underground to try and get rid of the fire animation but it stayed for at least a minute. I had no choice(Because I couldn't see anything for the fire) but to exit to main menu and go back on it, to see if it put it out. It was a risk, because my Drake may not have survived it a second time, but thankfully the fire was out on both me and it when I re-entered singleplayer. I've just read a post by someone saying this happened on Official though so it needs looking at because I was fortunate enough to have the comfort of pausing and entering commands to save my Drake, those guys however do not have that luxury.
  14. About to post the exact same thing, though I play on Singleplayer.
  15. Been fighting Reaper Queens, and when I flashbang one she can't hit me. She swings, and bits but there's no damage done to me. Other things were attacking as well but they couldn't do any damage, although I don't know if that's the intended effect of the Flashbang or not, but twice now in 10 minutes I've been fighting a Queen and right after I flashbang her the game bluescreens and crashes out. Also, I've killed 4 or 5 Queens now and I've had no Pheromone Glands off any of them. There's none in my inventory and her body disappears, leaving no bag to loot.