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  1. So new patch is here and guess what, no Bionic skins still! BIG RAPTORING SHOCK! Wildcard is a bunch of filthy lying developers.
  2. ilShadow

    I think IT IS TIME to release these...

    Yeah, pretty much exactly like that, though id leave the smelting in the furnace, Even so far as having a TEK furnace.
  3. ilShadow

    I think IT IS TIME to release these...

    So i see your point, but there is a reasn TEK saddles exist, its a dinosaur game, which is why they added guns to suits for dinos. Now, i like where your head is at, but, i would rather see TEK farming saddles for Anky, Doedi, Theri and the others. Tek beaver saddle that lets it function like a Grinder, harvest wood and can output thatch. The TEK saddles for ankys and doeds can increase their harvesting capabilities and further reduce the weight of the items they can carry. Maybe multiple TEK saddles for certain Dinos like quetzes. TEK saddles for Equus that makes them a chem bench instead of a mortar and pestle. TEK can be the way forward, but dinos still need to be front and center in the equation, or aty end game you totally ignore 95% of the rest of the game.
  4. "Date coming soon" So basically no console patch in the near future..... Awesome.
  5. ilShadow

    Please Fix Bionic Costumes

    Thats because they somehow only broke them on the main game, not prim+
  6. I never understood why dinos loaded first, it has caused so many problems, from everything falling through the floor, to being able to get into a base before the walls load if you are on something fast enough (very hard to do these days)
  7. ilShadow

    Xbox/console 3 patches behind PC

    We are only one patch behind? We havent gotten the patch that came out this week for pc yet and thats it, everything else was updated at the same time for the last patch.
  8. ilShadow

    Please Fix Bionic Costumes

    They are getting fixed in the next console patch, which i was hoping was last week and wasnt, then hoped was this week and didnt happen, maybe next week or the week after.... For reference they tweeted it about two weeks ago that they would be fixing them in the next console patch.
  9. They are only going to be adding mods from the sponsored mod program, as castles and keeps is no longer on it, i wouldnt hold your breath, not to mention it took over a year for ragnarok to get added, and s+ isnt even fully added in yet. So dont expect another mod to be added for at least 3-6 months.
  10. You should look up some videos building using the triangles, they are a lot more useful then you would think, especially for building aesthetically on pve.
  11. Week two of waiting for a patch to allow me to use my bionic skins again, and surprise surprise, no patch and a crap level community crunch. We have to say something! Hurr Durr Raptor most kills cause we mad it a troll dino Hurr Durr....
  12. ilShadow

    More bionic skins

    More bionic skins for more Dinos, i gotta admit i love the look of the bionic skins and the tek dinos, i would love to see even more of the skins come to the store so i can have an army of bionic dinos.
  13. Also can i get a link to the discord so i can see if anyones recruiting there before i join?
  14. ilShadow


    And? Its pvp, nothing is safe, given enough time any tribe can drain your turrets out, Cryopods didnt change that, they just changed how it can be done. And no i dont know everything, but i know just enough to get by. Also if you set turrets to players only, cryopods and tames wont drain your turrets, same thing with setting them to mounted tames too. Turrets and plant species x have firing settings for a reason, its not my fault you people dont know how to efficiently set your turrets. On top of that you have Heavy auto turrets now that can dish out even more damage, between those 3 things and the settings if you cant protect a base in a cave, you need to work on your strategy.
  15. So i am looking for a good cluster to join to play on, but the caveat is im only looking to join if there is an active tribe i can join. I get bored very fast playing this game alone. I am a builder, tamer and im more than happy to breed all day or just collect eggs for hours on end. I Enjoy long walks on the beach and spelunking through caves. I also really enjoy boss fights. this server seems to be just what im lookingfor in terms of leveling and things, i just need a tribe. Im generally on from 4 or 5 EST until 9 EST during the week, and on a considerable chunk of the weekends.