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  1. Support System Suspension Appeal Good Evening, If you are required to log into the support section of the forums to request support, how would someone appeal a suspension within the Support section of the forms if you cannot log in? For some reason I have been suspended and now unable to submit a support ticket for any form of assistance? Kind Regards & thanks in advance
  2. G’day everyone, for my reference. In this situitatiin who do I now contact support to plead my case and ask (with my cap in hand) for my access to tech support requests be returned to my account? If something was to cause me t o loose my character now that would be not much fun at all (lvl 144 and all the boss missions), cheers
  3. On further investigation I have discovered why I cannot log into the support site - my account has become suspended https://survivetheark.com/?kind=error&message=Cannot+sign+in+suspended+user+%xxxxxxxxxxxxx This is the thanks for spending over 8000 hrs within Ark and promoting the game - only to question a support issue and have my account suspended. Thanks
  4. Problems Logging Into Support Site Good morning people, Just wanted to reach out to see if anyone else is having problems logging into the Ark support site? Every time I attempt to log in it redirects me to the home page again. Cheers
  5. Homith

    Bee transfer to Gen

    I did all mine on Official, I have quite a collection of hives now :)
  6. Some really great suggestions here - thank you all that have contributed. Cheers
  7. Homith

    Bee transfer to Gen

    Really they are not that hard to tame. The experience is quite fun actually. I used a Stego and built a box around the hive in the trees. If you lucky you can get 3 - 4 queens in the one hive :)
  8. Homith

    Wave Ray 64

    Agreed, defiantly achievable. I hunted down the server with the lowest ping and did it there. Glad actually I never have to do it again Now my next challenge is to master that King of Swing in the Bog Cheers mate and good luck
  9. Has anyone had their character replaced yet? What was the result?
  10. Oh that's the best way? Ill take that in then - Was always nervous going into that cave :)
  11. Best Method To Clear Out Volcano Cave For Mining Good Morning Everyone, Just wanted to reach out to the community seeking the best method to clear out the Volcano cave of Magmasaur's. There seem to be approx. 20 of these beasts that keep respawning. I attempted to go down with a shotgun however that didn't end well :) Would love to hear how the pro's do it and mine all that lovely element crystal down there :) Cheers & thanks in advance
  12. Out of interest, once you have commenced an attack on a small dino with left click and have reeled it in, how do you cancel that attack? Cheers
  13. Homith

    Genesis boss

    Cheers guys, thanks so much for the tip, after yrs of playing this game you learn something new every day :)
  14. Homith

    Genesis boss

    Good afternoon, I am pretty interested how Lesser Antidote cutes bleeding. This is the first I have heard this and keen to understand this more. Anyone able to shed some light on the subject? Cheers & thanks in advance
  15. Ill give it ago Cheers Cheers
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