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ishi's Feedback

  1. anubis3691 left Positive feedback   

    Very friendly guy! Easy to trade with! Look forward to future trading!

    ishi was Trading

  2. Contingency left Positive feedback   

    Another great trade!

    ishi was The Seller

  3. Thamin left Positive feedback   

    An absolute delight to trade with Ishi; patient, helpful, and a well of knowledge. I'd trade with him again in a heartbeat.

    ishi was Trading

  4. Razorsharp left Positive feedback   

    Honest trader and I will continue doing business with him.

    ishi was Trading

  5. Contingency left Positive feedback   

    Honest and quick trader! Trustworthy and will definitely trade with again.

    ishi was Trading

  6. Atrophical left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure to trade with Ishi, once again another great trade/communication. Thank you again!

    ishi was Trading

  7. Invig0rated left Positive feedback   

    Very kind man. Kept to his word and never got off track. Really one heck of a guy.

    ishi was The Seller

  8. Atrophical left Positive feedback   

    Ishi was very great at communicating and making the trade very simple and easy. VERY trustworthy and prompt when doing trade. Would def trade with Ishi again in the future, Thank you so much.

    ishi was The Seller

  9. smithylad left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross ark trading
    Traded fert terror bird eggs and fert galli eggs for a male and female mantis. He came over to me and trade went as expected. Happy all round communication was great as always

    ishi was The Seller

  10. smithylad left Positive feedback   

    Traded for a assendent shotgun. Traveled to my server as safer and trade went smoothly. Great communication even with different time zones

    ishi was The Seller

  11. Madlad52 left Positive feedback   

    Good trade no problems with it also added extra to the trade for free would recommend

    ishi was The Seller

  12. Emanuel1721 left Positive feedback   

    Trade was quick with no problems, would definitely trade again.

    ishi was The Seller

  13. ShackledFob27 left Positive feedback   

    Quick trade with no hassles. Easy to deal with. Recommend

    ishi was The Seller

  14. Firenutz99 left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy, items were as advertised

    ishi was The Seller

  15. Amy left Positive feedback   

    Was a great trade, will definitely trade again with him

    ishi was The Seller

  16. DoomedTruly left Positive feedback   

    Great guy did 2 trades with him was patient when I needed an extra day

    ishi was The Seller

  17. ViperSniper1755 left Positive feedback   

    Quick to reply. Delivered exactly as stated. Will trade with them again any day!

    ishi was The Seller

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