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  1. Ark: Aberration

    Not released yet
  2. Ark: Aberration

  3. Ark: Aberration

    Are u raptoring kiddig me? Wildcard, honesty raptor you... November - October - December for release. And now you said 8 AM and is 8 AM and the release is +3hours I dont buy this dlc Bye
  4. Turret change discussion megathread

    #RemoveTurretRange or I chargeback! #StopraptoringTheGame
  5. Dupe fix suggestion

  6. Perfect Explorer bugged

    Same problem, hope it will be resolved
  7. Hello, The problem is, I have unlocked all the notes on TheIsland except Helena Note #30 and Rockwell Record #29. On the last update those notes was removed from the game, and I dont have any to unlock: My ark notes - http://imgur.com/a/l0XHp When I saw it I didnt get the 100% achievement on steam Steam Achievements - https://gyazo.com/49be561bc3052877cc44eecb02852809 Hope it can be solved Regards