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  1. LOL @snowboundgem for the Sanity comment. Been losing that since day 1 with Ark! sorry to hear about your loss though, my condolences. @merandoo if you can enter ghost mode you can spawn those dinos back and gear, take the short cut, no one is looking
  2. Player transfers can be tricky. I've lost access to whole bases from some reasons in the past for this. here is what I've learned since there is no good explanation online (I've looked but I welcome advise as well) 1. If you created a new player on a new server you will not be able to move a OG chracter (one that you've leveled) to that server with out kicking the other out and not having access to that bases stuff etc (unless left unlocked or pinned which I've done). 2. You can jump your server to learn the engrams and then jump back to your OG server. (I've done this but finding a damn drop can take days when you are naked and alone) 3. I suggest since you have a partner is 1 stays to maintain your main base, the other transfers. The person maintaining the main base creates a new character on the server the jumper is joining so they can enjoy the new content with you but also allow for 1 always being on new server to drop off and or pick up the jumper after established. This way you can either take turns visiting the new map and learning / taming new creatures while not have to worry about loosing access to an old base or getting stuck on a new map with no way off. Hope that helps, Lastly I would NOT create a new tribe for whoever is jumping, I've done this one and lost all access to my aberration server even though I was told that tribes stay on the server not the player, could be a glitch for me but I would never risk it again. NOTE ON LEGACY SERVERS: I have a character on legacy as well, Island from game preview. You can not transfer those character to just any server they have to be legacy servers of the new maps as well. Most Legacy servers are pillared off aggressively so be careful when selecting a new legacy server, send in a scout (new character or transfer 1 with a flying mount to survey the new map and potential enjoyment of base building.
  3. Rough times but default blows, go official for the real shafting Either way, if anything gives you misery then leave that thing alone whatever it is. Could be burnt out from playing which is normal. I took a break, came back and feel like a kid in the candy store. Ark is perpetual, and if you are not enjoying the ride, get off for a few, no harm there. Best of luck Survivor!
  4. What have you lost in 2019 ARK? Hello Community! Like many of you I have played ark on and off (more on than off) and have had some heartbreaking losses. From favorite tames to epic gear I have found some pretty heavy losses whiles playing. Ark to me is a game of learning to not get too attached to anything in the game as there is always a mega glitch or pack of ravagers you missed that will remind you to never let your guard down when trying to survive! Here is my most recent loss: While taking a much needed break from grinding out in aberration I excitedly tuned back in knowing my tames were safely cryo poded and kept an alliance base. While most of my gear was lost to fellow tribe mates (naturally) my dinos were labeled and kept sacred. Dusted off the old implant and plugged back into the Arks I decided to make my new home somewhere brighter that aberration and set sights to Valguero! Upon entering, I continually died until finally a drop crate arrived and I was happily downloading my pods and gear to build a mini base to safely log off for the night. Finally all set up in a 3x3 stone base I nestled in and figured I'd be safe to pick up the next day and finish off, "G'nite Ark!" I said heavy eyed and sleepily, excited that tomorrow would start the new chapter to my Arkology. New day is here, child is tucked in for night, Wife is nose deep in a book and I grinned ear to ear for the excitement of base hunting and building awaited me. The Ark though had already welcomed me and reminded me too soon how relentless survival can be. Upon spawning in I hear the dread music of having to pick your bed to respawn and or zone. Thankfully I had built a bed to lay on (obviously, who sleeps on the floor right?) Hurriedly I spawn in to see what the heck happened. Hoping I had died recently to retrieve my body and goods right? I wake to the message "your character was killed by a raptor lvl 30" I frantically look around since all my pods were on my person as I slept and my Rock drake lvl 235 was parked outside! Surely there's no way this could've happened a while ago. But it did... No body... no sack of goods..just my bare naked ass and a rock drake that I thankfully left out of the pod... Well, back to the stone pick axe and hatchet, fist to tree and repeat until I restore my former glory. Still don't know how my body was attacked through a wall and eaten while I slept but it was and thus the rude welcoming of what it means to be a survivor. DON'T GET ATTACHED TO ANYTHING! AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SLEEP NAKED AND PUT YOUR ITEMS AWAY! LOL What's your greatest loss on Ark been? Have plenty to share but this one topped the rest for me.
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