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  1. Come and join this great server and help to rebuild this great community! Although it is a PvP server it is very friendly. Players are friendly and the Owner/Admins are very approachable and helpful. The Servers have all wiped as of 22/01/2019. There are no other planned wipes in the future. The server rates are: 2x Experience 3x Taming 2x Gathering 4x Maturation The server does run a few mods to improve gameplay: Structures+, Stack Mod, Auction House, Super Spyglass. The server is a cluster and runs 3 maps. These maps are The Island, Aberration and Extinction!. There is no lag and the gameplay is very smooth. If you cannot find the server on the server list, go to www.battlemetrics.com and search for "Chilled Ark". For full server information and rules please join the Discord Channel at: https://discord.gg/qpWvcDd We look forward to seeing you on the server, please feel free to say hello.