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  1. G'day CxGZuluFuqs, did you receive any indication on why the ban occurred? I have heard of others being banned as well in the last day or so...
  2. Missing Electric Flexible Cables A recent patch seems to have broken electric flexible cables. Any idea when a fix will be out to resolve this issue? Any update you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. Just wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any further comment on how to clone these things. It works faultless on single player, however on PvE official the bird just fly's off. Have been trying and trying with no luck. Any feedback is most welcome. Cheers
  4. Really ? Just upload and download and then pick it up with the mega?
  5. G'day, just wanted to reach out - I have been trying this but every time I drop the Phoenix it just fly's away. Is there a trick to this at all ? On single player it is faultless, just on the Officials it seems to want to fly off all the time. Cheers & thanks in advance
  6. Will we be able to cross play on Steam PC version? - Pretty excited about this
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