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  1. I have been having trouble with logging in on my player dedicated server. It seems there is something going on. When i log out, i lay in a bed and exit. When i go to log back in, i am standing up, not in bed but on the bed, my tribemates will not be visible in bed and i cannot interact with anything int he environment (open doors, ect), i can interact with my character. If i log out and back in, i will be standing somewhere else, usually outside the room i was in a couple foundations away, I will be able to open one door in the room but not the other. If i relog again, ill be somewhere else, but in the general vicinity of where i was, this morning i re-logged 4 times, couldn't interact with anything, so i reboot the server, something that was just done after the update yesterday. There is definitely bed bugs, i looged in another tribe mate from there xbox, they were fine, i was i still logged in, i watched as that characters destroyed the beds, once destroyed, i was able to interact with everything again. Destroying the beds fixed my problem.
  2. Looks like it was finally acknowledged on the dev tracker via a reddit post, only says They're investigating, but at least someone has acknowledged the issue.
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