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  1. More than a Half is PvE, than you have solo players and than you have unnoficials. PvP is dead, only big tribes play and they are so bored that they grief bobs.
  2. And who will profit with this suggestion ? Those last players from ARK ? ARK is dead man.
  3. Its in Polish language but totally shows from video how .ini works.....no one cares from DEVS> Ark is Broken, never buy this game. Im glad i didnt bought DLC. I have changed review to negative.
  4. Its super frustrating than game is still unbalanced and broken, they add new dinos without fixing problems. Just imagine how broken will be ARK2....
  5. So Wild Card will nothing do with it even if majority of ppl writing here is trying to say smth should be done and than they want us to buy ARK 2. If you cant balance and listen to ppl in ARK 1 how the hell you want us to buy ARK 2 ? Cant you just learn from other developers how to care of your game. At least try to take care of those who still plays....its not a big deal. Someone said that if Dino moves quickly than player can see hidden bases cause structures shows first before trees and rocks is that true ? That could explain why ppl get raided even if they hide base. And i think thats w
  6. "Best advice I can give revolves around two things. Bobs need to transfer to AB server naked run a z plant grab some seeds and bring them back home. The grenade fruit is the best counter to manas. " There are some other plant than X and Y ?
  7. Make it just much harder to tame, thats all. So griefers cant tame it so easly and loosing Mana is not a problem.
  8. All you say is ok but when you can have it. From "STONE" perspective, there is nothing you can do. From BOB perspective its easier to fight someone on Ptera , throw a Bola, smart BOB can win, but with Mana ? What can you do against Mana ? Throw a DODO to him ?
  9. Before Mana Bob were crying but still playing, cause raiding happened to them 60% less than now. We had more Good Players but less Bobs, now we have More Bobs less Good Players with good Dinos which still continue to Raid in a faster and better way (griefers). Before DLC like Mana Bobs were raided once per two weeks loosing all dino and staff but 70/80% of their bases were standing. Now they are totally wiped 3-4 times a week, and again i want to say - WE HAVE LESS PLAYERS . In SUM - If this will continue, there will be no new players till this end of the year, game will die cause Mega Tri
  10. Those "Bobs" are still players, its like telling other ppl that poor ppl are the problems not pandemic situation in the world. Remove poor ppl yes ? Stupid logic. If there is a dino which is rly easy to tame and powerful and quick than its not a shame to lose it. Thats why they fly on Mana on the servers without afraid to lose it, they can easly tame another one. If you add difficulty to tame mana or nerf it than situation will be better. Bobs are still players you cant talk or treat them here on forum like a trash, they totally dont deserve it.
  11. The most sad thing that all Bobs on server where i play are having that little hope that maybe this time is goona be diffrent after wipe....but sadly it is not. Even Alpha Tribe cant defend us against grieffers its just impossible and they cant invite new players cause they afraid of insiders/impostors. Its just ARK is dying cause of lack new players. Old ones quit sometimes but still it is to long procces. New Dinos are perfect for grieffers, they killed that feeling of hope to get stronger someday, it was always motivation for new players. There is no fun in PvP when you wake up and has t
  12. I return to ARK 1 month ago and it was never ever so hard to play. Its usually 3 days peace until some Grieffer will come with Mana and destroy evrything. Sometimes it was day after day. Dont tell me to go PVE or to find a bigger tribe cause there should be some balance where i have a little chance to do smth. Problem is with that Dino : They just travel across the map in 5 seconds and kill whoever they see It's hard to gather resources on official and they just come and destroy everything Its always Mana nothing alse, sometimes Wyvern. But mostly Mana. Of course its susualy no name t
  13. Where Alpha can allow to build there. I was playing with friend but it is hard to play on server without Alpha. Is there somewhere any kind Alpha tribe who will let us play on their server ? So we can start AGAIN our adventure ?
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