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  1. I keep refreshing and they are starting to populate but not the server I play on
  2. Same, unofficial pc sessions not showing at all
  3. I and the other 2 of my Tribe are also having issues with rocks not spawning, i managed to slightly fix the issue by setting my nvidia graphics to performance over quality. But this only get me rocks withing a certain distance slowly entering the world. Cannot enter caves as the resources from the start of the door in will not show even the mesh, its like you are flying in under the world but are still able to interact with it as normal. This is all on Ragnarok. Dedicated nitrado server.
  4. So new patch is here and guess what, no Bionic skins still! BIG RAPTORING SHOCK! Wildcard is a bunch of filthy lying developers.
  5. "Date coming soon" So basically no console patch in the near future..... Awesome.
  6. I never understood why dinos loaded first, it has caused so many problems, from everything falling through the floor, to being able to get into a base before the walls load if you are on something fast enough (very hard to do these days)
  7. They are only going to be adding mods from the sponsored mod program, as castles and keeps is no longer on it, i wouldnt hold your breath, not to mention it took over a year for ragnarok to get added, and s+ isnt even fully added in yet. So dont expect another mod to be added for at least 3-6 months.
  8. You should look up some videos building using the triangles, they are a lot more useful then you would think, especially for building aesthetically on pve.
  9. Week two of waiting for a patch to allow me to use my bionic skins again, and surprise surprise, no patch and a crap level community crunch. We have to say something! Hurr Durr Raptor most kills cause we mad it a troll dino Hurr Durr....
  10. Duping is absolutely a problem, and thats probably why they made it so you couldnt pick up high ticket items like chem benches, just in case they goofed up and made it possible to easily dupe them, like beehives.
  11. Heres the thing tho, the more beehives you have, the more rare flowers you need. Beehives die overtime when put on the ground, once it dies, thats it its gone with no bee. Plus, honey isnt exactly game breaking, oh no they can make more veggie cakes! That army of ovis and achatina will be devastating! Granted they will be able to tank more hits with more cakes on things like turtles, but its no different than if they had gone out and tamed 20 bees which is absolutely something that can be done.
  12. I am now reporting this issue to microsoft to see if they will end up removing them from the store until the issue is fixed. The fact that this was reported and they have communicated once they are "looking into it" with no further communication, and no fix yet is unreasonable and unprofessional from a developer. We need you to be forthcoming on items you are making money off of, that do not exist in the game. Everyone who is having this issue should take a moment to report the items in the microsoft store and report them to microsoft.
  13. New year, still broken, still no mention of a fix, still no reports on whats happening with content people PAID for.
  14. While you are at it, why don't you fix the PAID bionic dino costumes available in various stores, you have content that people paid for and cannot access, new people will be coming in to this game and seeing stuff they can buy but will be very upset that it doesn't exist in game but is still purchasable!
  15. Title says most of it, the skins you can buy on the Microsoft store to make Stegos, Raptors, Trikes, Parasaurs and Quetzes bionic, are STILL broken. Reports of them breaking started around when extinction was released, and now on December 24th, they are still missing from the game. Whats the worst part you ask? Well the worst part is they are still available to buy off the store, even with Wildcard knowing full well that they dont actually spawn in game anymore with your other skins. Get your stuff together Wildcard and fix the paid for content!
  16. they drop gear usually, often hidden in a bush, and anything consumable they instantly eat.
  17. Icthyornis, they relentlessly steal things from you, they are like pego's on steroids when it comes to stealing. they are even worse on rag because there are so many more of them, one wrong move and you can be picked clean rather quickly.
  18. Yeah thanks for the heads up on something that was fixed weeks ago and no longer relevant!
  19. Due to the wonderful person we have that runs our multiple servers, (varying between OP rag server, and different maps with differnet mods, and a cluster soon) we have an "extra server" its usually extincion, and we use it to test new maps, and mess around with different mods to take a break from our normal grind and gameplay. Vurrenty we are testing primal fear, a dino color/original flyer mod, and a few others, including some tek mod by nerd parade that is broken AF (doesnt really work at all) and comes with some wonderfully obnoxious loud music every time you join the server or respawn, Seriously Nerd Parade nobody wants to hear your opening music or see you advertise your youtube channel everytime the spawn in. But it has been a lot of fun, especially the color mods, the dino's dont look boring, they are bright and stand out and look really cool, some are not my style, but the colors are bloody gorgeous. So i spawned in, spent some time leveling, crafting, and genreally checking things out, in between getting suicided by elemental dodo's. Those little buggers are crazy. They are not your normal dodo, they are generally, red blue or green, with an aura around them, they see you, and pursue you until you get out of range and they pop, or the catch you and kill themselves and you. Spent a bunch of time just exploring the map, not really taming much, as i am not really ready for that, but just exploring, checking out the gorgeous colors on the dino's. Let me tell you, do not stop to admire how gorgeous that spino, is, it may notice you real quick, and then boom, dead. But walking around, and experiencing the new is really quite a lot of fun. I will continue to share stories, from different servers from the same folks, if you are ever interested, you can join our discord, https://discord.gg/7YUHED5 , or our website https://arksaintsandsinners.com/home/ , or our new subreddit, /r/arksaintsandsinners, though there isnt much in the subreddit yet. We chat and have a lot of fun, and are always looking to grow. Till the next story folks!
