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CriticalDjin's Feedback

  1. CeMylyne left Positive feedback   

    Very Nice person, On time, good communication, hope to do more Trades in the future?.

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  2. JohnLeePetimore left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Good seller. Very fair.

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  3. jaythedogg left Positive feedback   

    Great communication, easy to work with, made the deal go smoothly. A+ trader.

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  4. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    2nd time trading. Always fast and reliable. Always a pleasure doing business! Thank you!

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  5. Insomniak left Positive feedback   

    Good quick delivery, better items than advertised

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  6. Malathios left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy transaction. Would definitely recommend, and will definitely trade again.

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  7. Phoenixdive left Positive feedback   

    Kind, polite, excellent price!!

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  8. kriszup left Positive feedback   

    awesome stuff for awesome price

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  9. TheMandalorian left Positive feedback   

    Very awesome person to trade with very friendly. Even had a mini adventure. :)

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  10. Invig0rated left Positive feedback   

    Came to my server, was VERY polite and even waited for me to get out of my lecture to trade.

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  11. VJ1989 left Positive feedback   

    Fastest trade i have ever done. 2 thumbs up! would definitely trade again.

    CriticalDjin was Trading

  12. Datsyuk05 left Positive feedback   

    Easy to work with. Ready at a moments notice

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  13. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Great trader. Fast trader. Will def do business again. Thank you!

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  14. Pacofou left Positive feedback   

    Another great deal with CriticalDjin, buy a mantis and a wyvern for ingots, everything went smooth. Highly !

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  15. anirishknight left Positive feedback   

    Really good trader. Helpful and trustworthy. Would most assuredly do trades with this guy in the future.

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  16. madfretter left Positive feedback   

    Smooth trade. Great communication.

    CriticalDjin was Trading

  17. CurtBurt left Positive feedback   

    Good trader. Came to my server and delivered. Very patient with me not being able to get on much over the Christmas period.

    CriticalDjin was Trading

  18. Atrophical left Positive feedback   

    Critical was a great person to deal with. Very straight forward and to the point, will continue to deal/trade with him. Was also very prompt for trade and I will be keeping in contact with him. Highly Recommended to trade with as I have had some bad deals previously. Thank you again and goodluck!

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  19. Pacofou left Positive feedback   

    Another great deal for crossbows,everything went smooth. Really good trader

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  20. Pacofou left Positive feedback   

    Buy ascendant crossbow, everything went smooth. Good trader, will trade with again !

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  21. Unknownt left Positive feedback   

    He went above and beyond to help me during and after the trade.

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

  22. BigRed1227 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent seller will do business again in a heartbeat!

    CriticalDjin was The Seller

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