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  1. So I'm gonna rent a server from Nitrado, cheapest one I can, just to see what they're like with lag and such, but I'm also raising a Rex army on Singleplayer which, obviously, pauses when I turn off the game. Since I'll have the server for a month regardless I was thinking of sending my Rex's over to the Player Dedicated and raising the Rex's over there, that way their raising isn't interrupted and I can play other games while they grow. My question though is would this work? I don't want to do it by spawning stuff in though I want to actually be able to transfer between the Obelisks. Is this possible?
  2. As the thread says, Singleplayer Settings are now enabled regardless of whether or not you have it ticked.
  3. Player and Dino Stats Multipliers

    They've permanently enabled Singleplayer Settings, regardless of whether it's ticked or not it'll take effect in the session.
  4. So there's a new host option for Crafting Skill effectiveness, does anyone know what this is set to on Official servers? By default on Singleplayer it's set to 1.0
  5. Wouldn't that give 100% imprint on the first imprint though? Wouldn't that mean I've also got to imprint around every 48 minutes as opposed to every 4 hours?
  6. So I raised a Vulture last week, and I have my SP set to 5x maturation but I only had time for one imprint and it gave the Vulture 80%, but the Vulture was fully matured a full 2 hours before the next imprint. What setting do I need to change to get 100% Imprinting? I don't want to have it so I only need one imprint no matter what the raise, I just want the regular amount of work but with 5x faster raising an 100% imprint at the end.
  7. "Singleplayer Settings" and "Maximum Difficulty" are reverting each time I exit to main menu. Singlplayer Settings is checked by default while Max Difficulty is unchecked by default. Each time I turn the game off of exit to Main Menu, they revert back to what they were there.
  8. So I have the PS4 update and before it, my Rex's on Singleplayer, which I've spent months raising for the bosses, all had 20-30k health each and 200-450% melee. They weren't the best but they did the job. After the update though they all have stupid stats like 50k health and my Spino has 1300% Melee. I'm not one for ridiculously overpowered dinos on Ark and the stats bars are all fine. Is there a way to put the stats back down again or has this update ruined months of hard work? Edit: I figured out the problem, it's the new Singleplayer Settings option. It massively buffs up your dinos so I've turned it off, but the question will the Bosses now be as powerful as they are on Official Servers?
  9. Thank you finally someone has spoken some sense. So what do you suggest, just the Daughter and Father like crazy till I get a Mutation?
  10. Honestly I think one of my biggest problems with the game is how many conflicting reports I hear about the game and it's mechanics. My question is can the stats of dinos go up each generation? Read below if you want some background as to why I'm asking. Anyway, I went to SE the other day(I play Singleplayer only) and got myself 3 Vultures because I wanted to start breeding them. I got a 145 Female with Average Stats across the board, then another 145 Female with Very High Melee according to Dododex's calculator. It's melee was around 325% when it stood up. About an hour later I got a 135 Male with very very similar melee, only 0.3% between them. So I took them home and got to breeding. I'm breeding the two with high melee. I wrote everything down I could think of, such as the stats they stood up with and how much % they got per level(E.g +5.6% Melee per level up) and the Female and Male had 325.6% Melee and 325.9% Melee respectively. The baby between them popped with the best of both parents all across the board. It had over 1k health and 331.6% Melee damage so naturally I was chuffed. My SP settings are set to the same as Official servers apart from Mating, Hatching and Raising, which are all set to 5x. Still takes work, but isn't overly difficult. So the Vulture raised very fast but one thing I didn't take into account was the care it needed. After 3 hours 45 minutes it needed care, but only got 80% imprint and by this time it was around 74.5% matured so there wasn't enough time to get it to 100%(I'll sort this in the future it's simple enough) but even with that 80% imprint, the Baby Vultures Melee jumped up to 383.3% which I was over the moon with. But I didn't wan to stop there. Since it was a Female I instantly bred it with it's own Father(Incest mmmhmmm) and popped the egg that came, The result was low level twins with the lower stats of the Father but the Melee of the 2nd Generation Vulture I'd just raised but it's melee was the same as it's Mother when she popped. The 2nd Gen popped with 331.6 Melee and so did it's own baby. Now I've seen many reports that the baby would have the stats that the Parent has AFTER imprint but this isn't the case. I've bred the same parents twice now and both times the baby has had 331.6% melee rather than 383.3% like it's Mother after Imprint. Yet I hear about people breeding Rex's like crazy and getting super high stats. Can the stats go up each generation or not?
  11. Wow that will be a big update best get reading all those patch notes again to see what we're getting by the end of the week.
  12. By bringing PS4 up to spec do you mean it'll be on par with Xbox?
  13. I played 172-PVE Official when the game came out but over the first month or two that lag, lack of dinos and problems plaguing the game annoyed me so I went over to Singleplayer which, as it turns out, is just as raptored up as online. I still jump on every now and again to do some building and/technical work for my tribeleader, but trying to build something today has just been a pain in the ass. In that video you see the lag while I was building, lag that we're faced with at least once a day on that server. I get that other servers do it and that some have had it worse, but it's every damn day now and it seems nothing is being done about it. But don't worry guys, because they're working on the disc release. Wait what? So rather than fixing the game you're gonna work on a disc version, which won't realistically sell many copies, and subject those new players to the same bullpoop we have to put up with. I've defended the game and the development practises as much as I can over the last year and a half but I'm now at the end of my tether(Which, btw, is stupidly short in SP) and I'm beginning to wonder why I even indulge in the game and these forums/threads because while the lag and all that is bad, what's 10x worse is the lack of communication on the Developer's side. You might not know anything new and that's cool but at least reiterate what you DO know, at least that'll show you actually give a poop about the people that have made you millions upon millions of pounds and still dedicate practically their whole life to you. You seem to have forgotten how you got to where you are now, you're too big for your shoes and if you can't handle it then for crying out loud just admit defeat, stop, brush yourself off and start again on a new project. You seem hellbent on creating a stupidly big game yet you seem unable to actually make it work, you might as well be trying to build a Ferrari out of Lego. We sit and we play your game, we put up with your silence, your false promises and blatant disregard of one of the biggest(Albeit most critical) communities I've ever seen, and no matter how much you try to batter us up, no matter how much you try to polish the game, if you polish a turd it's still a turd. I think it's time you bucked up your ideas in the communication department or give it in altogether, because that's almost the point I'm at myself as a once-diehard fan.
  14. Question For Xbox Singleplayers

    That's very good to hear. The Hesperonis, from what I understand, is very very rare to begin with anyway. I played SP a fair bit after it came out and I've only seen one, which I tamed on the spot. The Pigeon Thief(Icthyornis) makes it so easy to tame. Anyway I look forward to this patch now, thanks.
  15. So I'm a PS4 Singleplayer and as you've likely seen we're now well behind on the patches, but the one thing I wanted fixed in the game and have done for months, is the dino spawns. My question though is have they fixed it? I know they've said in the patch notes that they have but I've also seen that in many patches it says that they've fixed it, which leads me to believe that they keep attempting a fix but it fails each time. Can anyone on Xbox Singleplayer vouch for this apparent dino spawn fix? (By dino spawn fix I mean Carno Island full of Raptors, Herbi full of Parasaurs, Cold Zone full of Wolves etc as well as many others not spawning at all)