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  1. 1 minute ago, Tuffy09 said:

    Everyone complaining about a dino that hasnt even been fully designed yet or know what it does ingame lol.. According to Jat its gonna have lots of buffs such as inventory weight etc.

    it still shouldn't have been added because of its unethical origins, this is just encouraging more ark youtubers to sabotage the votes of the community because there clearly are no consequence besides oh it might not have the abilities you wanted

  2. 12 hours ago, Nch1418 said:

    Tek Parasaurolophus is a little questionable, but it's okay I guess. If I could go out and tame a green Yutyrannus or other creature that doesn't have green as a natural color outside mutations, that would be nice. In my opinion, Yutyrannus should have had a more vibrant and diverse color palette than it does. As it stands, it's no more colorful than most mammals in the game. I mean, it's a feathered dinosaur. There are tons of colorfully-feathered birds today, so why should a dinosaur be any different? Even other feathered dinosaurs in the game like Troodon are way more colorful.

    cause its a predator name one colorful predatory bird ill wait.

  3. a true extinction server one by one over the servers lifespan spawn points for a species of creature will disappear some you might not notice like mesopithecus or trilobites but eventually there will be big losses like argys going extinct or rexes and on this server breeding will be difficult due to baby food consumption being slightly increased as well as egg incubation and pregnancy timers being slightly higher than vanilla too.

  4. lost my aberrant parasaur/designated packmule dusty but gained an aberrant raptor i decided to name Gladius for her almost metalic looking skin now i dont have to pack up and leave whenever anything remotely threatening enters the neighborhood but carrying things is a chore now since the raptors weight is basically the same as mine. in a couple hours im gonna resolve that predicament hopefully by taming a decently high level trike.

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