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Dreads's Feedback

  1. Maedean Shepard left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS - 145-150 Tamed Rexes
    Friendly trader, smooth trade as expected, nice to be trading with you again :)

    Dreads was The Seller

  2. turbodonkey left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, very good to trade with :)

    Dreads was The Seller

  3. Skorpion89 left Positive feedback   

    Nice contact, even helped to carry the goods. Rex stats have been guaranteed and the stas were as promised :-)

    Dreads was The Seller

  4. Zee left Positive feedback   

    Sold me a 425.7% Rex Egg

    Dreads was The Seller

  5. Rixsta left Positive feedback   

    Honest guy and all the times he up to task, hoping to trade him again in near future.

    Dreads was Trading

  6. Rakusa left Positive feedback   

    Bought an egg, hatched it this morning as advertised. Fast answer and smooth trade. Would trade again!

    Dreads was The Seller

  7. Maedean Shepard left Positive feedback   

    After receiving the eggs he brought me back to the obelisk for transfer, great communication, everything smooth, would trade again :D

    Dreads was Trading

  8. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Smooth and uncomplicated trade, also very nice contact. Would do it again :)

    Dreads was Trading

  9. Phetty left Positive feedback   

    Traded a fertilized Therizino egg for their asc desert gloves bp. Met them at an obi on my server and traded with no problems.

    Dreads was The Seller

  10. Eymonlan left Positive feedback   

    Friendly and easy to communicate with. Will definitely trade again!

    Dreads was Trading

  11. Crowbar left Positive feedback   

    Great trader had ingots ready to trade/moved to my server, before I even knew it :). 2nd trade will do more.

    Dreads was Trading

  12. Crowbar left Positive feedback   

    :) fast and proof with pics

    Dreads was Trading

  13. Godan left Positive feedback   

    nice guy, smooth trade - highly recommended!

    Dreads was Trading

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