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  1. Modded my map by making the rivers in the SE Island (modded Island) area deeper, adding 100% more trees there and making the forest much more dense, to the point that the rivers can hardly be seen when flying over. Unfortunately, I went a bit overboard with the editing -it all went surprisingly good this time without glitches- that this update will destroy a friend's base so helping him move out his stuff before updating the map to the server.
  2. Well, that could backfire with a LOT of bases losing floors resting on pillars. Hope the devs have thought of the consequences of removing pillars, like what if some griefer decides to put down entire small cabins around bases? For many players placing pillars on valuable spawns had to be done. Pillars connected to a few foundations? Then you end up with house spam & small strucutres everywhere. "they are connected so they are not lone structures" Result: the same as pillar spam. And it blocks spawns. And the ones that protected their spawns are now griefed. I like the removal of pillar spam, but I don't see any fix to the pillar griefing, this is just a reset, clears up many areas for building, and thus room for griefing. The pillar spam was in this case not a main problem which many think, but a solution to a bigger problem. Which imo still is not solved. WC: removing lone pillars: ok, but have you solved the problem of other ppl griefing by building too close around other people's bases and destroying all the spawns yet?
  3. Tek Tier? There's Halo for that. Saw the new models for the Tek Tier, no immersion whatsoever with a Dino Island theme. Who wants Tek Tier when you can go out fishing??? Fishing, yes please. "I think we're gonna need a bigger boat."
  4. Just a idea, let us play as humans on a primal server, looks fun tranqing a primal player, putting a saddle on him and putting him in a dino garage 24/7. Eating from troughs with spoiled meat. Or am I just evil.
  5. You can already do that with the current flyers.
  6. You give yourself too much credit, kid. Still, if you ar einbetween breeding cycles, you should have prepared any events that might happen. Any downtime, the server stops and the world stops. You prepare for the fact that any breeding attempt might fail. Especially when big patches are rolled out. After all, this is just a alpha.
  7. Don't try to make smartass remarks to me. I did not take into account you were just playing on a console. Nice try though.
  8. With some luck, early next week, and just when you think "hmmm, I better move anyway" the server patch countdown timer starts.
  9. Porbably won't be at home early, was wondering, have those biome destruction zone markers been placed already? Thought those were going to be placed today...
  10. No good yet if you still sink through ceilings when offline and plummet to your death from those heights.
  11. What is the complaint? That the devs roll out patches during the week or that you are surprised by the new biome update next week? This patch was announced long ago, and the map details incl snow/redwood biome updates have been announced on may 7.
  12. Read the EULA. My guess it is shielded pretty good, saying you are still playing a game under development, alpha blabla. Good luck getting you rmoney back.
  13. Locations of the ruins in case there's a base on the spot? Or are there going to be some markers placed?
  14. I like immersion. And although I live on the edge of the snow biome, (later right IN), whenever I go in the biome, whether it be with a rex or wolf, it's all trees and rocks or mountain. Just some clear vast planes would be fun. Even in the normal biome, like a immense grass plane with huge dinos roaming them.
  15. This. Just add some snowy plains. Too many rocks already in the snow biome. I understand that those are needed around mountains, but can't the Ark devs just give -1 snowy mountain and paint some flat space white?
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