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  1. Daimon03

    What is the Next dlc's theme?

    Based on the explorer notes in Aberration it’s very possible that ARK Extinction could be set on Earth. Don’t know how the devs would do this though, maybe a crashed ARK station of sorts.
  2. Daimon03


    Definitely a fun idea, however unbalanced but in ideal world both the beta and alpha abilities are kinda cool. Mindwipe is kind of meh though, they should just add a 30 day cooldown to the mindwipe tonic in general.
  3. Daimon03

    Expansion Packs

    Half Slab Bacon, based on what i’ve done you don’t need to ascend to play the payed dlc. The only ones which you have to ascend to beta level are The Center and Ragnarok. That’s means that with Scorched Earth and probably Abberation it comes out you can hop straight in when you start playing.
  4. Daimon03

    What happened to 270 Ragnarok update?

    Okay so first off to play the center you need to ascend to, I believe, beta level. The easiest way to do this is in the console commands type Ascend2 Second of all you get the new Tekgrams from beating the bosses on ragnarok (Probably Dragon and Manticore arena). Jeremy posted this on his twitter saying that The Centre and Scorched will also get their own Tekgrams. This is probably what the Ragnarok update was referring to before they took it off the patch notes. A bit disappointing but still a little cool.
  5. Guys why hasn't a seal been released. I mean ARK, ARK, ARK, it cries out! I mean look at it!
  6. Daimon03

    ARK: Aberration Skins, only season pass?

    I'm not sure. They haven't actually stated anything. I'd say you get the skins if you get Aberration alone. By the way it's actually cheaper to buy the season pass than get them all alone if you have Scorched because you get it for 33% off
  7. Daimon03

    Season Pass Question

    A discount for already owning Scorched Earth?!?. I certainly didn't, it was on special though
  8. Daimon03

    Season pass, worth it?

    Look from a purely objective point of view no, the season pass isn't worth it. If their planned two more dlc's are each $20 and you buy them both that equals $40. Which is less than $45... With it on special however that's a different story, personally I've bought it.
  9. Daimon03

    Building System Discussion

    In the second most recent digest, I believe the 47th the devs touched base on this. They have said that they are experimenting with the idea of implementing many things from structures plus. Obviously, this is a huge engineering feat so we probably won't hear about this for a while. Even though this would be great if it was implemented successfully, it could also be a huge failure. Found the dev's response to the question.
  10. I can't think of a specific one which they will make for the next DLC. It could be anything from an alien home world to floating islands, to an arctic world or even an underwater isle world. I
  11. Daimon03

    Evolution Event: Permanent Double Rates

    Thank you so much for doing this Wildcard. I love this game but unfortunately I only play it on the weekends because otherwise I can't get anything done. I realise this might be disappointing for some people who liked the grind but it is great for the people who don't have much time to spare
  12. Hey guys. Do you know whether this is coming to Australia? I already have it on the PC but I would love the PS4 version as well!