  20. So this is less of a "what i did today" and more of the last two weeks, i switched from console to pc, now that console controller support is in, its much easier for me to play on my beastie. So in search of something different i went, tired i was, of the same old map, with the same old dino's, i wanted a real challenge, let me twll you, i found it. Survival Plus, and not on any old map, on Ragnarok. My first days where spent poking dilo's and dods with literally a pointy stick, not spear for me not yet, they had to be earned now. Found some fert dilo eggs (taming is done either passively or through finding fert eggs in a nest in the wild) needed at least a little protection while i fought my way to the town. Grabbed some dodo's made it to level 10 and got my starting stipend of gold and silver (there is and economy mod to make trading worthwhile), bought an apartment and a storefront, along with a bed to have a base of operations to work out of (no thatch hutting it in Survival plus). Started working towards getting to level 30 and getting my first profession, Carpenter is what i snagged as its useful for certain aspects, including making parts ofr tools and weapons. It is a long road hard traveled, with only Dilo's and Icthyornis to try and save my bacon, life is harder to get going on, luckily i have a safe haven in a well protected town. Trusty Parasaur by my side (no saddle as i currently cannot afford one, and dont have the mats needed (very different life in Survival). Worked hard for a few days as a farm hand earning some extra coin while i work on leveling, bought a few mejo's and tamed up a Meso and a Jerboa, because i like little shoulder buddies, Named the Jerboa Tic Tac, because he will get tossed so i can run away and live. Bear in mind the most vicious thing you can tame in Survival are Terror birds and Dire wolves, no raptors or up in the carno category, no sabers. Even the herbivore category is pretty skimpy on the taming, not trikes or stegos even! Got to level 15 and bought some carrots from the farmer, made the long treacherous journey to scotland to find myself a horse or two. Fought a few raptors, dodged some troodons and Pego's, ran as fast as i could from some carnos and Allo's, bola'd and killed some sabers, used my faithful tic tac to get away from a few rexes. but behold! Two high level Equus! Tamed with no complications, began the long trek home. Let me tell you, they are a total game changer once you have a mount in Survival, you can move more, carry more, have protection from smaller dino's. Used my newfound friends to start gathering wood and titanomyrna mounds en masse, so i can get some copper going to make better tools and spears (remember Survival plus changes EVERYTHING). By this point i bought a saddle for one of my Equus, have to protect that investment! And let me tell you, the saddle was an investment all on its own, due to the diffiulty of gathering, its very expensive! After a few more excursions, i finally hit lvl 30 and got my profession, and started crafting in earnest. Go ta wood chopping station, coal kiln and primitive forge going, Let the copper ingots flow! Spears and arrows, and copper tools are flowing now! Sales counters built, shop being filled, and customers flowing into the door, mostly browsers, but a few sales, nothing to enrich me too much. Buy a few things from the local blacksmith to craft better stuff to sell. Poke around town, keeping an eye on prices and wares, go on gathering excursions, tangle with some more rexes and sabers, another successful trip! (Barely made it away with just a handful of hipoints on my horse). Spend a few hours each day doing a little bit of farm work to make some side coin, and thats about where i am at now. if you ever want a change oh pace from your normal building and taming, in a whole new world to explore, check us out on Ark Saints and sinners PvE, it is a glorious time!
  21. Spent more time searching out Equus, god are they hard to find in decent levels. Total bust on the search, continued my breeding project, have a male that tamed out at 151, and a female that tamed out at 67, so im working on basically breeding out the female's stats to have a stream of 151's to use as backup in case they get killed by accidents as, well its ARK, and accidents are its middle name. It is slow going, the males love to pop out at 151, but the females have been a chore. First one bred out at 92, next at 107, very slow going on getting a good female for back up equus. They also refuse to mutate, so they are all now zebras, same black secondary, white primary. Found a gorgeous burgundy and black male that i was so tempted to get just for its colors. Found out my dedicated will be switching to scorched for the weekend, so breeding project is on hold until we get back, but wont be able to be on due to work, so hopefully my tribemates will score us some great stuff while we are there.
  22. Logged in, got booted, logged back in, booted again, logged in, third times the charm! Bred my crap femal with my decent male equus, working on basically breeding the females stats out and the males in, it is going very slowly, the males pop out at 151 and the females pop at either 96 or 107, not very encouraging. While its raising, go out on my curent horse looking for more, preferably better ones. Find a really really good looking one, lvl 25, worthless aside from colors. Become frustrated that Equus are deep in the woods in hard to navigate areas, and then on top of that super rare for a semi starter. Drag a Phiomia for fun. Get booted again in raptor country, yay update! Finsih update, server restarts, manage to log in without incident and head back to base. Finish up a few things and log off for the night.
  23. The complete list is under the april sponsored mods. Its castles and keeps and all that jazz + the 3 they just announced. I am most exited for advanced rafts and the + mods
  24. It is, they added them to the april list instead of making a new one. I did some searching already.
  25. The whole mod program was supposedly a set amount of mods, to be changed if needed. So im just looking to see if this are in addition to the others already on the list, or if these 3 are replacing 3 others, and if so which ones are they replacing.
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