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  1. Yup, I know the server saves every 16 minutes. But I am not always close to a drop or transmitter. So an icon that pops up mayby a few seconds prior to the save can help, without disturbing the game mechanics.
  2. Playing online lately I get pretty frustrated by the long lags we have going on right now, I think the experience of those lags can be improved without solving the lag itself. They should be pretty small but easy to implement. Lag indicator Various times I found myself dropping off a cliff or a high building because there was a 30 second lag, without noticing in time. Recently lag only has gotten worse and worse, seeing people spamming the all familiar "." in chat. As it might be hard to fix lag issues immideatly it should be a very small effort to make a lag indicator, so at least you will know you are lagging. Saving indicator As a server save will also give some lag, it will be nice to have a saving indicator. Yes it could be done by a lag indicator as well, but I think a saving indicator will have some added value when a server crashes or when server upgrades are coming. You will then know when your last server save was and know where you end up when you log back into the server. Hope these will make it through!! Edit: classic example of indicators in attachments
  3. yep, our ragnarok35 server is already back on [PC] http://imgur.com/a/7ZjqK
  4. The server manager is a bit dodgy though, some legacy servers mix into the result if you have some filters enables. So better watch out if you want to join a brand new server!
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