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  1. Taming speed modifier has no effect on Ferox taming time! Hey there! So, I was playing on an Official Genesis Small Tribe server today and I wanted to tame a Ferox. According to Dododex (and my assumptions), a Ferox Lvl. 130 should only take 6 pieces of Element to tame on such a server, as there is a 3x taming (speed) modifier and a normal Ferox usually (on 1x server settings) takes 17 pieces of Element. However, when I gave the lil' guy the first element and after he let off some steam, the message said that the taming Progress only went up by 6%. Since I was unsure if t
  2. Hi there! I've recently revived this account after a long leave from Ark and I'm currently looking into the Tripwire Alarm Trap's e-mail notification system that is said to work for players that have registred on this forum. Of course, I still have to do enough posting again in order to get promoted (Early Bird --> Member), however, I have another issue that I haven't quite been able to figure out. As it is right now, I'm unable to link my Steam account to my profile. I have put in my Steam ID and tried all the different buttons associated with linking the two accounts. Unf
  3. Can we please, please, PLEASE get a Tek Tier Plasma Pistol along with the Plasma Rifle??? If a dev sees this, pls answer... If a player sees this, leave a comment about your opinion
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