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  1. Did a purple osd to wave 10 using 2 titans (forest and ice). Only got 1 good bp and metal structures as the decent loot. However, since all the waves are level 450 dinos, you get CRAZY exp. Hands down best way to level a tame. We did a few drops with a giga involved too and it has 1.2m exp now.
  2. 1. If your gonna try hard hand feed it the entire time, your gonna want around 40-90 pheromone depending on how often you want to check its food stacks. If your gonna fill your entire inventory with meat at let it kill you after it can hold a bit of meat on its own, I only used two pheromone last time, as the baby collects your full inventory of meat and is good for entire baby stage. It is only hostile during baby stage, you only need pheromones during that time. 2. Lvl matters as said above by others. 3. Twelve hours until it bursts from your chest. 4. I've gotten the +75 levels two ways. Running up and down the river Killin piranhas and coel in the trilobyte area. Exp, oil and pearls. When the fish are gone at that spot I just de render by hunting spinos for a bit (spinos give amazing exp for reaper baby) I've gotten +75 levels doing this in 90 minutes.The second way is killing reaper queens. This can take anywhere between 1 and 4 hours of Hardcore queen slaying, depending on the levels of the queens. This gets you plenty of extra glands too. Fish are easy but having extra glands is nice. Hatching spinos is a fantastic idea. 5. One tick of radiation immediately aborts the baby.Build its own pen for baby stage away from everything else. It's hostile and can jump over single high walls impossibly fast. I do a 3x3 with a dino gate. If it aggros as a baby its food drops about 500 points a second, and it'll power through the food In its inventory. Don't let your teammates in to look at it unless your supervising and filling it with food. Even if they use a gland it's still hostile. 6. Queens can impregnate you of the back of your own reaper. Once you get one it's terribly easy to get more.
  3. Rhinenorr

    Reaper King

    My 550% melee 89% imprinted reaper out dps my 680% melee 100% imprinted drake. If you lose a reaper to a rex it's because you chose poor location and terrain. Reapers take skill and arnt for just standing there trading blows like an idiot. Reapers rule, rexs drool, if you think otherwise, your a fool.
  4. Tamed a Christmas karkinos lvl 120 and then rollback happened. Re tamed the rascal and it came out with different finishing stats. Use that info how you will. While pulling around a horde of nameless in my quest for venom my game crashed. Logged in still alive, saw my crab had about 10% hp left and instantly crashed again. Logged back in to get spit on by an arthropluera and my hazmat breaks followed by an instant dc. Log in again with my other account (just in case it was a glitch spot) go kill my other char and save my barely alive tames. Only took me 2 hours to get 4 venom. That's a new record! Saved babies Collected gems off of roll rats around my base because im just to afraid to walk more than 200 feet away now. Stared at a wall while contemplating ark gains and losses.
  5. While bringing back a megaloceros to tame on new rag servers. A 175 lightning wyvern came out of the ocean and vaporized my deer. While I gave up and flew back to base on a near dead argy a tribe member got killed by a wyvern that flew out of a stone cave floor. Wyverns just poppin out of the map in every direction. Beware the ghost wyverns of ragnarok
  6. Invited a bunch of new players to my noice base to let them have some fun with it all seeing as I'm going to never play there again in a couple weeks. Rip all that hard work. Finger to the dupers. Fist bump for legacy and ragnarok.
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