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  1. Missing Server - Mega Thread

    lol i just want my server back lol Devs need to just sell this game to a company that can handle it lol
  2. Missing Server - Mega Thread

    Server 495 ragnorak is not available on the search menu. When will it be back?
  3. Lag Issues

    Just curious if any ark devs want to give us information on when Ragnorak will be fixed and updated. The Spino and other patches were suppose to be out in September and yet December is right around the corner. Just curious because were moving off rag due to impossible to play on.
  4. Turret change discussion megathread

    Paracer box ram into a wall put c4 down while in the box and walk away, rip all the turrets lol
  5. Turret change discussion megathread

    Game is over go check out Atriox vs Django on server 605 youtube by acosta36. And ask yourself would 100 turrets be able to stop that many dines in the fob??? Des don't know one thing about their own game and its pretty sad
  6. Turret change discussion megathread

    The next patch with the turret limit will end the game itself. 100 turrets can be breached by 1 or 2 stages and a base can be destroyed within 30 minutes if nobody is online. Devs how are people suppose to defend against a massive assault. On my youtube channel Acosta36 and my recent video of a mega alliance wiping a server shows that the attack went through at least 2000 turrets. how can 100 turrets every 60-70 foundations stop 300 people and 100's of soakers???? The game will be ruined by it we have at least 2000 turrets and species x in our front line and have been trying to add more because we know a full force raid can go through that easily. Any thoughts on this patch post here because this will just ruin the game
  7. Ragnorak update

    So they update that was suppose to fix ragnorak was suppose to happen a month ago and yet here we are in November with no update, servers are un playable and nobody is saying anything. They are just losing people from playing this game when they refuse to fix their new servers. Instead they want to bring out more new items and new worthless stuff, instead of just making the game playable. Pretty sad coming from a "Professional" company like wildcard. It would just be better if they came out and said they are not skilled and or talented enough to fix ragnorak, but yet they just keep saying eventually one day in the future it will be fixed. Even tho this post will do nothing because the devs will just read and ignore like they always do, I wanted to see others opinion on ragnorak for the xbox.
  8. Lag, Disconnects and Crashes

    Once again the devs don't care about the players and ragnorak kicks people every 5 minutes, I'm probably going to make a youtube video showing hours of just nothing happening and lag and maybe then the devs will do something, because this is just dumb, we have 30 plus people submit tickets everyday and still nothing, why even make the forums and ticket pages if they are just simply ignored?
  9. Super lagged oficial server Xbox one

    get rid of the cave under the castle!!!! no need and every alpha base is on that mountain!!!
  10. Lag, Disconnects and Crashes

    I don't remember one patch that actually helped the game, pretty sure they have made the game worse and worse sense the beginning. Did a easy boss fight and beat it but took 40 plus minutes with just the 2-3 minute lag spikes. Surprised this game has not been shut down yet lol
  11. Lag Issues

    Any time frame because the game is 100% un playable, if we have more than 7 people on the entire server crashes and then takes 30 minutes to start up again due to 50 people joining in at once or over a 10 minute span
  12. Amen PVP rag servers are almost impossible to play on. The entire server should not get kicked every hour and should not be 5 hours of real life time in between imprints
  13. Lag Issues

    Rag servers are impossible to play on. Raised a bronto on Rag yesturday and took 5 and a half hours till first imprint due to constant server lag and crash. As well as dinos get lost under the map and spinos are impossible to find. Ragnorak was clearly not ready for release, fix your game
  14. Duping

    If your talking about the one from last friday where they say they are "fixing" dupe methods then you clearly did not understand my question lol, they fixed the lava one but not even a day later 2 new ones came out. There will always be a new way to roll back a server, unless they save every minute which will not happen
  15. Duping

    I have but haven't seen anything, i will look again