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  1. Duping

    If your talking about the one from last friday where they say they are "fixing" dupe methods then you clearly did not understand my question lol, they fixed the lava one but not even a day later 2 new ones came out. There will always be a new way to roll back a server, unless they save every minute which will not happen
  2. Duping

    I have but haven't seen anything, i will look again
  3. Duping

    So with the game about to be coming out and duping still a thing, is there even hope that when new servers come out that they would of have fixed duping? Because a month in on new servers duping will be a thing and one mega tribe will just rule all if they find the new duping method.
  4. Any ETA on if or when duping will be fixed? kinda destroying the game lol
  5. Mercenary for hire

    lol I don't put my info out there not because of you. I don't so nobody can see lol but I don't understand how you threaten to wipe but yet you don't bring any tames????
  6. Mercenary for hire

    He's a joke lol I wouldn't worry about him what so ever lol
  7. Mercenary for hire

    Lol dude your hitting little bases thinking your big and bad with no bird😂
  8. Maxed Tamed Dino Count

    If you have another Xbox or a different account make a new tribe and move all your egg Dino's to that tribe and then pin code there gate, that way your real tribe can just put in pin code to go get eggs, really helps the Dino limit
  9. Quetz idea help

    Besides a catcher it's almost pointless for you to do a farming quetz if you are solo so I would make war quetz and max out the structure limit
  10. Game Crashing Randomly During Gameplay

    Lately some servers were going down for some reasons but then came back up immediate, don't know if that has anything to do with that
  11. The lag when raiding an alpha is rediculous when they have tons of species X, anyway that can get fixed by making the species X less laggy? hopefully Devs can look into it. It makes the game pointless to build up and fight the best
  12. Need help with an alpha on scorched 1013

    what server and like the eggs in the trench or at their base?
  13. Any Alphas out there that are decent?

    I am on a peaceful server, our server doesn't get attacked, if interested let me know
  14. Transferring of receipes

    Thank ya, wasn't to sure